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I do not give out the names of the Naadi readers I have consulted in my books or films. This is first because a Naadi reader I once trusted is now charging thousands of dollars for readings.  When this happens, the Naadi becomes corrupted. It loses its power of prophecy. The Naadis and Bhrigu Samhita that I use do not advertise on the Internet and remain secret.

The second reason is that my trusted Naadi readers do not charge for the initial consultation. I introduced people to the Naadi readers but they made no donation or payment. This is unfair. I felt people were taking advantage of them.

Finally, the Naadi can be very dangerous. If approached with the wrong intent or a false Naadi is used, it is frightening and will create more problems than it solves. Most Naadi readers are con men.

Spiritual Awakening & Naadi Workshops

I will help some people who join my Awakening workshops. Participating in a workshop does not necessarily mean you will get a Naadi reading. If you are serious about seeking a Naadi then you may want to join me. The workshops are held in London. Remedies and trips to India are organized through our Spiritual Foundation. Upcoming awakening workshops are at the link below:

Who will I help?

People I select through my workshops must be genuinely seeking the Naadi as a means of spiritual awakening. I expect people to have done their research and at the very least, read my books and watched my movie. I am giving my services for free so to true spiritual seekers. The Naadi is designed to help you identify your past life karma. It’s objective is to help you find the remedies to change your fate. It is not fortune-telling or clairvoyance.

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How Expensive is it?

Be warned: it can become very expensive. Sometimes the remedies given in the appropriate chapter are negligible.  In some cases, the Naadi has told the Naadi reader to do the remedies for free. But this is the exception. In the past, the Naadis were cared for by holy men who consulted it for free. You were expected to do the remedies yourself which can involve months of chanting etc.

Most modern people have the remedies done for them by priests. Sometimes the Naadi will expect you to give gold to a temple, pay for someone’s wedding or give cows to the poor. There are long rituals prescribed that may require employing teams of priests. Together with the charitable work that it may specify, the average cost is about $2,000 US though this can vary widely.  I went to India and did my own remedies but it cost even more than the prices I have quoted.

Naadi Readings Video:

Am I being ripped off?

If you have used an Internet Naadi reader you are probably being ripped off. As I explain further down the page, even some of the readers I consulted are now charging far too much. They are charging $2,000 for the reading on it’s own then adding the remedies on top.

You also do not know if the remedies will ever be done after you pay. The charitable work may not be done to a high standard – you don’t want to feed poor people with slops! And you don’t know if they’ve added a few extra remedies or frightening predictions in order to bump up the bill.

The following is an extract from my book about the perils of corrupt Naadi Readers:

Dangerous Naadi Readers

Help Finding Your Naadi Leaves

I do sometimes help people find their leaves. This is something I do as a service for those who are helping me with our charity work through the Hamilton Parker Foundation or through my workshops. Below I explain what you should expect from Naadi Readings. I explain how much you should pay for Naadi Readings and Remedies.

Be Careful! Most Naad Readings are fake or compromised.

I do not offer Naadi readings services or give out the names and addresses of credible readers. I have already been overwhelmed with requests since my first book Messages from the Universe.  As I have already explained, the Naadi industry is so riddled with corruption that I would be horrified if I accidentally pointed someone to a charlatan. At the moment I am only introducing family and friends and a handful of people who, I believe, are on a spiritual quest, or helping me closely with my work for the Hamilton Parker Foundation. Some Naadi readers I have used are now charging too much so I could not recommend them. If money becomes too much a reason, then a previously good Naadi can become corrupted. The leaves themselves will not show the truth.

Tricks of the Trade

There are many tricks used by some unscrupulous readers to dupe ‘rich’ Westerners and relieve them of their cash. Some use fake leaves and fill in the reading using astrology or duplicate text from other people’s readings. Indian astrology can be very insightful so this may give you lots of correct information but astrology by itself is not Naadi. A complete fake will ask leading questions and may even have someone listening in the waiting room to report overheard conversations.

The reader may use cold reading techniques to imply that the reader knows much more about you than he actually does. This can include giving general information until something is accepted. Elaborating on the hits to make it seem correct. Using statements that seem personal but will apply to many people. Telling you information that they have already had confirmed earlier in the reading. Using flattery and so on. Many fraudulent psychics use the same methods, either deliberately or unconsciously.

The unscrupulous Naadi reader may add extra accidents and traumatic events to frighten you into spending extravagant amounts on the remedies. The charges for the remedies can be exaggerated and extra charges added so that the bill runs into thousands of pounds/dollars.

