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Pisces Love HoroscopePisces in Brief:  You are versatile, sensitive and kind to others. You love to dream but may sometimes find it hard to be practical. You are emotionally subjective with an instinctive feeling for others. Sometimes you can be sentimental and self-pitying.

Pisces Personality

Ruling Planet, Jupiter or perhaps Neptune

Number (of Jupiter) 3, (of Neptune) 7; Day, Thursday; Color, Purple; Jewel, the Amethyst; Special Talisman, the Swastika, which is the Hammer of Thor.

Two Fishes

The Sun enters this Sign about February 19th and leaves it exactly on March 20th. Though the other dates, given in connection with the Sun’s progress through the Signs, are approximate, as has been explained, the beginning of the astrological year (Aries, March 21st) is exactly with the modern calendars. The symbol of the Sign is two fish, swimming in different ways. The dual character of Pisces people is far more marked than is that of Gemini.

It must be noted that Gemini is represented either by two pillars joined at the top or by two children embracing each other-that is two who are closely allied. But with Pisces, the two fish go in opposite directions, and again in this, we find the indication of the character.


Often these people are accused of being weak or undecided because they are forced by one side of their natures to take a course which the other side knows to be wrong. For instance, when they are asked to help some person who is undeserving, they will give aid out of pity, knowing all the time they are being imposed upon.

They are truthful, yet not above telling a lie; indeed, often their vivid imaginations lead them to “embroider” truth to a remarkable degree, yet they do not lie to shield themselves from trouble or to hide a fault.


Remarkably adaptable, they can settle down and make themselves popular in almost any society, and always they are intensely sympathetic and emotional. Their ability to acquire knowledge is remarkable, and their memories are extraordinary.

While interested in everything that is going on around them, they have the uncanny gift of knowing what is in the thoughts of others without being told.

Naturally proud and independent, it is their great fear they may become a burden to others either through ill health or money troubles and though one side of their natures urges them to extravagance and lavish generosity, the other side forces them to save-not always in the wisest possible way. Often they become “penny wise and pound foolish.”

They Live on Their Emotions

It is the Sign of the sailor, the wanderer, the adventurer; they love the sea with a deep, enduring passion and should seek it whenever possible, especially when ill-health threatens. They live on their emotions and having vivid imaginations, often win success as romantic novelists, always doing their best work when receiving sympathy and encouragement from others.

Again here is complexity. Though they will fight with dogged courage and work with perseverance, they suffer from an inferiority complex, and while they struggle on at whatever they are doing, they easily persuade themselves that they have no ability.

The Pisces Type

Sloping shoulders, often inclined to stoop. Very full eyes, short limbs, plentiful hair, clear complexions. They must beware of gout, dropsy, tumors, and infectious diseases.

Pisces Love Horoscope

Compatibility: You harmonize best with: Cancer and Scorpio. There are mutual help and support with: Capricorn and Taurus. You either repel or attract: Virgo. You may ignore, avoid or adapt to Sagittarius and Gemini.

Pisces are imaginative people and love to include fantasy in their romantic world. They can often have a spiritual disposition and appreciate the celestial aspect of love and romance. They believe in soul mates..

As one of the zodiac’s most sensitive signs they can become very emotional in their relationships and can be passionate lovers. They will stay calm should there be a fallout or domestic argument. They love to be pampered.

The Pisces man is comfortable with his sensitive feminine side and will often be the strong but sensitive type of person that many women admire. He is often an artist or has a creative side.

The Pisces woman is loving, tender, submissive and anxious to please.

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