Spontaneous Materialisation Mediumship?


Some years ago a beautiful pearl, mounted on a silver pin, materialised on my jacket lapel. Later, as my wife and I stood by our fireside, three more smaller versions of these dropped into the hearth. On another occasion five large pearls (without pins) appeared in a small ornament then disappeared as suddenly as they had arrived. And recently whilst I was taking a shower five pence pieces kept falling from above me.

My wife is psychic- but we can find no logical explanation to these paranormal incidents. Can you explain it?

Charles & Wynne D- Northumbria

You may have witnessed what psychics call an apport. These were quite commonplace in the early Spiritualist circles and this extraordinary phenomena would happen in the presence of many materialisation mediums. It is rare to hear of this nowadays although there are still mind boggling stories coming out of India about a materialisation holy man called Sathya Sai Baba who died on 24 April 2011. The two of you should consider developing your powers and sit in a development group- you may both have remarkable gifts that could be enhanced with training.


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