My Poltergeist Experience

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Can You Explain My Poltergeist Experience?

Poltergeist Experiences

QUESTION: I recently has a strange poltergeist experience. My family have recently moved into a house which is only 20 years old but is built on the grounds of an old Manor House where we had the unusual poltergeist experience. Ever since moving here the family have heard strange noises in the night. It sounds as if furniture is being moved around although when we come downstairs nothing is out-of-place. Even visitors have heard things such as bottles clanging together and a friend’s young daughter claimed someone tapped her on the shoulder when she was alone in the living room. Recently, when friends were over a bottle fell out of the larder for no clear reason. Do we have a poltergeist and if so what can we do about it. I must add that similar things happened in our previous home but we thought we’d left them behind when we moved.

Craig’s Answer:

The word Poltergeist comes from the German language and literally means ‘rattling Ghost’. Yours certainly likes to make a lot of noise! Despite the ghost association most parapsychologists believe that the poltergeist experience is the result of a projection of  human energy. Some people have a special skill of psychokinesis (PK) which enables then to influence matter with their mind. (Uri Geller’s spoon bending is a good example)

Poltergeist activity is usually associated with one person from the household where it occurs. Poltergeist activity may happen when the said person is angry or anxious. Research shows that is often generated by adolescent girls. (The ‘young daughter’ maybe?). They release huge amounts of psychic energy that is causing the noises and the movements.

A simple solution may be for all of you to play at having a good shouting match. Find ways of releasing the tension and restoring a cheerful atmosphere. Shout, sing, laugh jump up and down. This will help the energy to be released in conventional ways. You do not need to move home though your neighbors may!

Hunting Ghosts and The Poltergeist

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