Positive Thinking Tips to Improve Your Luck

Positive Thinking to Improve Your Luck

Everyone wants to know about what will happen to them- as if the future’s all mapped out and there’s nothing we can do about it. But there’s some good news: we CAN change the future. We have free will. You’re not stuck with an inevitable destiny. You can make the things you want happen.

It never rains but it pours. Sometimes it seems that the cards are stacked against us and our luck will never change. If bad luck hits us twice we often expect a third problem as superstition tells us that bad luck runs in threes. For some its worse than that: The odds of being struck by lightning are about 3 million to one yet unlucky Roy Sullivan , a US park ranger, was hit seven times. Friends knew him as the human lightning conductor. Perhaps the best run of good luck happened at Monte Carlo. Red came up on the roulette table 28 times in a row. The odds for this happening are a staggering 270 million to one!!

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Positive Thinking can change bad luckSimple laboratory experiments reveal that some people can influence the fall of dice or the numbers appearing on an electronic random number generator. Psychics also believe that thought can travel outside of ourselves and influence not only other people but even the events that come into our lives. Positive thinking brings positive things to us. By thinking positively we attract good luck and our renewed strength of mind gives us the power to take advantage of good fortune when it arrives.

Here is one of the best positive thinking tips I have: If you want to be an artist, surround yourself with artists, a musician- then mix with musicians. If you want success- then seek out other positive thinkers. Negative thinking, people whose lives are filled with worry, fear and pessimism, are their own worst enemies- and they can hold you back too. They’ll try to drag you down into their gloomy pit and discredit your success. Surround yourself with doubting Thomas’s and soon you’ll be influenced by their negative thinking. If you want to make a real start at changing your luck you have to begin to believe in yourself. Let no one stand in your way and avoid the vibrations of negative thinkers as much as you can. Collective thought can be very powerful: it can promote healing, deep spiritual meditation or psychic phenomena so try to keep company with optimists- people that want you to get on in life and find happiness.

You can make a start at changing your luck, right now, by following a few of our simple techniques.


Make a resolve right now to dump the junk. Ban forever negative phrases such as: “I’ll be happy when….” or “If only….” or “I can’t…..” or It’s not like me…”. Instead of focusing on your problems, focus on solutions to problems. Worry wastes energy and holds you back. Also, don’t see failure as an obstacle. Adversity is your guru, your teacher. See failure as an opportunity to grow and learn.

Another simple technique is to project an attitude of total self-confidence- no matter what happens. OK you may be screaming with worry inside but act out your life as if there is nothing bothering you and you can deal with anything that life throws at you. It’ll influence the people around you to be positive and you’ll trick yourself into actually being that positive unruffled person you would like to be.

Changing the inner software for better luck

If we want to change our luck we must firstly change ourselves. The mind is a powerful tool that, like a computer, can be programmed to transform our lives.

To do this we must work on ourselves on three levels:


Rattling around in our subconscious minds are forgotten memories of all our past failures: Memories that go right back to early childhood when your parents told you “You can’t do that” or “Be good and behave”. This deep set conditioning goes on influencing us right into adult life.

But we can change all that: The subconscious responds to repetition until new behaviour patterns are established. In the East ,for centuries , they have recognised the power of repetitive phrases that they call mantras. Now many people in the west, and in particular in the USA with the ‘New Age’ movement, use repetition to influence our behaviour in the form of what are known as “Affirmations”.

You can buy books of ‘spiritually charged’ affirmations but there’s no reason you can’t make up your own. Make up an affirmation for yourself: make it full of imagery with powerful wording. Repeat it to yourself whenever you can such as when you are ironing or doing a dull task and particularly repeat it before you go to sleep. Try, at first, choosing one from our list printed here but later experiment with your own ideas. (There is further help on the main page of the site)


WILLPOWER: I will never ever give up. No matter what difficulty knocks me down I will stand again and fight. I will never, never, give up.

HEALTH: My spirit is untouched by illness. My spirit body is perfect. I am whole. Perfect health is mine to have.

WEALTH: Nature is endlessly abundant. All things shall come to me in the fullness of time.

HAPPINESS: It is my divine right to be happy. No event or person will block my path to perfect happiness. I am happy now and will be for all eternity.


Opportunity often passes us by because we don’t plan our lives properly. Salesmen are well aware of the importance of setting goals to reach their sales targets and we can use the same techniques to achieve our life goals. Use your conscious mind to plan ahead. Set yourself short term realistic goals together with long term objectives and put a time limit on them.

Now write a list:

Every day write a ‘today list’.Make it realistic and achievable and do the most difficult task on your list first. Also set yourself a goal for the week, for the months, for the year and so on into your future.The tasks will be bigger the further you go forward. For example you may set yourself the goal of having a bigger house within 5 years. Plan ahead and know that what you want will come to you.


Psychics and mystics believe that we are part of a universal mind and that through meditation we can influence the very events that come into our lives. When we meditate we set up powerful forces that go out from ourselves to influence the world around us- so chose your goals carefully and be sure that it is what you really want from life. Our ultimate goal should be to achieve happiness for ourselves and others: Happiness is the highest level of success.

Sit quietly and let your breathing and thoughts become still. Find your quiet inner space. Now imagine the psychic center in the middle of your forehead opening as a shinning light. Visualize yourself enjoying the goal that you wish to achieve. For example if your goal is a happy family see yourself and your family members all smiling and enjoying each others company. You may want to set your vision in a happy setting such as around the Christmas table or walking on a summer’s day through the countryside. Build the image in your mind sense the colors, smells and sounds and know deep in your heart that this visualization is possible. Use the power of your will to influence the universal mind. This is a very powerful technique that will influence the forces of your life and can transform it for the better.

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