John Lennon’s Ghost and Death Premonition. + Video

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker This letter about John Lennon was sent to my Psychic Column in the newspapers:

Letter sent to me about John Lennon

I was preparing for bed and switched on Radio 2 to listen to the 11 p.m. news. Afterward disk jockey, Brian Matthews, played ‘My Sweet Lord’ by George Harrison. Something strange happened to the record. The music played but the vocals disappeared during the first verse of this familiar song. They returned again for the second verse and the song returned to normal.

At breakfast the following morning I listened to the radio news. John Lennon had been shot dead in America. And the time of the assassination was 11 p.m. This was the exact time of the missing verse on the record!

Mr. J H – Rossendale

Strange coincidences often somehow connect themselves to sudden and tragic events. Many weird twists of events have been associated with tragedies such as the Titanic and Hindenberg disasters for example.

John LennonJohn Lennon’s Premonition of his Death:

John Lennon was himself interested in psychic things. On many occasions attended seances. It is believed that he had a premonition that he would be shot. He even stated that his fear of murder caused the Beatles to break up.

“We were not bored,” he said “and certainly did not run out of songs. I was paranoid about somebody trying to bump us off.” But John Lennon also believed in an afterlife. “I am an optimist about eternity,” he said. “I believe in life after death. I believe that death is not an end but a beginning.”

One of the last songs written by John Lennon is believed to contain premonitions of his death and in the track, Help Me to Help Myself,  he mentions being hounded by the ‘angel of destruction’ and sings ‘oh help me, Lord’. He also was given a message from the spirit of Brian Epstein via an Ouija Board that said there would be an attempt to assassinate him.

Spiritually Aware

John Lennon, George Harrison, and Linda McCartney were all very spiritually aware people. They would have quickly become conscious of one another when they moved into the next life. I am sure too that John Lennon is spiritually in communication with Yoko Ono. I believe she has made a number of comments about this.

John Lennon

John himself believed in ghosts. While living at The Dakota he saw a ghostly figure walking down the corridors. He called it the “Crying Lady Ghost”. He told his first wife – Cynthia Lennon – that if he passed away he would contact her. In 1986 Cynthia Lennon reported that John had sent her a sign from the next life. She found a dead jackdaw wrapped in old newspapers dated 1956 behind the fireplace in her home in Cumbria.

Before his death, John Lennon told Cynthia that if there was life after death he would prove it by sending her and Julian Lennon a feather as a sign.”

Paul McCartney expressed similar sentiments after Lennon’s death when he watched a white peacock wandered over from the neighboring farm during a photo shoot. He said: “That’s John. Spooky eh?”

Jane and I were asked to do a TV show to contact the Spirit of John Lennon but we turned it down as we found out just before we were to go into production that Yoko Ono had heard about the show and was upset by the prospect. We declined the offer and they found someone else to make the show.

Video: Craig discusses if Jimi Hendrix Murdered?

Add your comments below. Were John Lennon’s spiritual beliefs correct? And how about George Harrison? In this story did the ghost of John Lennon make contact? Maybe you can add some more interesting facts below.

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  • Kym Chaffin Apr 24, 2019, 5:29 pm

    Lennon let the Hari Krishna guru stay in one of his houses. They believe if you hear their mantra in your last moments you’re “reborn” in a higher plane. Author Geoffrey Guliani claimed in the Emergency Room a Hari Krishna layman happened to be there and for a second was alone with Lennon and whispered the mantra in his ear. (From “Dark Horse” by J. Guliani). If that’s true (big if) it would show how powerful some of those Indian lineages are.

  • John Dixon Feb 11, 2018, 11:03 pm

    At some time in the weeks following John Lennon’s death I had a clear dream in which he was playing football. Suddenly, an opposition player hacked him down with a completely unprovoked, vicious tackle. Lennon was furious, swearing and making his views about this person very clear. I wish I could remember the words now, but with the passage of time I’ve forgotten them. They were certainly very Lennon-esque though. After I woke up I realised that Lennon was in fact referring to the assassination and what he thought about the person who did it.

  • Lucinda Rezabek Feb 4, 2018, 3:52 pm

    I actually had a dream of John Lennon back in 2004 that I was sure was a visitation more than a dream. It was very intense and it affected me so profoundly that I immersed myself in everything John Lennon or Beatles. He was trying to tell me something, but all I really remembered was that it was a visit and I felt a huge sense of peace and connection with spirit that I’d never had before. It’s odd, I had no idea so many claimed to have had visitations from him in the afterlife until I happened on another blog about it today! It’s amazing to me and I’m sure he is doing work to help others still here because that’s what happened to me. It took 14 years but now I have validation.

  • lisahampton Oct 14, 2013, 12:51 am

    I would like to just say that it is so a big part in life is pass over to the other side. I was wondering if John Lennon met George Harrison there and also Paul McCartney’s wife Linda?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Oct 14, 2013, 11:19 am

      Of course he would have met Harrison etc. In the spirit world we meet all the people we knew in this life.

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