Adding Frightening Predictions

There are readers who use genuine leaves but, to ‘help’, either elaborate with their own interpretations using astrology or miss out critical information that may upset you – such as the predicted time of your death. Changes of emphasis and the addition of the astrologer’s own interpretations may confuse things and distract from what was said by the Rishi authors. This is not deliberate fraud, of course, but massaging the truth of what is said in the leaves may stop you knowing your destiny and remedying negative karma. Remember that Naadi readers are not clairvoyants.

Most are people with no special powers who have learned to read what is written on the leaves in ancient Tamil and have it translated it into your language. A special few have good spiritual intent, an extensive understanding of Indian philosophy and may be truly devout and spiritually minded but these, too, are fallible if they mess with what’s said on the leaves. In my own consultations, I have always had the leaves read exactly as written without any additional astrological information added unless I have specifically asked for this.


Since writing my books I have now met lots of readers, and some have become friends, but I have also seen until now wonderful readers become corrupted when exposed to the financial opportunities presented by Westerners paying too much. All of the above is, of course, great fodder for the skeptics who discount the lot and see the Naadis as schemes designed to hasten the divorce between a gullible fool and his money.

Negative Influences

The Naadi leaves are like a living thing and are very sensitive to the intent of the person who reads them as well as the person making the Naadi Readings. If your reason for consulting the leaves is colored by greed, lust, ambition and so on then this may also affect the reading.

In the right hands, and if everything is in order, the Naadis can be 100% accurate in their predictions but sometimes a hitherto good reader may lose their accuracy – something may start to influence their readings – a materialistic motive of some kind, the shadow of Kali Yuga or the influence of the planets on the present moment. If a reader’s prices suddenly go up I step away as the Oracle is now contaminated and useless.

There are stories of how the leaves have told a reader to stop and give the leaves, and with them his livelihood, to someone else; a sincere reader will do as he is told and may never read the leaves again. If the leaves are used with this sort of sincerity and devotion they will tell you incredible things and take you towards self-realization. They can help with worldly issues, medical cures and will tell you all sorts of things that will help your earthly and spiritual advancement.

Naadi Readings: Finding a Genuine Reader

To find your leaves and get Naadi Readings you will need to undertake a search and, if you have enough good karma, then you will eventually find what you seek. Seeking your leaf is part of the spiritual process. If it is destined, your soul will have a strong urge to seek a remedy through a Naadi leaf reading.

You can start your research on the Internet though I have found that some readers charge from $200 to $1,000 US to access the kandams (chapters) or the Prasana kandam, which will answer 5 specific questions after the main chapter has been opened. This does not include any remedies, which can run into many more thousands if you are not careful. I was quoted $1,000 to ask five questions of the Prasana Kandam on the Internet, from an excellent reader I had used before, but with other contacts I was able to ask the same 5 questions of the Bhrugu Samhita for $162 – quite a mark-up! This susceptibility of the readers to contamination is the reason I cannot simply recommend readers to people who ask.

How much should Naadi Readings Cost?

My first Naadi readings were free, as my friends organized them for me. Later we paid about $85 US per chapter for myself and for other people whom I introduced to the services. The cost of remedies will vary depending on what’s needed. These can cost from $400 to $1,000 US. As you can see, it can all become quite expensive if you select the wrong reader and you will see why this is all subject to so much corruption as these figures are enormous amounts to earn compared with average earnings of Indian villagers.

You can find a list of addresses for the Naadi Shastris Centres in the book ‘Naadi Predictions’ by Wing Commander Shashikant Oak. This is available on Amazon and is an excellent book with lots of fascinating examples from people who have had readings. Kim Paisol’s books ‘Naadi Palmleaf Astrology’ and his new book ‘Compassion: Bhagavan Sri Ramana, Naadis, Pothis and Samhitas’ are also fascinating books, with lots of guidance and information, and are both available from Amazon.


When you find a reader, don’t expect to enjoy an efficient, seamless service for your Naadi Readings. Many of the readers are from easy-going rural India and are not particularly punctual or organized. For example, I was let down three times when I sat for my first Skype consultation but it was worth the wait. It is also possible that your leaves may not be there in the set that the reader has, as many were destroyed at the time of the British Raj.

