10 Unbelievable Near-Death Experience Accounts from People Like You.

10 Amazing Near-Death Experiences

Near Death Experiences NDERead amazing letters sent to me at my news columns about Near-Death Experiences stories from ordinary people. A Near-Death Experience is defined as a situation in which a person near to death is apparently outside his body and aware of it and able to witness events happening in the operating theater, at a distant location or in the afterlife.  I have included here some of the classic examples of Near Death Experience but also some of the unusual spontaneous out of body experiences.

Near Death Experiences


My family were told that it was likely I would die. As I lay critically ill in hospital I felt myself lift up from my body and, from a vantage point somewhere on the ceiling,  I actually saw myself laid there in bed. I felt myself falling through space and into a bright white light. Before me stood a radiant being in long white robes. He appeared to look like Jesus with arms outstretched.

When I returned to my body I felt more mentally and physically drained than I have ever felt in my life. I didn’t realise  at the time but I now believe that I had experienced the first stages of dying. – Audrey D

You experienced what doctors have called a ‘Near Death Experience’ (NDE). People from many cultures throughout the world explain exactly the same: They leave their body, experience falling into a light  and are greeted sometimes by relatives or by a radiant being. Christians see Christ, Hindus report seeing Krishna and others see the leader of their own faith. Whatever a person’s religious belief, experiences like yours Audrey are an inspiration to us all.


In 1987 I had a epileptic seizure and as a result had to be kept alive on a life support machine in hospital. I have often read about people having an ‘out of body experience’ and walking down a tunnel of light with a figure waiting for them with outstretched arms. But my experience was not so spectacular.

I found myself standing at the foot of the hospital bed looking at myself and saying ‘Well lad; this is what you’ve always been afraid of, but don’t worry, just relax, let yourself go and you’ll wake up in a wonderful World of Peace and Happiness.’

I could actually feel myself obeying when another voice intervened telling me that I still had obligations to fulfil. Then I became aware of being back in the body and heard a voice saying ‘Thank God! He’s beginning to show some signs at last.’

Since that time I have revised my attitude to Death. – Ernest G

You nearly died and lived to tell the tale. If you had been permitted to continue with your near-death experience I expect that you would have seen the tunnel of light and spirit people. Reports like yours, in my opinion, prove that life continues beyond the grave even though you only experienced the first stages of dying.


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Fifteen years ago I suffered a massive heart attack at home. Luckily my neighbour was with me and she was able to get help. It was a close thing.

In the midst of all the pain I saw a white figure hovering. It appeared to be in a white robe and had no face. It drew closer. Then where there had been nothing I saw the face of my brother who had been killed in the war.

It was only a brief appearance but was very clear and vivid to me. Later, when I recovered I asked my neighbour if she’d seen anything but she hadn’t. – Rosina C

You clearly came very close to death. Although your neighbor saw nothing, I believe that your dead brother really did come to your aid. A great many people say that they are greeted by dead relatives when they come close to death. For example, there are some amazing accounts on record of seriously ill  young children having a near-death experience and afterwards describing relatives who had died yet they’d never met then in life.



In 1967 I suffered a fracture to the skull and fell into a coma. I was thrown into a total darkness but felt as if I was walking along a long dark tunnel. I became very frightened and after a few more steps I saw a cloaked figure standing in my way. He said “Come follow me.” and before long I came out of that dark tunnel and into brilliant light.

Before me I saw a lovely garden with trees, pools of water, a stream running by, and birds singing. It was so beautiful and peaceful that I felt that I would never want to leave that wonderful place.

A voice said “You have to go back now”.

It could not have been a dream as it was so real. Did I pass through the valley of death and reach the gates of Heaven? – Mr Gavin L

What a wonderful glimpse of the Spirit World you had through your Near-Death Experience, which is very similar in its detail to so many descriptions that have been made by many others who have stood at the threshold between life and death.

The cloaked figure may be a projection of your consciousness, or a guiding spirit and it knew that it wasn’t your time to go over yet to that wonderful new dimension that we call the Spirit World.

We expect that you no longer fear death and that this experience may have changed your life for the better. You are very lucky, treasure the memory.



Soon after my sister died I was taken seriously ill myself and nearly died on the operating table. After they moved me from intensive care and back onto the ward I had a frightening experience. An old man was stood at the side of my bed and I was having a full conversation with him saying that it wasn’t my time to go. The girl in the next bed heard everything I said and was quite hysterical as there was nobody there. –  Ron J

Usually patients, that have a brush with death, describe seeing someone they love draw close. When the Duke of Windsor passed on 22 May 1972 his last words were “Mama…Mama…Mama.. “Perhaps his mother, Queen Mary, had forgiven him for marrying Wallis Simpson and had come to take him over?

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On two occasions I nearly died and both times I felt my spirit body rise over my physical body. I felt full of joy and brimming with health. My ‘real’ body below looked in a very sorry state and I didn’t want to return. Eventually I did and survived. Since this experience I seem to have developed a psychic gift: At night I dream of leaving my body and witnessing events taking place far away. I dreamed of a man injured in a coal mine and next day I read exactly the same story in the paper. I am also able to predicts things that are going to happen for people I know. I told the lady serving in my local shop that she was going to win some money and next time I met her she gave me a big cuddle and announced that her number had come up – she had won a premium bond! – C C .

