Meditation for Inner Peace

Meditation for Inner Peace
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How to use meditation for inner peace. In this technique, Craig shows us how to use a very simple method of using the breath to quieten the mind. This is part of a series of articles and videos that will take you step-by-step to spiritual awakening.

Meditation for Inner Peace


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This method uses the breath as our guide towards tranquillity. The breath is a very powerful tool with us all the time. These techniques of watching the breath can be done sat in the meditation room or at any convenient time during the day. For example, you can use this method when you are waiting in a queue, sat in traffic or watching TV. It is best, of course, done with the eyes closed in a mediation position but you can adapt this method to your daily life too.

The Life Force

The breath links us to the oxygen coming into the body but also to the lifeforce itself. This energy is called prana in Sanskrit and is said to pervade everything but is most concentrated in conscious life forms. The universe is made of energy and consciousness. They come together in the power of the prana.

The breath is also linked to our inner state. If we are anxious or upset the breath becomes erratic and uneven. When the mind is serene the breath calms down and becomes gentle and smooth. Conversely, if we can make the breath quiet then it follows that the mind will become quiet as well.  

For the full method please watch the video embedded in this page.

The Technique

Here is an outline of the technique:

  • Close your eyes and make a sigh. This is the body’s natural way of releasing stress. It also helps you to focus your attention on the breath.
  • Let yourself relax deeply. Systematically scan your body and allow the whole body to relax.
  • Watch the rhythmic rise and fall of the breath. Do not try and change anything. Focus purely on the act of being attentive.
  • Relax more deeply with every exhale.
  • See how the breath naturally becomes quiet. Increase your observation to become aware of the point a inhale naturally changes to become and exhale.
  • Enter the meditation and come back to awareness of the breath whenever the mind wanders.
  • Continue until you feel deeply at peace. Peace is your natural state. Enter it as deeply as you can and realize that it is the real you.

Return to this technique whenever you feel stressed. You can deepen the peace during your daily meditation. If you watch your breath during your daily activities it will connect you to the inner peace you have established.

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