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Ouija Board Predicts Death

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This is a true story about one of our readings in which the Ouija board predicts a death. It is also covered on my book Psychic Encounters (Details at the bottom of the page)

Lee was only 17 when he told his parents he was going to die. But for mum Lis and dad Ken, the nightmare wasn’t over until they asked psychics Jane and Craig to put Lee to rest…

Lis William’ stepson Lee was 17 when he and four friends decided to experiment with an Ouija board. But what started out as a way of relieving boredom took on a sinister turn when the board spelled out that all five boys would die.

Just over a week later, Lee was dead- and since then, two others have died in tragic circumstances.

“When Lee told his dad Ken and me he was going to die, we thought he was joking,” recalls Lis 47. “We had no idea his four friends has been messing with an Ouija board.”

A week later, Lee was attacked and, during the assault his head was banged against the pavement several times. Although badly shaken, he seemed okay… until the next night when, while baby-sitting his brother’s children, he collapsed.

“Lee was rushed to hospital and put on a life-support machine,” says Lis. “We were told he was suffering a delayed reaction to the bangs to his head, and he’d be severely brain-damaged id he came out of his coma. But on the tenth day, pneumonia set in and he just slipped away.

Ouija Board Predicts DeathOuija Board Predicts Death of Lee

“A few months later, one of the other boys caught pneumonia while camping and died. It was a shock as he’d been so healthy.

“That’s when one of Lee’s other friends came to see us. He was in a total panic and told us about the Ouija board. It all seemed so ridiculous to us, “says Lis. “But this year, another of the group took his own life, leaving only two out of the five…

“Also, a few weeks after Lee died, strange things had begun to happen to us.

“One time, Ken and I were watching Television when we heard footsteps upstairs. We thought we were being burgled- but when we checked, the room was empty. It really scared us.

“And that was just the beginning. Another night, I put the kettle on and then left the kitchen. When I came back, it was unplugged and on the other side of the sink from where it normally is- and it was cold, despite having been boiled once already. Then a picture that had been hanging in the hall for years fell off the wall for no apparent reason.

“We also started to lose things and, despite turning the house upside-down, we never did find them

“Even when we moved house this year strange things happened. Ken was making an aviary and a pot full of screws and nails completely disappeared. “We began to wonder if it was Lee’s way of trying to keep in touch and decided to look for help,” explains Lis. “We found psychics Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker.

“Jane did a psychic reading for Ken and attempted to tap in to Lee. She said things that only Lee and Ken could possibly know- that Lee’s motorbike had been traded in for a CD player and that when he died his hair it was a funny colour- he’s dyed it just before he collapsed.

“Jane and Craig have told us the strange occurrences are Lee’s way of saying he’s okay. Until we met Jane and Craig we’d known nothing but sorrow- now I hope we’ve reached the turning point.

“The strange occurrences have finally stopped and, for the first time since Lee’s death, I feel we’re moving forward again…”

More about this story and more Ouija Board Prediction in my book The Psychic Casebook by Craig Hamilton-Parker ISBN 0-7137-2755-1 You can buy the book here.

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