Safeguarding Yourself

I wanted to test the oracle when I wrote my first book so I did a number of readings with unconnected readers so that I could compare the information given about me and the predictions for my future. Initially, I had two separate readings with two readers, introduced to me by my friend Vivek. These were the Naadi readers I spoke about in my book Messages from the Universe. This gave me a way to verify what was being said from two separate sources.

Later I accessed the readings described in this book with people introduced to me by Kim Paisol. I paid the readers directly for the Naadi Readings and visited the Naadi reader in India to do the remedies. I paid him directly, partly by money transfer and, afterward in India, by cash. My case will be different from yours as I was in the luxurious position of having been introduced by trustworthy people who monitored and supervised my progress. I now do the same for friends and family who want to consult the Naadis.

Do not Give out Information

When you book or start your reading, do not give away information about yourself. There are services on the Internet, which tell you to fill out questionnaire forms that ask for your thumbprint, plus the names of all your family, the time and place of your birth, how many brothers and sisters you have, if you are married and have children, if you have health problems, legal problems and so on. Now, it may be that this request is quite innocent as, with it, they can find your leaf, but to us, skeptical westerners, this is clearly not good practice.

It is best to give as little information as possible and use email addresses and Skype accounts that reveal nothing about who you are when you have your Naadi Readings. Not only will this ensure that no cheating occurs but it will also help convince you of the reality of the Naadi and the changes you will later make to your destiny. The depth of your sincerity will influence the remedies so it’s important not to harbor doubts because you were not thorough at the start.


If they have your thumbprint they can find your bundle and you will be asked a series of questions until the appropriate leaf is found. You will be able to tell, from the type of questions asked in the leaf finding process, if the reader is true. I have already described in this book and Messages from the Universe how this process works. Download the appropriate software, test it in advance, and record everything on Skype or tape so you can go over it all later. This should apply to both the ‘leaf-finding-session’ and the ‘predictions session’.

Doing your Remedies

By now you will have a good idea about what the remedies are and why we need to do them. You can try to do them yourself or have someone do them for you – preferably someone you are related to by blood or, alternatively, by the Naadi reader or a Hindu priest. Some people do not do the remedies at all and let fate take its course. I advise you to do them soon after the reading if you can afford it or do them at some point later in your life. I have heard of cases where the remedies were too much for the person to afford but, as soon as they made a start doing them for themselves, their circumstances radically changed and the money was suddenly there to have the rest completed.

The complexity of the remedies will vary from person to person. They can sometimes cost a lot – my remedies included buying a woman a cow, feeding a school of children, helping beggars and extensive rituals across India. There will also be included your personal mantras to chant that can take hundreds of hours or can be done by proxy. I paid the reader directly, as I was confident of their authenticity, but you may decide to get a second quotation from the services I have suggested.

Karma and the Readings

Naadi Readings will foretell good and bad things in your life. All these are a result of your karma and some things may not be possible to change. However, the Maharishi seers who wrote the leaves also include spiritual ‘remedies’ that you can do to reduce or remove the negative effects of karma carried forward from past lives. It is best to do these yourself, although they can also be done by proxy. One of the Naadi readers can do the mantras, human, temple visits or get a priest to do them for you. There may also be charitable acts to be done that you can do yourself or pay to have done. As I say, if possible do these yourself as some Naadi readers skimp or simply do not deliver these services for you.

Proof the Job is Done

It is important also to get evidence that your remedies have been done. When I have ordered remedies by proxy for myself, or others, the Naadi reader will be sent a photograph of whom the remedies are for. For example, I had a remedy to be done for my mother’s health so I sent a picture of her that was then held by the people doing the remedies. If a beggar was being fed, or an Ayusha Homam being performed, the photo would be included in the scenes that were put onto video and posted to me afterward.

Having everything on video confirms that the remedies have been done and done properly and, by watching the videos, we also become more engaged with what’s happening and add our spirit to the proceedings. If possible it’s best to go to India and participate directly. This may not be possible for everyone. I went to India to do the most important remedies. I paid for a few rituals – such as the mantra chanting – to be done by priests in India.

Naadi Readings Remedies

It is not always necessary to have the Naadi reader do the remedies or buy them for you. There are services in India – and now on the Internet – that can have any of the rituals and remedies done for you. Get some quotations and compare prices. If the Naadi Readings prices are fair and you trust the reader then you can use his services. If his prices are high, go elsewhere. We are dealing with mind-boggling mystical things that will throw you into a whirlwind of baffled wonder. It’s still important to use common sense and scrutiny when paying. The Naadi may be sacred but the people interpreting it are fallible.

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