Should Mediums give Past Life Readings?

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The Big Debate about Past Life Readings

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Many Spiritualists claim that we do not reincarnate and within Spiritualism it is not permitted to give past life readings. Other Spiritualists are firm believers in past lives and like to give past life readings as part of their consultation. Within the movement there continues to be hot debate as to whether past life readings should be part of a mediums remit or not.

Within our online community too there has been hot debate about the free past life readings currently being given in our free chat rooms. What do you think? Please add your comment to the bottom of this article and tell us about the free past life readings you may have had in our chat rooms or readings you have received with the telephone psychics on this site.

So what are Past Life Readings?

Many of the professional psychics who work with us are firm believers in reincarnation and give past life readings by telephone and private consultations. Past life regression and past life readings are claimed to uncover information about who you were in Past Lives. For example people who have been hypnotised and then asked to recall information from the time before they were born have sometimes give extraordinary and verifiable information that would suggest that they have lived before.

Using hypnotic techniques for past life recall and life regression, Dr. Stevenson and others have shown that some people are able to give verifiable information about past lives and quote historical facts which they have no way of knowing. Information about past lives has also been obtained from children who could not possibly know the detailed facts they relate. Similarly, intuitive psychics who give past lives readings are said to unlock this same information about reincarnation that is uncovered during past life regression by using their psychic skills to answer the question “Who was I in my Previous Life?”

Past Life Readings
Past Life readings allegedly describe who you were in a past life

The case for and against past life readings

Some Spiritualist mediums do not accept past lives and reincarnation as proven fact and say we come to earth only the once. Reincarnation, they say, is not scientifically proven or necessary, while other psychics and mediums believe there are plenty of solid facts to support the theory of reincarnation and claim that many earthly lives are necessary to progress our spiritual evolution. The famous medium Emma Hardinge Britten pointed out in an article in 1875 that Spiritualism was based on the verifiable facts of communication through mediumship. It was threatened if it admitted theoretical speculations not supported by evidence.

Other mediums argued against Britten’s assertions about reincarnation and a number of famous British trance mediums gave spirit messages asserting that reincarnation is a fact. Some of the spirit guides who spoke about this included Silver Birch, Red Cloud and White Eagle.

The Spiritualists National Union (SNU) rules do not permit mediums to talk about past lives as fact or teach reincarnation philosophy in SNU churches. In the UK this can sometimes cause heated debate whereas American Spiritualism is open to reincarnation ideas. Spiritists (the mediumistic religion founded by Allan Kardec) do believe in reincarnation and the case for past lives is argued in their literature. Similarly, the famous American psychic Edgar Cayce gave detailed readings about past lives and reincarnation.

The truth is that what may constitute proof of past lives for one person may have no credence to another.

What do you think? Should psychics and mediums give past life readings and if so what should be included. I’d also love to know about your past life readings and whether you had verifiable proof of a past incarnation.

Join the past life reading debate

Please ‘leave a reply’ and post your comments below this article. Is reincarnation simply a BELIEF or is it a proven FACT. If so, should mediums give past life readings as part of their messages from spirit?

NOTE: We do still sometimes offer free past life readings in our Psychic School chat rooms but these are generally included as part of a structured discussion or debate. There is divided opinion on the site. You are welcome to add your comments about the past life readings in the chat room below and whether they should be part of our remit and free teachings.

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PAST LIFE DEFINITION: Reincarnation, literally “to be made flesh again”, as a philosophy, holds the notion that some essential part of a living being is reborn into a new body. This part is often referred to as the Spirit or Soul, the ‘Higher or True Self’, ‘Divine Spark’, ‘I’ or the ‘Ego’. Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recall past life memories and previous incarnations. Some of the first references to past life recall come from ancient India where there is mention in the Upanishads and in the Yoga Sutras of Patañjali. Modern Spiritualism in the UK is divided as to this belief though past lives and reincarnation feature in the comparable beliefs of  Madame Blavatsky who co-founded of the Theosophical Society and the French Spiritist philosopher educator Allan Kardec.

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