Your near death experience has triggered your latent psychic gifts. Comedian and paranormal researcher Michael Bentine has twice ‘died’ and experienced being “suspended in space-time” He explained his Near-Death Experience in Psychic News “I had light round me, a wonderful feeling of release, a feeling of love” Later he had a premonition that his son would die in a plane crash at the age of 21. “I Knew my son would die, and Andy, the boy with him, if they flew together”



When I was in hospital I prayed to God to let me die that night. The pain was too much for me.

Late in the night, when I was at my lowest ebb, I had the most incredible experience of my life. I was looking down at myself from a corner of my room. I was near the ceiling and saw the doctor come in and give ‘me’ an injection. ( I have heard some people say that they see a bright light but all I saw was the dim light of the corridor) I thought that God had answered my prayer and that I was dying . The thing that most amazed me was that I wasn’t the slightest bit scared of dying; in fact I felt blissfully peaceful. – Roberta P

Death is not to be feared. It is like passing through a door from one room into another.


My husband had a ‘near death experience’ when he was in intensive care. When a person has an Near-Death Experience NDE it is a very personal thing and they rarely talk openly about it. If you listen very carefully to their account it never alters and they are very clear in their mind of exactly what happened.

We had both never heard of Near-Death Experience before and have been helped a great deal by reading your page. Since my husband’s experience he has become very perceptive and his senses are keener.

We live in a small terraced house and he says sometimes “I can hear the voices of families that have lived here before. This is such a happy place” He is now also very confident that whatever he is hearing will not do him harm.  – Mrs Pat O

Thank you , and to all our readers , who have had the courage to share your very personal Near-Death Experiences. Keep writing so others can be helped by your near-death experiences. I am particularly pleased to hear from readers who foresaw the death of Diana or know of mediums who have communicated with her.



Soon after my serious operation I felt as if my feet and the hospital bed were sinking into the ground. I felt a bump and seemed to leave my body from the navel. I floated upward like a feather. It was wonderful, I felt so warm and comfortable.

I could hear music a long way off. Then, ahead of me, I saw a wide marble staircase with men, women and children descending. The music I had heard was their singing.

I was about to put my foot on the bottom step when I heard my husband’s deep voice calling me. I saw him stood in the hospital talking to the nurse.

I was heartbroken to come back. Although I am 87 years old, I now have absolutely no fear of death. – Doris R

Some people who report out-of-body travel say they leave the body through the top of the head whereas others say they go through the navel as you did. And there are those who just suddenly realise that they’re stood outside of themselves. The often reported heavenly visions also vary from culture to culture. But the many consistent descriptions of out-of-body travel told by patients are convincing many doctors that what happens is real.


There were complications when my daughter gave birth and the doctors said afterwards they had lost her. During those few moments when her heart stopped my daughter saw something that changed her life. She saw three black figures approach her and then a fourth in pure white. Before this she practised no faith but now attends church every Sunday. – Mrs E K Belfast

The black and white figures may have symbolized the good and evil deeds of her life. There were more black figures than white and in this she recognized the need to reform herself. I’m glad she found a faith; but I hope it is founded on love not fear.

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  • Vicki Nixon Jan 9, 2017, 3:25 pm

    Was attacked 42 years ago and strangled nearly to death. I was 17 years old and only had my daughter 7 months prior. I remember blacking out and then seeing a beautiful yellow tunnel of light and being drawn up into it, then hearing the words “it’s not your time you need to go back and look after your baby.”

  • Craig Hamilton-Parker Jan 2, 2013, 9:21 pm

    Some more interesting cases of NDE can be found at the Near Death Research Foundation.

  • Robert Park Aug 2, 2012, 10:52 pm

    For reasons which I fail to understand I have had a few NDEs, probably four. The most interesting of those was the first I encountered when around the age of three. Briefly, I was an unhappy child as I was regularly physically (not sexually) abused by my father and I desperately wanted to die. It should be added that I was also psychic at this stage to life.

    One evening while in bed I tried hard to die. I found myself travellng in a dark tunnel; being sucked along. I came to crossroads in the tunnel and had to decide which one to take. Before I could decide I was taken along the one to my right. How did I know I was in a tunnel and how did I know of the crossroads when it was dark; sorry, I do not know the answer. Eventually, I detected a spot of light ahead of me and as I approached, it became larger. All those whom I recognised who had passed over came out of the sides of the tunnel and welcomed me. (How could a 3 year old know of those who passed over; again, I do not know the answer).

    Finally, I arrived at the white light which embraced me. I recall that it was soft, warm, and calming, and seemed to have the personality of a person yet I could not see one.

    My next recollection was awakening in a bed in a traditional Victorian type hospital ward. This was 1934 and I had never previously been to a hospital so how could I have recognised it. Two nurses were in attendance at my bed and one was sympathetic to my cause and about to prepare me for the transition but the other nurse was doubtful and expressed her concern (I had never seen nurses at this stage to my life). The first nurse was insistent and just as they were about to start preparing me another slightly older nurse arrived who insisted that I be allowed to return and I recall part of what she said which was, “He has a long way to go”. I am now 81 years of age and in remarkably good health and I have been psychic throughout my life.

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