Meditations for Psychic Awakening in 6 Steps

meditation for psychic awakening by Craig Hamilton Parker
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Psychic Development with Craig Hamilton-Parker

Using Visualization Techniques During Meditation

Meditations for Psychic Awakening. Pic Craig in Dark room.

In these articles about meditations for psychic awakening shown how to gradually increase your powers of concentration.  If you also unlock your ability at visualization you will soon be on the way to awaken your psychic powers.

During most meditation session you will enter the peaceful states I have described earlier and sometimes attune yourself to the thoughts of the spirit people. There will be times when you will feel no spirit influences around you at all but will, nonetheless, enjoy the benefits of meditation for its own sake.

During circle, you will be given what you need at the time. You will also notice that the energy in the room will change from week to week. Sometimes everyone will feel tired at the onset of meditation, so the spirit helpers will spend their time lifting the energy and revitalizing you. There will be times also when you collectively are given information, such as a shared vision or a communication from a specific circle guide.

Meditations Methods you can Try now

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Eidetic Visualization Technique

Traditional meditation holds the mind steady, but for mediumistic meditation, we sometimes need to encourage and work with a stream of creative thought. For this awakening experiment, we will relax, watch the breath, and step back from the thoughts and observe them. Without allowing ourselves to fall into sleep, we will stimulate a state of drowsiness similar to what psychologists call hypnagogic dreaming.

Hypnagogic dreams are extremely vivid images that some people experience as they are dropping off to sleep and sometime—though much more rarely—as they are waking up (hypnopompic dreaming). These are forms of lucid dreaming in which you remain awake as the dream is taking place. The dreams are incredibly real and include an astonishing flow of strange patterns, scenes, and imagery.

Inner Vision

These extraordinary visual images are referred to as being eidetic. When I experience this state I am awed by the effortless way the unconscious conceives of such complex, labyrinthine images that would take the Disney Studios centuries to animate. Yet these visions appear out of nowhere.

This waking dream state can be triggered during meditation and is a useful source of clairvoyant material. Hypnagogic dreaming is a state of intermediate consciousness preceding sleep that can be triggered and sustained during meditation without falling into sleep. This is not a method you need practice every time you meditate but it is a useful step that helps you to become attuned to your unconscious and its intuitive powers.

Sometimes the hypnagogic state occurs spontaneously during meditation. It may come and go so quickly that you only glimpse it. At other times you may recognize the state and be able to sustain it for an extended period. I have noticed that some of my circle sitters will consistently be whisked off on all sorts of fantastic adventures when they meditate. Although these visionary journeys provide interesting insights, they can become a distraction from the goal of our work, which is clear communication with the spirit that is unfettered by symbolism.

Awakening Your Psychic Self in 6 Steps

Step 1:

A session of eidetic meditation begins with the circle leader explaining the material I just touched on and suggesting that during meditation everyone focuses on visual imagery.

Step 2:

When you meditate you will probably see a spontaneous image appear in the mind’s eye. Look at it closely and let it hold your attention. Make the image more vivid by observing everything you can about it. Get all of the senses involved, particularly visual perception.

Perhaps you can shift your attention to a different vantage point, such as above or below the image, or you may be able to zoom in to or out from the vision.

Step 3:

If you see a face, look more closely at the details: the fall of the hair, the color of the eyes, the pores of the skin, and so on. Similarly, if you see a landscape, move toward it and see every tiny detail.

Step 4:

Once you have fixed in your awareness and have a vivid image in your mind, let it go and allow another picture to come. It is likely to appear almost immediately. Again look hard at it and examine it carefully in your mind’s eye.

Step 5:

Now let that picture go and allow another to come, and another, until you can clearly see a stream of ever-changing images flowing through your awareness. For some people, this stream of consciousness will occur effortlessly.

Step 6:

Remembering what you have seen is quite difficult, for just like a dream the images will fade as soon as you enter normal awareness, so when you come out of meditation immediately write down what you can recall from your visions.

Compare Notes Afterward

This type of meditation gets really interesting when you compare notes afterward. You will find that many in your circle have had the same visions—sometimes down to the tiniest details. These pictures may be unconscious material that has been shared between you using telepathy but often also will include material given to you by the spirit guides. Sometimes a number of you will see the same spirit guides come to you and show or tell you similar things. This is one way the guides verify their reality, not just within the group but sometimes between different circles working in different locations.

The imagery seen during meditation can be interpreted as symbols just as you would interpret the symbolism from a dream. However, the symbols, allegories, and metaphors entwined in the images are of a higher order than dreams, for they usually deal not with your anxieties and emotional problems but with the highest aspirations of your soul. Interpreting the imagery may help you to reveal your spiritual path and give you insight into the higher purpose of your life.

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