Protection From Demons and Elementals

Protection from Demons
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Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker.

Demons and Elementals

“We work in the dark. We do what we can to battle the evil that would otherwise destroy us. But if a man’s character is his fate, it’s not a choice but a calling. Sometimes the weight of this burden causes us to falter. From the fragile fortress of our mind. Allowing the monster without to turn within. We are left alone staring into the abyss. Into the laughing face of madness.” –AGENT MULDER (from the X-Files)

In European and American Wicca, demons and elementals are summoned either through invocation or Demonic mediums. Typically, sorcerers rely on pentagrams to protect them during a lengthy summoning ritual.

At the conclusion of the rituals, the sorcerer must engage in a test of wills with the summoned being to determine whether it is under the control of the sorcerer. If the sorcerer loses the test of wills, the summoned being may attack the sorcerer.



An elemental requires a sustaining environment. In Tareque’s case, this was the element of fire. Elementals can assume many forms, such as small animals or miniature versions of natural phenomena such as whirlwinds, flames, fountain, and so on. However, their power is not self-sustaining. If we withdraw our attention, the elemental eventually loses its power and disappears from the material world.

Sorcerers claim that elementals do not “die” as such but retain their consciousness and memories of events. Some only remember basic things, such as positive or negative feelings for familiar persons, locations, and events.

The way to protect yourself from these negative thought forms is to limit the mental energy that you extend to them. I do believe that there are such things as demonic and elemental spirits, but in general life, we are naturally protected from them. When mediumship is developed in the right way, our protection is greatly increased. The aura radiates a protective light that allows only benign and beautiful spirits to penetrate. Summoning demonic spirits is, in my opinion, the playground of fools and schizophrenics.

Black Arts

Based on the people I have met, the followers of the black arts are usually on a very odd ego trip, and they are sometimes involved in unhealthy sexual activities. Still, their powers cannot harm us if we follow a path of light and sincerity. Although I am able to commune with the spirit world, I have never felt threatened by the demons that supposedly possess some people and places.

Protecting yourself from their unholy influence is easy. You simply refuse to feed them with your fear or attention and walk with confidence, knowing that darkness cannot penetrate the light. It is light that penetrates the darkness.

You can protect yourself from Demons in the same way you can protect yourself from other negative thought forms. It works the same.

Protection from Negative Thought Forms

The creator of a thought-form can lose control of it and, once created, it may take on a life of its own and operate independently. If you believe that you are being hindered by an independent thought-form, there a number of ways to deal with it:

1. Do not feed it.

Thought forms are sustained by the energy we give them. Although they may appear to have an independent reality, they are in fact a product of our own mental energy. If the thought-form becomes troublesome energy, as in the instance of the tulpa described earlier, the key to dissipating it is to withdraw your attention from it. Ghost and poltergeist activity will often disappear if we ignore the troublesome phenomena.

2. Have no fear.

Your own fear will increase the power of a thought form. It also feeds it with exactly the wrong sort of energy, and only makes matters worse. It is better to fill the affected environment with positive energy. For example, one of the best ways to clear a haunted house of negative energy is to throw a party.

This will fill the place with the happy energy of people enjoying themselves. Naturally, it is better to not mention the fact that you have any problems so that people’s attention is directed at having fun rather than on the negative thought-form.

3. Use positive imagery.

Traditionally, curses and black magic are countered by performing rituals or by making special potions, sacred objects, and amulets. You may feel comfortable calling a priest or other specialist to perform protective rituals. All of these remedies strengthen your faith and give you confidence that something constructive is being done to overcome the energies afflicting you.

They help you to build a more positive attitude to combat the negative thought-forms. But, it is your inner attitude that is all-important; it is up to you to send positive thought-forms of your own to eventually transform your environment. You could surround yourself with imagery that has a personal appeal to you.

For example, I prefer to hang up a picture of Mickey Mouse to lift my spirits and thoughts than some somber protective symbols of magic and religion. It is the inner attitude that counts when generating positive thought-forms of your own.

4. Be Spiritual

Following a spiritual path will naturally strengthen your aura and protect you from negative influences. This need not necessarily involve religious practice, for no religion has the monopoly on truth. A sincere search for God or a humanitarian attitude will create the right mental energy to automatically protect you from negative vibrations.

5. Have faith in yourself

I have argued that one of the most important things we can do is to take personal responsibility for our own spiritual progress. If you accept that most of the troubles you have are of your own making, you empower yourself to eventually solve them. This discipline can create invincible energy.

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  • Extract from my book: “Protecting the Soul” by Craig Hamilton-Parker Sterling Publishing ISBN 0-8069-8719-7 Available from the Psychic Book Shop

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