Meditation for Psychic Powers

Meditation for Psychic Powers
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Meditate for Psychic Awakening

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about meditation for psychic powers.

The aim of meditation is to realize your God nature. On the way to this goal, you may find various treasures on the path, such as enhanced health, sharper mentality, and extra-sensory powers. Meditation takes us beyond theoretical knowledge to the direct realization of the nature of existence.

Waking Up from Illusion

Meditation teachings say we are already one with God but we are like a person who has fallen asleep to this fact. Without the realization of our God nature, we experience suffering because we are trapped in the illusionary dream of separateness.

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We need to wake up. In our delusion, we believe that the material world is the only reality and may pray to God as if “He,” as the objective world, is external to ourselves. Meditation gives us a tool that can cut through this illusion.

It enables us to go straight to the boss without any doctrine, priest, or guru go-between. Meditation awakens us to the fact that each of us is the only person who can realize our God nature. Nobody else can be enlightened for us. We are in charge of our spiritual destiny.

We will all naturally attain the goal of spiritual perfection but for most people, it will take many lifetimes, as our spiritual nature evolves very gradually. Fortunately, we don’t have to be stuck with a long wait, for we can cultivate our spirit through meditation, unlock the yoke of ignorance, and be free to realize our God nature in this lifetime.

What we do for ourselves will also help the world, for as we grow spiritually, we can assist others on the path to enlightenment, who, in turn, can help others, and so on, until one day we may actually create a utopian world.

The Goal of Meditation for Psychic Powers

Psychic powers are not the goal of meditation but the jewels you discover on your path to perfection. Through meditation, you can develop your talents and multiply them through service to others. If psychic powers are cultivated in this spirit of service they become very powerful and incorruptible.

When using meditation to expand your gifts, remember that they are not the final goal of your journey. They are loaned to you. You are working to become a medium, who is the conduit, not the possessor, of the power. The goal is spirituality. Mediumship is service to this spirituality.


Meditation for psychic powers is a natural state that you probably already have experienced without knowing it. Have you ever read a book or novel and been so totally immersed that you forgot you were reading?

This is a little like meditation. It is a feeling of being absorbed, attentive, and sharply conscious. The same may have happened when listening to music.

The music takes you away to “somewhere else” and for a while, you are in a meditative state. It can also happen when you are in a relaxed state while doing something creative or when you are enjoying looking at a beautiful scene. It comes when you are peacefully engrossed in what you are doing.

Ideas cannot come to us when our minds swirl with hectic thoughts. Similarly, psychic and mediumistic insight cannot penetrate an agitated mind. To be aware of these things we need to achieve an inner quietude. Meditation for psychic powers achieves this state through calm, inner observation.

Easy Meditation

It is very easy. All you need to do is sit comfortably, withdraw your attention from the day-to-day world, and give yourself a little time with your spirit. Do not be put off by the multitude of techniques available, for meditation is a natural state and is experienced without strenuous effort. What matters is that you allow yourself to go within and observe.

Early Stages of Spiritual Development

Meditation is essential at the early stages of spiritual development but it is also important throughout your life as a medium. Meditation spiritualized your work and helps to remove the hubris—the subtle spiritual arrogance that comes when mediums forget they are not the possessor but the custodians of the sacred power.

Become Focused

It also helps you to become focused and energized and puts you in that special state of consciousness that is necessary for quality mediumship.

Meditation alone will not bring mediumship. You could meditate for psychic powers all of your life and the gift will still not arise if you are selfish, insensitive, egotistical, opinionated, or materialistic. Meditation comes with a greater degree of self-awareness and the opportunity to improve ourselves. It clears the ground where the spiritual seeds are sown.

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