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Seeking your Naadi

I do not give out the names of the Naadi readers I have consulted in my books or films. Since writing my books I have met many Naadi readers, some genuine and others fake. I do not give out the names because the temptation of western money can compromise them.

A Naadi reader that I once trusted is now charging thousands of dollars for readings. He has been arrested by the police.

Do not Trust the Internet

The Naadi readers I know are sincere. They DO NOT advertise on the Internet. They remain secret. The ones I trust do not charge for the consultation.

Naadi can be very dangerous because false predictions are made and bogus remedies are given. If approached with the wrong intent or a false Naadi is used, it is frightening. It will create more problems than it solves.

Most Internet Naadi readers are con men – do not use them.

Naadi Readings Video:

Who will I help?

I occasionally invite people to find their Naadi. These are usually people I have met face-to-face or who have helped in some way with our charitable foundation or have been a patron of our spiritual work. I have also occasionally invited people who have had mediumistic readings with me. I already have a very long waiting list.

I do not charge for my help.

You will appreciate that since the TV program, many people have requested Naadi readings and in most instances, I have to refuse. I do not charge for helping people and it is very time-consuming. Donations and profits go to our Foundation to help the poor.

When I help, my part in the process is done for free. The remedies are expensive and usually require a trip to India if you want to do them yourself.  Hindu priests are employed to do the remedies, feedings and charitable work by proxy. Your remedies may involve large expenses – such as paying for someone’s wedding or repairing a temple.

Starting Your Search in India

The Naadi identifies your past life karma. It’s objective is to help you find the remedies to change your fate. It is not fortune-telling or clairvoyance. The vast majority of the Naadi reader you find on the Internet and at airports etc are frauds. Some have illegally used my name to promote their services! I have not used these Naadis. Only one in a thousand is true. It takes a lot of work to find one.

Detailed information about how to find a reader in India – and the many pitfalls – is described in my books. To get a naadi reading AND, most importantly,  have the remedies done can cost upwards from £1,000. To do it properly you would also need to go to India to do the remedies. It is pointless doing the Naadis without doing the remedies as the predictions will not come to pass if the karma is not cleared.

Getting Started

There are clues and advice in my books about how to find a good naadi reader. You can find naadi centers around Delhi and also Chennai. There is a list of Naadi readers in the books by Wing Commander Shashikant Oak and also in the books by Kim Paisol.

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