Is there sex in the afterlife?

Is there sex in the afterlife?
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Sex in the Afterlife?

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker.

As you can see, even on these first levels of the afterlife, there are many things that differ from our own world. As you begin to spiritually progress, you will gradually drop many of the trappings that you once knew. For example, you may decide that eating is a waste of time, as there is no physical body needing fuel. Those who enjoyed good food and drink in their earthly lives may continue to indulge for a while. Eventually, they will see the foolishness of this activity. Without the impulses from the physical body, there is no hunger to satisfy.

Similarly, other bodily functions will fall by the wayside. What point is there of periodically going to the bathroom in the afterlife? At first, you may continue the routine as a habit but, as you acclimate to your new world, you will eventually see it as completely unnecessary, too. For some people, sex may be a harder drive to let go of. It involves psychological as well as physical drives. For many people, it may have been a very important part of their former lives. Others may have placed little importance upon it. In the end, it is still a bodily function. As your center of focus moves away from the physical illusion and towards the body of light, the question of sex in the afterlife becomes less important.

Spiritual Sex

You will discover that there are perhaps even more satisfying ways of expressing affection. Imagine the emotional satisfaction that might come with a complete telepathic blending of thought and feeling. It may sound a little like the sex scene from the movie the “Sleeper” with Woody Allen, but spiritual “sex” is even more pleasurable as it involves the whole being. Furthermore, it is not a possessive or exclusive act, as your interactions with everyone are based upon the transmission of love and energy.

Is there sex in the afterlife?Is there sex in Heaven?

Bruce Moen and sex in the afterlife

Contemporary author Bruce Moen asks the question “Is there sex in the afterlife?” in some of his books. He raises some interesting ideas about whether there is sex in the afterlife. He pioneered a number of out-of-body travel techniques–based upon the methods of the Monroe Institute–that he claims puts him in contact with the afterlife world and other non-physical environments.

During some of these journeys, he describes how he has spiritual sex with his companion Sabrina. At first, their astral bonding is of the physical kind, that he knew on earth. However, it is suggested that they work with “sensing essence,” and learn to blend their astral bodies completely.

They experience strange states such as leaping into flight as butterflies and mating in the form of dolphins. Eventually, their light bodies intertwine as one. Moen describes it as an ecstatic experience: “We were spiraling around each other like strands of DNA. Immersed in feelings of loving acceptance as one being, we were enthralled with the dancing shades of pink, lavender, yellow, and blue swirling within us. All my internal resistance melted away in an indescribably powerful, heart charging blast of Pure Unconditional Loving Acceptance as these two beings rejoined into One.”

Is there sex in the afterlife?

Unlike the accounts given by Spiritualists, Moen’s accounts are hard to qualify as they are not generally substantiated by evidential mediumship and provable fact. Nonetheless, many of his ideas correlate with the nature of the afterlife as described by earlier traditions. The truth is that we can manipulate and change our form in the afterlife, which can result in many extraordinary and fantastic experiences.

The communications passed to me by our ex-physical loved ones is that the sex act is relatively unimportant in the afterlife. Men and women do have the same feelings for one another but without the biological urge. Telepathy creates such transparency of the soul, that the most intimate expressions of love are given spontaneously and unconditionally.

In effect, every act of communication is an act of love. In particular, the messages that are given to grieving partners on earth is that it’s okay to get on with your life. They often say to take a new partner if that is what makes you happy.

Love in the afterlife comes from the soul, and our earthly concerns about physical sex are of little importance to those in the spirit. Often, spirit communicators who may have been possessive while on earth now advise the person they loved that they should seek a new partner. It is not the sex act that matters, but the love that goes with it. They tell us that, in the afterlife, we learn to love unconditionally, and without covetousness or jealousy.

Afterlife Dimensions

Each person will live in the afterlife dimensions in states that accord with their inner state of being. It is the place of the heart’s desire; but the heart of man, as Kipling says, is small. Given that a person can create a world according to his own creation, would it not be as limited as the man himself?

At first, you may delight in the fact that all of your earthly wishes can come true. You may at last feel that you have found yourself, but there is an aftermath to this pleasurable state for you will realize that these things are fundamentally selfish desires.

The purpose of this phase of the afterlife journey is to bring an end to these personal emotions and desires so that you can move on to more permanent spiritual realizations. Eventually, these self-created enjoyments will lose their meaning and savor.

When you first arrive in the heavenly planes, your desires will still hold you. For example, the routines of eating and drinking are too firmly established to be removed instantaneously. You may also feel the need to sleep. In the first stages of the afterlife world, you may do these things. For some, the earthly pleasures may still be foremost in their consciousness, whereas others may want to quickly progress to “higher” spiritual states.

A point may come when you have a longing to forsake this first plane of the afterlife and seek a greater reality. You will read about these states of being later, but first, we will consider the planes of the afterlife that retain time, space, and form.



‘What to Do When You are Dead’ explores what happens after death and describes the world we will find there. There is more about the question Is there sex in the afterlife? addressed by this article. It is a powerful book that draws on near-death experiences, spiritual traditions as well as the medium’s direct experiences.

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  • Hamilton-Parker, Craig (2010) What To Do When You Are Dead Sterling imprint Barnes & Noble ISBN 978-1-4027-7660-1 (Languages: English, Dutch, Portuguese) Includes a section about is there sex in the afterlife.  BUY THE BOOK HERE (New Edition Just Out!)

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