How You Can Protect Yourself From Demons and Elementals

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker.

Case of Summoning a Demon gone wrong:

One particularly nasty incidence of being ripped-off happened to a Sunni Moslem friend from Lebanon who used to sit in my mediumistic development circle. The problem with this incident was that the con-woman had real magical powers that she used to entrap people.

Tareque is an intelligent, honest man who has a senior position within the medical profession. He had initially come to me for a private consultation, and the sitting had gone very well. I immediately picked up that he worked with facial re-constructive surgery and had come from someplace where there were many bombs exploding. In relaying the results of the sitting later, Tareque said, “Craig told me that my family was on vacation in Tyre but had not had time to tell me about it. He told me also that my younger brother would be selling telephones and had gone to visit our uncle in the Gulf to talk about it. Craig correctly said he was a very devout Muslim, wore white, preferred sitting on the floor and, unlike most Arabs, has bright blue eyes. My other brother was now in America and I had a sister in Canada. Craig told me all the movements of my family who I had not heard from for six months. Two days after the sitting I had a call from my sister in Canada who wanted to tell me all the latest news. For fun, I decided to speak first: ‘How was mother’s holiday in Tyre? Has our brother gone to the Gulf? Does he enjoy selling telephones?’ I told her everything Craig told me. ‘How on earth do you know all this!’ she exclaimed…but that was my little secret.”

Sometime after that consultation, when Tareque joined my development circle, we got to know each other better. He was honest and intelligent. He had come from a scientific background, and was not a person prone to fantasy, yet the story he confided was like something out of Faust. At times, as he told this tale, he visibly shook with fear and his swarthy skin looked ashen.

It started while he was living in his home country of Beirut. He met and regularly visited a woman fortune teller who eventually offered to train him. The woman’s special interest was to call upon elemental spirits and use them to draw money and power to her. Elementals are nature spirits associated with the “elements” of mysticism: earth, air, water, and fire. According to ancient astrology and magic, each person is born with an affinity to a certain element. There are spirit guardians for each of these elements, supernatural beings that watch over people and places associated with their particular element.

It was decided that Tareque should have a fire elemental as his protector. Together, fortune teller and student spent many nights in front of an open fire in the desert working to summon the ancient fire spirits. At first, when he saw something moving in the flames, Tareque thought he was hallucinating. But, he explained to me, he was completely lucid and watched in astonishment as a small six-inch tall man began to crawl around in the embers.

The “figure of fire” eventually climbed out of the flames and stood before him, glowing like the embers. Tareque explained that the animated mannequin looked like a Roman soldier. It also filled his heart with such absolute terror that he knew he had summoned something terrible. His teacher’s response was to increase the fear further. “Once you have summoned this genie,” she said, “he is with you forever. Only I can make him return.”

Unfortunately, my friend was at the woman’s mercy. She demanded money from him to remove the demon. He paid the small fortune demanded and never contacted the woman again. I expect that the sorceress would have demanded even more money if ever Tareque had made contact again.

Demons and Elementals

“We work in the dark. We do what we can to battle the evil that would otherwise destroy us. But if a man’s character is his fate, it’s not a choice but a calling. Sometimes the weight of this burden causes us to falter. From the fragile fortress of our mind. Allowing the monster without to turn within. We are left alone staring into the abyss. Into the laughing face of madness.” –AGENT MULDER (from the X-Files)

In European and American Wicca, demons and elementals are summoned either through invocation or Demonic mediums. Typically, sorcerers rely on pentagrams to protect them during a lengthy summoning ritual. At the conclusion of the rituals, the sorcerer must engage in a test of wills with the summoned being to determine whether it is under the control of the sorcerer. If the sorcerer loses the test of wills, the summoned being may attack the sorcerer.

An elemental requires a sustaining environment. In Tareque’s case, this was the element of fire. Elementals can assume many forms, such as small animals or miniature versions of natural phenomena such as whirlwinds, flames, fountain, and so on. However, their power is not self-sustaining. If we withdraw our attention, the elemental eventually loses its power and disappears from the material world. Sorcerers claim that elementals do not “die” as such but retain their consciousness and memories of events. Some only remember basic things, such as positive or negative feelings for familiar persons, locations, and events.

The way to protect yourself from these negative thought forms is to limit the mental energy that you extend to them. I do believe that there are such things as demonic and elemental spirits, but in general life we are naturally protected from them. When mediumship is developed in the right way, our protection is greatly increased. The aura radiates a protective light that allows only benign and beautiful spirits to penetrate. Summoning demonic spirits is, in my opinion, the playground of fools and schizophrenics.

Based on the people I have met, the followers of the black arts are usually on a very odd ego trip, and they are sometimes involved in unhealthy sexual activities. Still, their powers cannot harm us if we follow a path of light and sincerity. Although I am able to commune with the spirit world, I have never felt threatened by the demons that supposedly possess some people and places. Protecting yourself from their unholy influence is easy. You simply refuse to feed them with your fear or attention and walk with confidence, knowing that darkness cannot penetrate the light. It is light that penetrates darkness.

