Predictions about Donald Trump found in Ancient Indian Oracle

Trump Psychic Predictions
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I have been making psychic predictions about Donald Trump for some years. You will remember the British Press made a lot of fuss about the fact that I predicted Donald Trump would become president. I got it right – as well as many other predictions at the same time.

In this video, I talk about how I have accessed an ancient Indian oracle. I unearthed prophecies and predictions about Donald Trump and the future of America. Please share this page so that others may hear this incredible prophecy.

The Revelations about the future of Donald Trump


The Predictions About Donald Trump

If you have read my book Messages from the Universe, you will know that I have been to India many times and studied the remarkable secret oracles. These oracles were written thousands of years ago and they tell the future of anyone who finds it. There are many fake versions of the ancient book. It is written on dried palm leaves. Only after years of searching, did I eventually sourced a real and reliable oracle.

Some say the secrets in the oracle were written 10,000 years ago and date back to the time of the legendary sunken world of Lemuria (Kamari Kandam). These oracles have told me about my past present and future with mind-boggling accuracy. I was also able to find the prophecy relating to President Donald Trump.

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The Bhrigu Predictions About Donald Trump

My source for the Donald Trump predictions is the Bhrigu Samhita. The saint Bhrigu penned these leaves thousands of years ago. He was known as Guru Maharaj, the King of Gurus.

According to the text, Donald Trump’s prophecy was something that destiny wanted to reveal to him and the world. It could help the world. Most importantly, I wanted to get the message to Donald Trump himself so that he could benefit from spiritual guidance. If the president of the United States is swayed onto a spiritual path, then this has to be of benefit to the whole world.

I don’t endorse Trump as so much of what he says and does is shocking. If somehow he could read the naadi, then it may bring the best out in him and thereby help everyone. The oracle also reveals a number of remedies. These are spiritual and charitable activities that, if done, will smooth the path of president Donald Trump. At the time of the consultation, Donald Trump was facing impeachment proceedings.

Overcoming many obstacles

The oracle correctly predicted that Donald Trump would overcome these obstacles. It also predicts that he will win a second presidency, but this is a close shave and may not come about as his enemies are many. The oracle reveals the karma from Trump’s past life and gives ways that he can make the prediction sure.

Whatever you may feel about Trump, it would be good if this message could get to him. I hope he reads the full text of the oracle. If the remedies are performed, then his life would be more natural. Most importantly, the world’s destiny would have a smoother course. With this in mind, I made this YouTube video about the revelations of the Bhrigu.

In the video, I revealed some of the general statements but not the very personal stuff. I will include some of the additional findings in my new book called ‘Be Happy’.

The destiny shown in the naadi and Bhrigu is a potential. It only comes to pass if the remedies are done so that your authentic and most positive future can unfold. Some prophecies will happen without doing the remedies because the karma must unfold in this life.

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