Paranormal Experiences and Telepathy

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Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Cases of paranormal experiences involving murders, shared pregnancy pangs and other weird telepathic communications. If you have has a strange paranormal experience please add them to the comments sections of this site.


Joan paranormal experience happened when she was having breakfast in a restaurant at the quiet village of Hole Moor in North Devon when a very odd looking man came through the door. “His behaviour, posture and facial expression all indicated that he was ‘not quite right’. Then he lurched towards me and grabbed my keys. He dashed out of the restaurant and made off towards town.”

Fortunately, Joan was immediately able to ring the police and by lunch time the keys were back in her possession. The police cautioned the man and ordered him to stay away from the village. Joan, a little shaken, returned home to her cottage. “Despite the police’s reassurances I still felt ill at ease” says Joan “I kept seeing images in my mind’s eye of the man stalking me. It was as if I could sense his thoughts reaching out to me like the feeling someone was staring at me. Suddenly I was gripped with fear. My cats began to make a pitiful whining sound. ‘My God! He’s coming to get me’ I said out loud.

“I was feeling very nervous and to take my mind off my worries I decided to make some changes in the kitchen. To start with I decided to swap the kitchen knives, which included a dagger like instrument, from the draw and replace them with tea towels.

“No sooner had I finished when I heard a key turn in the lock and the next moment I was confronted by the madman. He strode into the kitchen and stood beside the draw that I had just emptied. ‘The Lord has ordered me to kill you so that this cottage will become mine’ he bellowed ‘I will make it as quick and clean as I can.’

“As he spoke, his eyes fixed on me, he opened the draw…….. and felt the tea towels.

“The next moment he shrieked a string of blasphemy and sacrilege, swore he would never work for the Lord again, and raced from the cottage

“I believe the if I and my cats hadn’t telepathically pre-empted the madman’s intentions, I’d be dead by now”

The police investigation that followed revealed that the man had got another set of keys cut during the short time they were in his possession. Unfortunately, he was never caught. Joan has sold her house and relocated to a new town.

My verdict on this paranormal experience: The way Joan describes her feelings is suggestive that telepathy is a work. She had a nagging feeling of fear and sensed that she’s being watched. For many people their only experience of telepathy is during a crisis situation or when their lives are in danger. Even the cats knew something was wrong.  This case demonstrates how Telepathy is an interracial part of our ancient survival skills.



“My labour pains started at 1 a.m. but I told my husband not to call my parents as they were probably experiencing a bad night.” recalls Joan Lodge (67) from Melbury Osmond near Dorchester “My father was terminally ill and we were expecting him to pass over at any time. ‘We’ll let him know when it’s all over’ I remember saying.”

Joan gave birth to her daughter at two minutes past three in the morning

“The next day my husband went to tell Mum and Dad- and was greeted by my Mum. ‘I know’ she said before my husband could speak ‘we’ve got a granddaughter.’

“Apparently my father had been sleeping peacefully for once when he suddenly sat up in bed and shook my mother awake. ‘Baby Deborah’s coming!, She’s coming! She’s HERE! exclaimed dad.

“Mum looked at the clock. 2 minutes past 3 a.m.”

“Its a funny way to choose a name” says Deborah, now 43 “Grandad held me in his arms just before he died. Mum keeps pointing out how similar I am to him apparently I have the same mannerisms and even his turns of phrase. He obviously loved me a great deal and sometimes I feel that in his spirit is somehow guiding me.

MY VERDICT ON THIS PARANORMAL EXPERIENCE: Distance seems to make no difference for telepathy to work. There was a telepathic empathy between Deborah and her grandad from the moment she was born and may still be happening between this world and the next.




“The excruciating pain started on my way to the shops in Badminton” says Bridget Stafford from Acton Turville in Gloucester. “I found a seat and sat down. The pain seemed to come and go in waves and in this sorry state and sometimes writhing in agony I managed to somehow struggle home

“Of course I was worried that there was something seriously wrong with me. As I came through the front door of my home it seemed to be getting worse and worse. I slumped exhausted into an arm chair and was about to reached for the phone to call the doctor when I was overwhelmed with a great spasm of pain.

“It was so bad that I called out.

Unbeknown to Bridget her daughter Nicola was at that same moment was in hospital and having a very difficult birth.  “The baby kept crowning and going back” says Nicola (39) “The only option left was a forceps delivery. I had lots of Pethidine but the pain was more than I could take. Suddenly I found myself on the ceiling and looking down at everything that was going on. Then the baby came and the next thing I knew was back in bed holding her in my arms”

At the same time Bridget felt the pain lift from her too.  “All of a sudden I felt completely at peace. All the pain had gone as quickly and as unexpectedly as it had started. I felt fine and desperately wanted a cup of tea. At that moment the phone rang. It was my daughter ringing from the hospital ‘Congratulations Nan,’ said Nicola in an excited voice, ‘You’re the first to know. I’ve was rushed in and  have just had baby Kristina a just few minutes ago’

“I’m sure that I shared my daughter’s labour pains that day and may have experienced even more pain than she did! I now have 9 grandchildren but I’m very close to Kristina. It’s always me she calls for if she’s ill and I always seem to know if she’s troubled”

Nicola often wonders if her mother had somehow shared in Kristin’s difficult birth. “We sometimes laugh about it now” says Nicola “When I was out of my body it was like I said ‘The pain’s too much. Here Mum – you have it!'”

