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Seeking your Naadi

I do not give out the names of the Naadi readers I have consulted in my books or films. Since writing my books I have met many Naadi readers, some genuine and others fake. I do not give out the names because the temptation of western money can compromise them.

A Naadi reader that I once trusted is now charging thousands of dollars for readings. He has been arrested by the police.

Do not Trust the Internet

The Naadi readers I know are sincere. They DO NOT advertise on the Internet. They remain secret. The ones I trust do not charge for the consultation.

Naadi can be very dangerous because false predictions are made and bogus remedies are given. If approached with the wrong intent or a false Naadi is used, it is frightening. It will create more problems than it solves.

Most Internet Naadi readers are con men – do not use them.

Naadi Readings Video:

Who will I help?

I occasionally invite people to find their Naadi. These are usually people I have met face-to-face or who have helped in some way with our charitable foundation or have been a patron of our spiritual work. I have also occasionally invited people who have had mediumistic readings with me. I already have a very long waiting list.

I do not charge for my help.

You will appreciate that since the TV program, many people have requested Naadi readings and in most instances, I have to refuse. I do not charge for helping people and it is very time-consuming. Donations and profits go to our Foundation to help the poor.

When I help, my part in the process is done for free. The remedies are expensive and usually require a trip to India if you want to do them yourself.  Hindu priests are employed to do the remedies, feedings and charitable work by proxy. Your remedies may involve large expenses – such as paying for someone’s wedding or repairing a temple.

This is not Fortune Telling

The Naadi identifies your past life karma. It’s objective is to help you find the remedies to change your fate. It is not fortune-telling or clairvoyance. The vast majority of the Naadi reader you find on the Internet and at airports etc are frauds.

Detailed information about how to find a reader – and the many pitfalls – is described in my books. You can also find a list of Naadi readers in the books by Wing Commander Shashikant Oak. 

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