Libra Love Horoscope: Charming and Indecisive.

Libra Love Star Signs
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Libra Love HoroscopeLibra is charming, sociable and diplomatic. Libra like to compromise with others but can be terribly indecisive. They are emotionally gracious but seek the approval of others. In love, Libra are sociable and affectionate but again, indecisive.

Libra Personality

Ruling Planets, Venus and Saturn

Number 6; Day, Friday; Jewels, the Opal, Coral and Lapis Lazuli; Color, Blue; Special Mascot, the Seal of Solomon.

The Sun enters this Sign about September 23rd and leaves it on October 23rd.

As a symbol of the Sign we have the Scales or Balance of Justice, and it is the only one in the Zodiac not represented by a living creature. The Scales, it is said, represent Astrea, the goddess of Justice, who dwelt upon Earth till the wickedness of mortals made her fly from it in horror, on which she was placed among the Constellations in the Heavens.

She is another form of the Deity the Egyptians worshiped as Isis, and the Greeks as Ceres, Cybele or Vesta, but always she stood for wisdom and benevolence.

Sensitive and Artistic

Libra is the middle one of the Airy Signs, the others being Gemini and Aquarius, and thus those under its influence have restlessness in their nature and are fond of travel and change. They are sensitive and artistic, usually possessing great personal charm. A sense of justice is born in them, as their keen intuitions enable them to see both sides of a question.

They have strong occult powers, though these may be latent for lack of development. The true Seers, the men, and women with the Second Sight, the Hypnotists and the Mesmerists, are the true Libra type.

Those born early in October have more caution than the others, whose birth dates fall later in the month, while those whose birth dates are after the 12th have a strong sense of humor, and often, not always, great descriptive powers.

Libra Love Horoscope

Compatibility: You harmonize best with: Aquarius and Gemini. There are mutual help and support with: Leo and Sagittarius. You either repel or attract: Aries. You may ignore, avoid or adapt to Cancer and Capricorn.

Libra’s can sometimes be excitable people in social settings but like to keep a balance in their private love life. They enjoy attention and flattery and want to revel in love and romance.

Gifts, treats, days out and of course surprises are all things that will woo the Libra heart. They give freely and hope that their partner will also give of themselves too. Libra is diplomatic and will sometimes go to extraordinary lengths to keep up peace. Most will walk away from an argument. But they can also be the complete opposite and swing like the scales with their feelings. Their peace and balance swings into a nature that is stubborn, hot-headed and temperamental.

Libra men can seem effeminate but he is also sociable, courteous and cultured. Women are often attracted to the Libra man as he appears to have a gentle and sensitive disposition.

Libra is the most feminine of the star signs. Libra women are exceptionally feminine and love to display charm and gentleness. They enjoy the home and the company of their children.

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