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This is an extract from The Psychics & Mediums Network Teaching Manual that is used as support material for our on-line classes and distance learning projects. It was written for us by Vi Kipling with Craig Hamilton-Parker.


Healing is mediumship and, as with other forms of mediumship, sitting for development of healing mediumship is very important. The development of all mediumistic gifts is carried out by the spirit guides and helpers and not by a leader, or another medium. It is important that the Healer develops his/her ability to attune to the patients and to attune to the spirit operators who will be channeling the healing energies through him/her.

Development of healing mediumship is similar to the development of any psychic gift and, as in all cases, meditation is always the first priority. The would-be Healer should become disciplined in meditation and entering the stillness; as his/her healing mediumship is developing the Healer should be undertaking an educational study of Healing; the restrictions placed upon Healers with regard to certain legal statutes and the moral and ethical responsibilities incumbent thereto.

Healing and Mediumship

When mediumship is developed to the level that the trainee Healer has been assessed and is now being allowed to work as an approved Healer and apply Healing it is still important to spend time, in a circle, with the Healing Guides and Helpers so that even more of the Healer’s mediumship can be unfolded.

If at all possible, a Healer should find time during the day to spend time in meditation and prayer before attending a Healing Session. It is important, if at all possible, that the day of healing be spent in a stress-free atmosphere so as to achieve a quiescent attitude and frame of mind. Children, however, are not always aware of this need.

Creating a sacred healing space

Not all healing takes place in a Church or a Public Sanctuary and if it is intended to set up a Healing Sanctuary in the Home, or turn the Garage or Extension into a Sanctuary there are a few points that need to be considered.

Facilities for the Disabled are a must together with access for wheelchairs and it may be found that doors will have to be widened and ramps installed where there are high steps.

The Sanctuary must be clean and decorated in a manner that does not detract from the healing which is taking place within its confines; pastel shades on the walls and carpets or floor tiles which are easily cleaned. It is important from a safety point of view that there aren’t any trailing wires that can cause people to trip and hurt themselves.

Contact Healing & Near to the Body Healing:

Seating the patient is the first priority. Some healers like to have access to the patient’s back as well as head and shoulders, while others feel it is necessary to touch the whole of the patient’s body.

If access to back and body is required, then a stool is more appropriate than a chair. Some patients, however, are not comfortable sitting on a stool so if they are seated at a 90-degree angle to the normal sitting position, they can rest an arm on the chair-back, thereby supporting themselves, and the healer will be able to work to the rear of the patient.

Once the patient is comfortably seated, it is necessary for the Healer to have a few words with him/her to check whether they have received healing before; to explain what is going to happen and to ask whether the patient is happy for contact to take place or would their preference be for near to the body healing.

Healing Position

Some Healers prefer to sit in front of the patient and hold their hands while making the initial attunement to the patient and then to the healing energies, while others prefer to stand at the back of the patient with hands slightly above the patient’s head. Whichever starting point the Healer selects is not important and after initial attunement has taken place the healing will begin.

The Healer may remain in one position with hands placed on the patient’s head or holding hands or s/her may be impressed to place his/her hands on certain parts of the patient’s body and will do, quietly and without fuss; there will be no undue pressure exerted upon the patient, only the gentlest of touches will ever be used. The Healing energies will flow through the Healer to the patient and usually takes between 5 – 7 minutes but if a Healer insists on covering every part of the patient’s body, it can take longer. An experienced Healer is aware when the healing is complete and will gently bring his patient out of any reverie he may have entered, offer drinking water if required, and then support the patient back to his/her original seat.

Aura Debris

There are many discussions and arguments about the effectiveness of healing passes which were used a great deal in the early days of healing mediumship. These passes are actually magnetic passes (see the University of Spiritualism by Harry Boddington) and serve no purpose in spiritual healing. It can also be very upsetting, or even annoying, to receive healing and then find the Healer is sweeping across your shoulders with his/her hands and throwing ‘something’, which has been on your shoulders, onto the floor.

If healing is effective, which it certainly is, then any auric debris, if there is any such stuff, will be taken care of within the healing process. If it is absolutely necessary for such passes to be made, then it is suggested that possibly the Healing Guides could carry them out.

The process of healing is a very gentle process and so, therefore, should be the application of healing – no fuss, just a time of togetherness with the patient, healer, and spirit, in which to withdraw from the material world for a while, and allow those powerful, yet soothing, energies, to work upon the spirit body of the patient and thereby beneficially affecting the physical body.

Absent Healing does not require application other than by using the power of thought and prayer.

Trance Healing

The application of trance healing will more usually take the same format as Contact with the exception of course that the Healing Medium will be entranced and a Healing Guide will be in charge of the whole application of healing. The Healing should take place, by appointment, and in a private room. There MUST at all times be a third party in the room which protects both the patient’s and the Healer’s interests.

This is an extract from The Psychics & Mediums Network Teaching Manual that is used as support material for our on-line classes and distance learning projects. You can join the classes or get a free Kindle edition of this manual at the link below.

COPYRIGHT This article is part of our Distance Learning Project DLP – a course specially written for us by the great Spiritualist Violet Kipling and long time worker on this website.

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