Physical Mediumship Séance Hoax

Hoax Physical Mediumship Séance

I posted this article about my experience of an alleged physical medium a while ago. Since writing this article I have now also made the video below and written about the seance in my book Mystic Journey to India.

Physical Mediumship Video


There are many mediums like myself who would give their right arm to experience what you did that evening. Unfortunate what I have seen so far has been either self-deception or blatant fraud. One alleged ‘physical mediums’ we saw should be committed to an asylum.

Physical Mediumship CampaignHe was sincere but channels the most ridiculous nonsense while we all sat in a black séance room. It would have been hilarious if it wasn’t for the fact that there were bereaved people present.

Similarly, I have seen physical mediums who are complete frauds. They do some interesting stuff while being tied securely to a chair but I’m sure a good escapologist could easily reproduce the antics I’ve seen.

Today we have night cameras that are capable of filming in total darkness. I’m ready to accept that there is such a thing as physical mediumship. I’ve seen supposed top physical mediums but all I have seen is fraud.

Physical Mediumship Captured on Camera?

They say they cannot film when anyone wears metal and cameras would interfere with these sensitive conditions yet one of the mediums I watched sat under an air conditioning unit. So why the big deal over a little camera?

Jane and I are horrified by what’s out there at the moment.

I write about these shocking ‘Physical Mediumship’ experiences in my book called ‘Mystic Journey to India’. The book is about my mind-numbing experiences in India. On my return, I visit a physical mediumship circle with my wife Jane. We were shocked to see so much trickery and deceit.

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  • warren Jan 5, 2015, 12:00 pm

    I have attended 3 séances of a physical nature. One was by a medium who is well publicised, for me though I just didn’t feel all that “satisfied” as I felt that the important thing “evidence of survival” was quite absent, but that’s only my view.

    I attended 2/3 séances with the now retired Stewart Alexander in Hull and all I can say is WOW deeply moving and unforgeable experiences. On the first visit I inspected the room, all of the tools, trumpet, chair, curtains, window ledges etc. I missed nothing and no one cared that I did this, circle leader let me get on with it and vacated for a cup of tea.

    The genuine and sincere experience of all present was just lovely… I saw the trumpets flying around the room, I heard someone speak through it, meanwhile, the medium on view and included luminous tabs upon his knees was chatting about what he felt happening whilst they flew around the room. I took the opportunity to chat with him, not that I doubted but I knew he / no one objected to my curiosity being fed.

    I spoke with one of the main spirit controls, my friend spoke with his dead father who gave incredible evidence which even I was able (just) to double verify. We witnessed the physical materialisation of the communicators hand upon the illuminated table, it’s form gradually constructing before our eyes.

    I now sit in a hone development, we are sitting to develop what ever we are lead to develop in the séance room. We have trance control, the depth of which varies but has not yet reached a deep state. We have identified our controllers/team to a number of 5 personalities and just last week our table tipping experiment met with immediate success. How lovely!

    The experimental experiences continue!

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