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Do you really want to Know The Future?

Do you really want to know the future or are you simply hoping that everything will be all right? Think about it: there’s a big difference. If the future were set and we are unable to change it then if a fortune-teller saw an adverse fate and that something bad was going to befall you would you really want to know: and particularly if there was absolutely nothing you could do about it?

You don’t want to know the future: you want to be reassured that everything will be okay.

Why Guidance is better than prediction

It’s easy to believe that we can know the future if what we are told is great. You’ll come running back for more predictions if you only hear what you want to hear. But is it the Truth? There are loads of fortune-tellers giving psychic readings that will play on this weakness, knowing that you’ll tell all your friends.

But eventually, disappointment hits you because the grandiose predictions simply don’t happen. You feel let down and hurt. And so you should because a clairvoyant’s job is not to tell the future. It is to give GUIDANCE about the future. You need to be reminded that you have free will and can make the future better by your own positive attitude and actions.

There are those that argue that destiny is set and that there is nothing we can do to change it. Some say there is no free will. Perhaps this is the case, perhaps it’s not, or perhaps it’s a weird paradox, something like the weird nature of events in the quantum world. Whatever the philosophical theory we believe that it is best to approach fortune-telling with free will at the front of your thoughts and the idea in mind that you are here to gain wisdom and not just easy answers.

All the best things in life come from the harder paths. We think we want to take a path that is strewn with rose petals. It is easy to do what is pleasant but harder sometimes to do what is right. And the fact is that there is no all downhill path: life is a battlefield where duties and desires are always in conflict.

Approach your reading with a wise head and heart. Use the reading to gain insights into your way and discover the right inner attitude and practical steps you can take. Clairvoyance and insights into the future are about helping you to become a better person and a stronger person and in this way you will eventually find the happiness you seek.

If you adopt these attitudes I predict the future will become much brighter for you.

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