Nostradamus World War Predictions

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Nostradamus On World War

Many world leaders are also deeply interested in the paranormal and ESP. And their beliefs may have influenced their military decisions. President Jimmi Carter believes he saw a UFO and Ronald and Nancy Regan’s interest in astrology has been well reported. Biographer Kitty Kelley claims that when Mr. Regan became California’s governor in the late 1960’s he took his oath of office in the middle of the night “acting on advice from an astrologer who said that this was the most propitious time.”

How Nostradamus Made His Predictions

The author also claims that the Regans “were devoted clients of Carroll Righter, a Los Angeles astrologer, and secret devotees of Jean Dixon, a ‘seer’.” It is claimed by many sources that President Regan always consulted the stars before making his decisions- a tradition that Hillary Clinton is maintaining.

Mikhail Gorbachev’s Mystic Beliefs

President Mikhail Gorbachev’s paranormal interests are less well documented. However, it was alleged that, before he fell from power, he smuggled a blind clairvoyant called Vanga into the Kremlin so she could ‘read’ sugar cubes for him. The troubled Soviet leader was said to have “quizzed her for two hours on his future” before flying her home to Bulgaria in a government aircraft.

When questioned about the incident a Kremlin spokesman said, “It’s no secret that Gorbachev has been under immense strain recently and this prompted his actions.”

Considering the events that soon followed, I expect that Vanga’s predictions were far from sweet.

In Britain, it was Queen Elizabeth I who first made major political decisions based on the evidence of ‘seers’. Her clairvoyant advisor, John Dee was a secret code number: 007- the same secret agents’ number adopted by Ian Fleming for his fictional spy, James Bond. Dee prophesied the attempted invasion of England by the Spanish Armada in 1588 and the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots in 1587.

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Hitler and the Nostradamus World War Predictions

Paranormal beliefs had an enormous influence on strategic decisions and world events during World War II. Hitler, Himmler, Goering, Rosenberg and Goebbels’ interest in the occult is well documented. Hitler was born in Braunauam-Inn, Austria – a place known for its seers and magic traditions. As a young man, he was taught to develop his psychic abilities with Professor Haushofer and later in Vienna attended numerous lectures about numerology, graphology, water divination, astrology, psychokinesis, and physiognomy. One of his early associates said that Hitler believed that he could detect Jews by dowsing over them with a pendulum and the Nazis applied phrenology to determine who had Slav, Jewish, Bolshevik or Aryan sculls.

A distorted version of the prophecies of Nostradamus, who predicted the rise of an anti-Christ called Hister, was used by the Nazis for propaganda purposes and Hitler consulted his own personal astrologer Karl Ernst Krafft when making major military decisions. Realizing that how Hitler’s war strategy was being influenced by metaphysical considerations Churchill, in turn, employed his own astrologers to ascertain what decisions Hitler was likely to make based upon the movements of the planets.

Sir Winston Churchill, the man of destiny, possessed a natural psychic gift himself that saved his life many times. In his autobiography, he says that in his youth he had held a planchette “and written while others had touched my wrist or hand.” He also tells of how in the Boer War, as a reporter for the Morning Post his train was ambushed and he was confined to a prison camp.

He escaped into territory unknown to him but says that his intuition guided him to recklessly knock on the door of a house and reveal that he was British.

“Thank God you have come here” cried the stranger, “It is the only house where you would not have been handed over. But we are all British here.”

Life Saved

His life was saved again when fighting in World War I on the Western Front. While he was with the General, his dugout was blown up. He said later “And then there came the sensation that a hand had been stretched out to move me in the nick of time from a fatal spot.”

During the blitz, clairvoyance saved his life again. Churchill always sat in the same seat in his car but one night suddenly decided to change his routine. A bomb landed nearby and he would have been killed if he hadn’t made this impulsive seating decision.

When his wife asked him why he’d made the change he said “Something said to me ‘Stop!’ before I reached the car door held open for me. It then appeared to me I was told I was meant to open the other side and get in and sit there- and that’s what I did.”

In 1940 he again sensed danger and in his mind’s eye ‘saw’ the huge windows at Horse Guards Parade, which backs onto 10 Downing Street, being smashed. He ushered everyone to safety three minutes before splintering glass sprayed the building.

Churchill’s Mystic Beliefs

Churchill believed in destiny and that some invisible power guided his life “I have the feeling that we have a Guardian because we serve a great cause and that we shall have that Guardian so long as we serve that cause faithfully.”

Across the ocean, Franklin D Roosevelt was being guided by spirits. There is strong evidence to suggest that he attended seances. A 1944 edition of Chimes Magazine said that he and some of his cabinet “secured very good mediums, held many seances and listened carefully to suggestions made by former presidents, generals, admirals and diplomats now residing in the spirit world.”

In Canada, William Lyon Mackenzie King, who held office from 1935 till 1948,  was also consulting the dead. He made no secret about this to his intimate friends, some of whom joined his seances in his library at home. King used both the crystal ball and an ouija board and his diaries reveal that he experienced visions and prophetic dreams.

On his death bed heads of state gathered to meet him including King George VI, Churchill, Pandit Nehru, and two strange unknown women. The two women sat with him for 50 minutes as he made his preparations to die. They were Geraldine Cummins and Miss Gibbes- an Irish medium and her companion.

In Russia, Stalin was also taking an interest in the paranormal. When he heard of the astonishing psychic abilities of the Polish Jew Wolf Messing he decided to meet him. The perplexed Messing was arrested and questioned by Stalin himself about the destiny of Russia.


Stalin’s Mystic Beliefs

Stalin decided to put Messing to the test. He was to undertake a ‘psychic bank robbery’ and take 100,000 roubles from the Moscow Gosbank, where he was unknown.

Wolf Messing could use his telepathic powers to hypnotize. He walked into the bank and handed the cashier a blank sheet of paper and was immediately given the money he wanted. Two of Stalin’s official witnesses confirmed to their leader what had happened. When the cashier realized that he was holding a blank sheet of paper he fainted with shock.

As if this wasn’t enough, Stalin demanded that Messing undertake another impossible task. He took Messing to a secure Government building and personally ordered the three guards insisting that Messing, under no circumstances, should leave the building. Messing succeeded again and cheekily waved good-bye to a high government official looking out of one of the windows.

But Stalin still wasn’t satisfied. Messing must risk his life again. He was ordered to illegally enter Stalin’s heavily guarded country house. Messing used mental suggestion to convince the guards and servants that he was really Lavrenti Beria- the head of the secret police even though he bore no physical resemblance to him. Once again he triumphed.

Stalin was so impressed that as a reward he granted Messing permission to tour freely throughout the Soviet Union- But, he could probably have used his psychic powers to do that anyway!

And finally, even the devout Roman Catholic Charles de Gaulle joined in WW 2’s paranormal pursuits. When France fell to the Nazis he fled to England to lead the Free French fighting forces. Here he consulted the British medium Bertha Harris who he met at a country house party. The other guests included Winston Churchill and King George of Greece- a firm believer in Spiritualism.

Bertha predicted that de Gaulle would liberate France and that he would become its leader. The prophecy was fulfilled. Charles de Gaulle led the French troops into Paris in June 1944 and later became his country’s President.

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