Mediumship and the Law

Mediumship and the Law – Do’s and Don’ts of Mediumship

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Mediumship is used to give back hope to many people but the office of mediumship  has been known to be misused and abused. People with no knowledge of spirit and spirit communication often believe every word that drops from a medium’s lips and mediums should therefore ensure that they stay within the bounds of courtesy and stick to the facts as given to them by the spirit communicators.

There are moral and legal ethics involved in mediumship and every person who wishes to develop any inherent mediumistic abilities should have knowledge of them.

There follows a list of the Do’s and Don’ts of Mediumship and all exponents of mediumship should be aware of them. They are all based on commonsense, good manners and are framed to keep the mediums within the law.


ensure a practical working knowledge of mediumship and spirit communication is achieved;

A medium may be asked questions by a message recipient at the end of a reading or service and any message given can be destroyed by a silly answer to an intelligent question.

correctly identify the recipient;

It is too easy to grab the first person who says the message is for him/her. There are people who are desperate for messages from spirit and it is, therefore, important for the medium to establish, at the outset, that the correct recipient is receiving the message.

give what is received without embellishment;

If the medium sees a brown bear it should be given exactly as received; not put into a scenario, possibly Canada and assumptions made that the recipient has family there or has visited. It could be that the brown bear was the emblem on a tie of the last Christmas present given by the recipient to the spirit communicator. Again evidence can be lost by interference.

monitor messages;

Whilst giving what is received is very important, this does not mean that a medium cannot monitor the message. Just because a spirit communicator used profane language while living on earth does not give the medium leeway to repeat such language, EVER. Also, if a medium feels that the message could cause upset to the recipient then it should be worded in such a way to avoid this.

make evidence of survival a first priority;

This cannot be stressed too strongly. Once a recipient has received concrete evidence that the people they care about still live, still love them and know the problems they face, their whole lives can be transformed. Evidence of survival is the main thrust of mediumship and must always be uppermost in a medium’s mind when linking with spirit.

ensure anything that needs to be researched at a later date, is a very small part of an evidential message;

Quite often there will be information given in a reading of which the recipient is not aware and s/he may need to consult with relatives after the reading. If evidence of survival has been given, then this is acceptable, as long as the majority of the message is not made up of such research.

continue to sit for development, which is ongoing;

Many mediums cease to sit for development once they are competent enough to give an acceptable message or are receiving bookings from Churches. This is very sad as they are depriving their spirit guides and helpers from unfolding other aspects of their mediumship of which they presently have no knowledge. Give to spirit and therefrom receive a thousandfold.


use colourful language or offensive remarks;

This has been mainly dealt with in message monitoring and is self-explanatory.

use personal remarks to recipients;

Mediums must not use their position when on a platform to degrade or insult any person within a congregation or audience. Mediums have been known to ‘want to speak to the person with bleached hair’ and have purportedly received from spirit that the recipient is overweight and should diet. It is obvious to any thinking person that the overweight recipient is aware of the problem and a spirit communicator would never embarrass anyone by remarking on such obesity in public.

bully recipients or force messages upon them;

When a medium approaches a recipient with a message it is important that that message is never forced upon an unwilling recipient. There may be a number of reasons why the recipient feels the message is not for him or her and one of those reasons could be that the medium’s direction is in error. It is not in order to say ‘I know what I am getting and it is right.’ It may well be correct but all a medium can ever do is place the information before a recipient and if it is taken, be grateful. If it is not, then the medium must establish the correct recipient.

philosophise or give advice;

This can be done when chatting to the recipient but should never take place within a sitting. The sitting is for receiving evidence of survival and time should not be wasted on extraneous matters.

prescribe or diagnose from the rostrum;

There is a danger of mediums falling foul of the law by attempting such dangerous activities. Doctors diagnose and prescribe; mediums give evidence. It is as simple as that.

The spirit people can help their loved ones by suggesting remedies that may help but this will be done in such a way as to be acceptable, such as: ‘I am being made aware of the plant marjoram for some reason – do you understand why?’ If the recipient has asked spirit for help s/he will immediate understand that that help has been given. Mediums must be careful, however, if seeing or hearing the word marjoram, not to fall into the trap of saying ‘I am being told that you should take marjoram.’ They have not been told this and should not add or embellish messages.

predict the future or fortune-tell;

Nobody can see the future. There would be not point in living on earth if everyone could consult a medium and be told what lies around each corner for them. Nobody really wants to know the future in any event; what they are desirous of finding out is whether the man or woman they fancy will fall for them; whether life is going to improve; whether a new job opportunity will occur. Their actual futures may be dire and they do not want to be told that. Good psychics and mediums can attune to the auric vibrations of people; assess the activities taking place around them at the moment and guess a future. Mediums should never be tempted to do this.

(Note from Craig: Although these guidelines were developed from my original Code of Conduct from my book The Psychic Handbook I do not necessarily agree with this point. These additions were written by Vi Kipling. See some of my videos about how the future can be predicted with 100% accuracy.)

predict future mediumship of recipient;

If a person is mediumistic, opportunities will be provided for them to be made aware of this. There is nothing so soul-destroying as a person being told ‘you are a medium’ and there are no circles available in which he/she can unfold such mediumship. Mediumistic people have experiences they will investigate and they will discover their own potential and their spirit guides will open doors in order for them to develop their gifts at the right time.

give guides

Guides are not evidence of survival even if Sitting Bull gives information concerning his life; his life is part of history and could also be part of the medium’s subconscious mind. Evidence of survival is in relation to the recipient’s family and friends and if the recipient is interested in knowing whom his or her guides are, then a spirit assessment can be sought. The medium will then link with the guides, speak to them and pass on any information and suggestions to the recipient.

dress as Madame Arcarti

There is tendency by people interested in New Age and mediumship to wear weird and wonderful outfits which is totally unacceptable and reflects badly on the image of Spiritualism and spirit communication. Mediums cannot expect people to take them seriously if they dress like beings from outer space wafting around wearing jangling jewellery. Spirit communication is a natural process, available to all, and should come across as such.

Mediumship and the Law

Mediumship and the Law

In 1951 the Fraudulent Mediums Act became law and mediums had to be very careful that they did not infringe the provisions of this Act as doing such could cause a fine to be imposed or a period in prison.

This Act was repealed in April 2008 and mediums and Spiritualist Churches can now be charged under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations Act 2007 if money is taken for a service not received. This means mediums cannot state that they will link with any particular person; will prove there is life after death or generally make any promises which cannot be kept.

It will be necessary for Churches to ensure Notices are posted to the effect that every Demonstration of Mediumship is of an experimental nature, especially if donations are being requested for admittance to such Demonstrations.

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