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Mystic Journey to India
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Mystic Journey to India is a new International TV series. It follows Craig Hamilton-Parker as he stumbles upon a 5,000-year-old Indian oracle that has his name written on it.

It reveals the story of his life with 100% accuracy. The oracle proclaims what will happen in the future – even giving the exact time he will die.

How I make my predictions about the World:

Craig says: “The oracle unlocked the secrets of my destiny. The ancient writers of the oracle promised that they would tell me through my meditations and dreams the secrets of the future of the world. Their aim is to help avert disaster and reduce the negative effects of global karma. I am not a perfect channel.  I do my best to relay what I believe I  am told through my intuition.”

BLURB: Secrets of the Oracle

The oracle tells Craig that to turn the tide of providence. Craig must visit a frightening holy man who sleeps in a fire, does strange rituals, and change people’s lives through charitable acts. He seeks out the custodians of the oracle and finds ways to change the course of his destiny. He visits obscure temples, does ancient rituals, and calls on strange holy men with miraculous powers.

This is an exciting spiritual adventure that will shock and inspire. Craig is just a normal western guy with a loving family at home. He goes on an astonishing spiritual adventure that will shake his soul and leave him a changed man.

Mystic Journey to India is a heart-warming story. It is as mind-boggling as ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and as gripping as ‘Indiana Jones’.

The New Mystic Journeys TV Series

The Mystic Journeys Series sees psychic mediums Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker exploring the mystical traditions of the world. They immerse themselves in magical acts that bring inner change and transformation.

The first documentary TV series Mystic Journey to India takes you to the very heart of India. Spiritualist medium Craig Hamilton-Parker consults a secret oracle that tells him everything about his life and what will happen including the day he will die.

He does various magical remedies. He goes into a strange world of gurus, magical ritual, and strange beliefs. These challenge everything we believe about the nature of reality.

The Lost Oracles of India Rediscovered

The viewer can relate to how an ordinary westerner with a loving family suddenly finds himself encountering things that are mind-boggling to the normal westerner. He meets a yogi who can sleep in a raging fire. The yogi reveals the same destiny that is written in the oracle. There are also shamans and visits hidden places and a secret network of astrologers who are guardians of sacred texts that contain the hidden secrets of the future.

Craig has to do fire ceremonies, odd rituals and visit the very heart of secret India to do the oracle’s bidding. Much of his work is charitable and he is told to feed the desperate and destitute. He buys a cow for a severely poor elderly couple and feeds the children in a mental asylum.

India is the first of the countries explored in which Craig strips down the contrived and our perceptions about India and brings us the raw life of an ancient culture that has rituals and beliefs that date back to pre-history. This is a travelogue that is absolutely unique.

It visits places few westerners have ever been. It is breath-taking in its beauty and tackles ideas that are mind-boggling in their implications.

Additional Episodes in Production

In future episodes, Craig and Jane set off together to explore other countries, cultures, and beliefs to uncover the hidden secrets of the common spirituality of the world. Together they prove mediumship to raise money for the poor. They give readings to A-List celebrities and explore the spiritual traditions of the people of the world. The enjoyable banter between the couple adds a layer of levity throughout the journey.

Mystic Journey to India Holy Man

Mystic Journey to India (3 Episodes)

How would you feel if a secret India Oracle could tell your future with 100% accuracy? What if it were to give the exact names of your key family members, the most important events to happen in your life if it knew the exact time of your birth? And if it knew the exact time of your death too? And supposing there was proof that the messages in the Oracle written down thousands of years before your birth? How would you react?

A shocking meeting with the impossible

You’d be shocked, skeptical, and maybe a little scared. You’d want to know if you are being cheated or if there really was a personal message to you from thousands of years ago.

Craig Hamilton-Parker is a world-famous medium. Craig is no stranger to the paranormal and has given a lifetime’s work to investigating and demonstrating psychic powers. But when he stumbled upon the secret oracle of India even he is blown away by the impossibility of its messages. It has mind-boggling implications.

In search of the remedies of destiny

The oracle tells him to go to obscure places in India and travel with the astrologers to visit spiritual places where westerners are normally denied entry. Craig’s intrepid journey takes him to strange locations where he is to do a series of bizarre rituals. These are the ‘remedies’ that the Oracle says will help him avert a bad destiny and open an auspicious future.

The story is set against the stunning backdrop of rural India. Craig climbs sacred mountains, visits mysterious places, and is invited into magnificent temples to do fire ceremonies and other unfamiliar rituals. We see him changing progress from a typical westerner to become a new person. A granddad with a happy family, Craig becomes a to a shell-shocked guru. In a story reminiscent of Indiana Jones, we journey with Craig as he uncovers the lost secrets of India. Craig meets many odd people including an old holy man who has mind-reading abilities. This man has the power of prophecy. This Siddha yogi can sleep in a raging fire and will live for 1,000 years.

Charity and Giving

As part of his quest, he also performs a number of heart-wrenching charitable acts for the desperately destitute such as feeding a poor village. He buys an old couple a cow and calf and feeds the children in a struggling mental home for challenged children.

This story is beyond mind-boggling. It will make you question everything about the nature of fate, destiny, and Providence. It is amazing!

3 Program Series Shot in 4k:

Mystic Journey to India is filmed as three one hour programs. It is fully edited with the custom musical score. It is supplied as NTSC or PAL format. The landscapes, seascapes and mangrove scenes and some of the rituals are filmed in 4K. Filed on a RED giving a cinematic quality to the production.

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