MY VERDICT ON THIS PARANORMAL EXPERIENCE: Scientific experiments may prove that there is a mysterious link between mother and baby. This same telepathic empathy exists between people who care for each other. Nicola’s thoughts reached out and linked with her mum.

Famous psychics Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker


I have suggested at the beginning of this chapter that telepathy and ESP are and ancient survival skill that everybody may have possessed in the times before language. It’s not surprising therefore to discover that animals and our pets are also psychic.

Barbara Woodhouse, the famous TV animal trainer, was convinced that mind to mind communication (telepathy) takes place between humans and pets. “I have always been able to understand and read their thoughts” she said “They come on my brain just as if they were speaking my language. It is what we send out to them that matters. It goes out in waves. I feel the waves coming back.”

She didn’t realise that her telepathic gifts were unusual “I thought everyone could do it” she said at a literary luncheon “I was quite surprised when I found people did not hear what their dogs were thinking.”

Many pet owners believe exactly the same. “I have a Siamese cat called ‘Biscuits’ and I’m sure that he’s psychic.” says Jenny Ashwell a vet’s secretary from Dibden near Southampton,  “He miraculously appears at the doorstep the moment I arrive home from work. Even when I arrive early or late he still seems to know when I’ll arrive. My son Airrion, who lives with me, has noticed that Biscuits will jump up on the windowsill and look for me if I telephone to say I’m on my way home.”

I’ve noticed similar behaviour in our family Jack Russell dog William and our rabbits Charley and Benjamin seem to obey our mental commands if we will them out from the back garden and in through the back door.

William escaped from the garden one day when my wife Jane was out visiting a friend’s new house three miles away. “I was amazed when William turned up at my friend’s” says Jane “I’d travelled by car, so there is no way I could have left a scent, and William had never been taken to that address before.”

One of the most strange stories of pets finding their masters happened to Private James Brown of the 1st North Staffordshire Regiment when he was sent to join the Great War in France in August 1914. On the 27th September, his wife wrote to him to break the bad news that Prince, his Irish terrier, was missing. But Prince had already joined his master in the trenches. The dog had somehow travelled over 200 miles through the South of England, crossed the English Channel and then walked another 60 miles of battlefield to his master’s front line position at Armentieres.

Scientific research is slowly beginning to substantiate the many anecdotal claims of pet owners who say that their animals are psychic. Psychologist Michael Fox of Washington University studied extraordinary cases of psychic cats. For example he records, a New York vet who left his pet behind when he was relocated to a new job 2,500 miles away in California. Six months later an identical cat walked into his new home. When he examined it he found a deformation on the fourth vertebra of the tail- an injury he had himself treated when the cat was bitten as a kitten.

Animals who find their owners in this way may be displaying a form of clairvoyance that parapsychologists have called ‘remote viewing’. This is the ability to ‘see’ distant locations without the use of the five senses. During the Cold War the CIA funded psychics to use this technique to spy on Soviet military bases.

In Russia the Soviets had their own X-Files and much of their paranormal research was done with animals. According to Dr Pavel Naumov a series of shockingly cruel tests were undertaken with rabbits to see if telepathy (mind-to-mind communication) took place between a mother rabbit and her new born litter. A submarine was commandeered, the baby rabbits taken on board, and the mother rabbit wired up on shore with electrodes to monitor her brain patterns. The baby rabbits were then killed at pre arranged times and the mother rabbits brain waves tested. “At the instant of death, her brain reacted” says Dr Naumov “There was communication and our instruments clearly registered these moments of ESP.”

French scientific experiments showed that rats randomly selected to die would react beforehand demonstrating that animals also have the ability to foresee the future.

Today’s scientists, such as Rupert Sheldrake, say that living things have morphogenic fields- invisible vibrations that surround and give shape to life forms, and affect their behaviour. This interconnection of life energy and thought extends across the barriers between species and may even increase the intelligence of animals as a result of contact with their human companions.

Pets have often been known to mimic human behaviour and can sometimes display remarkably intelligent actions. For example they frequently learn to cope with door fasteners of new refrigerators so that they can help themselves to food, within minutes of the refrigerators installation. Parapsychologists have argued that they receive this information from the thoughts of their owners.

And just we influence our pets so they in turn influence us. Tests with patients suffering from high blood pressure reveal that both systolic and diastolic blood pressure will reduce when a pet is present. Research in America shows that pet owning cardiac patients live longer than other patients with similar heart conditions.

The father of parapsychology, J B Rhine, dedicated his life to the study of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) and psychic phenomena. He wrote “The number of reported cases on animal ESP is large enough to suggest that animals can somehow be affected by circumstances they could not be aware of by any sensory sign and which one would suppose they could hardly understand in human terms”

In other words: animals are psychic!

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