Leo Love Horoscope: Confident and Proud

Leo Love HoroscopeLeo in Brief: You are confident, proud and generous. You will stand up for yourself and you like attention. Sometimes you can be patronizing. Emotionally you are bountiful but can be fiery and self focused. You have a magnetic romantic personality and are honest in love.

Leo Personality

Ruling Planet, the Sun and perhaps Uranus

Number 1 (the number of Leo) and 4 (that of Uranus); Color, Warm Orange and some shades of Green; Day, Sunday; Metal and Jewels Gold, Sardonyx, Chrysolite and all yellow stones. Amber is included and perhaps is the most powerful of all, though actually it is not a stone, but a fossil .

The Sun enters the Sign July 23rd and leaves on August 23rd.

The Sign was named after the Lion, who was called the King of beasts and thus was deemed worthy for adoption as a symbol of Osiris in the first instance and later of Jupiter, though, as we have seen, the Bull was the symbol of Osiris also. It is a royal Sign, and those born under it are fitted to lead and govern. As the central of the three Fiery Signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, the spiritual forces under its influence rise high as fire ascends, triumphing through their mental powers and high courage. But, as is the case always, there is another aspect, and when debased, fire becomes an element of destruction instead of inspiration.

People born under this Sign in the morning or at high noon are more fortunate than those born later in the day.
Those under the influence of Leo are seldom weak characters; they know exactly what they want and set out to get it. They have abundance of vitality and are blessed with hopeful dispositions and brave spirits which enable them to face all reverses without shrinking. It is one of the Signs which help to success, and is that of the artist, the actor and musician who link artistic ability with common sense. Goldsmiths, jewelry, stock brokers and bankers come under its influence also.

The Leo people have dignity and a natural charm of manner which commands respect, but when the aspect is ill, dignity becomes arrogance and conceit takes the place of confidence. Although the Sign is so concerned with money and money-makers, few Leo people care for money for its own sake; they appreciate only what money will buy. Again, the ill aspect may bring about extravagance, and a love of display leads to money being spent like water when it can be ill afforded.

It is natural to them to love colour and brightness; they crave for sunlight and beautiful surroundings, and if these are denied, suffer to an extent which other people cannot understand. Love of pleasure is developed in all, and they love to be in large buildings where crowds congregate. The highly developed love gathering friends round them, but will find their chief pleasures in picture galleries, in high class concerts, in theatres devoted to classic drama. The other type will want to be in the limelight, standing out from a crowd, drawing attention to themselves. All should beware of a tendency to overdress. In that particular their love of bright colors will often lead them astray, even though they have a strong artistic sense in other matters.

The most aggressive types are born towards the end of the Sign, when many of the characteristics of Virgo and its ruler Mercury are present. From August 1st to 10th the influence of Sagittarius blends with that of Leo, and Jupiter becomes part Ruler. These people must be particularly careful to check extravagance and love of show.
Leo is not a Sign that is particularly favorable to marriage. When they love, the people are ready to give all, but they are exacting in return and do not always find their hopes fulfilled. Those born in the late afternoon will be certain to marry and to marry well.

Leo Love Horoscope

Compatibility: You harmonize best with: Aries and Sagittarius. There is mutual help and support with: Libra and Gemini. You either repel or attract: Aquarius. You may ignore, avoid or adapt to: Taurus and Scorpio.

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