Thought Forms

“Matter is a development of thought, crystallized mental energy” –EVANS-WENTZ

Much of the phenomena considered so far are founded on superstition and anxieties resulting from not taking personal responsibility for your life. However, studies have revealed that the mind can influence matter and sometimes create forms that have a will of their own. Pioneering in this research was parapsychologist Joseph Banks Rhine, who gave us the term Extra Sensory Perception. He was one of the first to investigate psychokinesis (mind over matter). In the 1930’s, Rhine set up the world’s first laboratory, in North Carolina, for the study of parapsychology. Some of his most interesting experiments involved a professional gambler who tried to prove that it was possible to influence the fall of dice by willpower. Various of these early tests were criticized for lack of scientific safeguards, but more stringent experiments have been carried out, in more recent years, to qualify the results of these pioneering studies.

This type of experimentation, by its very nature, is likely to attract criticism and the jury is still out regarding its authenticity. One of the best-known cases of psychokinesis is the spoon bending of Israeli psychic Uri Geller. His powers have been tested in controlled conditions at Stanford Research Institute in California and he underwent tests at 17 different laboratories. Some of the most thorough testing was conducted in Britain by two academics from London University, Professor John Taylor of King’s College and Professor John Hasted of Birkbeck College.

Similar PK effects may occur around ordinary people in the form of objects moving or poltergeist phenomena. Certainly there is a great deal of evidence that it exists and I have personally seen objects move on their own in my own séances.

Psychokinesis, however, may not be limited to bending spoons or making objects move. Many believe that mental energy can create thought forms that continue to exist for a period of time, even after the psychic has finished working. Thought forms can act in the same way that we would expect a spirit entity to manifest. They have a semblance of personality and appear to be semi-conscious. One interesting example happened in Toronto, Canada; the case involved a poltergeist known as Philip. In this instance, a group consisting of eight members of the Society of Psychical Research decided to invent a ghost they named Philip and then try to summon it. They worked out Philip’s history and background. He would be a contemporary of Cromwell who had an affair with a gypsy girl who was then burned at the stake when she was accused of witchcraft. Hearing the news of her death, the fantasy person, Philip, killed himself by throwing himself off the battlements.

After many sittings, the group was able to contact Philip using table tilting. The table would make a knocking sound in answer to questions and repeated the story that had been invented for him. In fact, the phenomena was so strong that a television crew was able to film the table dancing around the room on its own when it was under the influence of the entity.

Some argue that this phenomena (and all other Spiritualist phenomena) are the result of unconscious mental forces created by the mind of the group. Others argue that a separate spirit had moved the table, and obliged the sitters by impersonating Philip. I believe that Philip is likely to be an example of a mind-generated “thought form” that can evolve and take on a mind of its own.

There are many examples of this in occult history. The Tibetans, in particular, called thought forms tulpas. Once a tulpa is created, it is possible for clairvoyant people to see it. The female explorer of Tibet, Alexandra David-Neel, documented this phenomenon at length in 1931. While living with and studying the Tibetans, David-Neel herself used secret meditation techniques to create the tulpa of a jolly fat monk.

In time, the tulpa grew in power and became indistinguishable from physical reality. Eventually, David-Neel lost control of it and the monk would appear against her will. Her fat monk became thinner and was now manifesting with a distinctly sinister aspect. He was as solid as you or I, and could now be seen by everyone. David-Neel decided things had gone too far and applied different lamaist techniques to reabsorb the creature into her own mind. Unfortunately, her spiritual companion had now evolved into a troublesome entity and it was very difficult for her to dissolve it.

It took six months of ritual and meditation and left her totally exhausted. Afterwards she said: “There is nothing strange in the fact that I may have created my own hallucination. The interesting point is that in these cases of materialization, others see the thought forms that have been created.”

Protection from Negative Thought Forms

“The power of the imagination may produce diseases in man and it may cure them.” –PARACELSUS

The creator of a thought form can lose control of it and, once created, it may take on a life of its own and operate independently. If you believe that you are being hindered by an independent thought form, there a number of ways to deal with it:

1. Do not feed it.

Thought forms are sustained by the energy we give them. Although they may appear to have an independent reality, they are in fact a product of our own mental energy. If the thought form becomes a troublesome energy, as in the instance of the tulpa described earlier, the key to dissipating it is to withdraw your attention from it. Ghost and poltergeist activity will often disappear if we ignore the troublesome phenomena.

2. Have no fear.

Your own fear will increase the power of a thought form. It also feeds it with exactly the wrong sort of energy, and only makes matters worse. It is better to fill the affected environment with positive energy. For example, one of the best ways to clear a haunted house of negative energy is to throw a party. This will fill the place with the happy energy of people enjoying themselves. Naturally, it is better to not mention the fact that you have any problems, so that people’s attention is directed at having fun rather than on the negative thought form.

3. Use positive imagery.

Traditionally, curses and black magic are countered by performing rituals or by making special potions, sacred objects, and amulets. You may feel comfortable calling a priest or other specialist to perform protective rituals. All of these remedies strengthen your faith and give you confidence that something constructive is being done to overcome the energies afflicting you. They help you to build a more positive attitude to combat the negative thought forms. But, it is your inner attitude that is all-important; it is up to you to send positive thought forms of your own to eventually transform your environment. You could surround yourself with imagery that has a personal appeal to you. For example, I prefer to hang up a picture of Mickey Mouse to lift my spirits and thoughts than some somber protective symbol of magic and religion. It is the inner attitude that counts when generating positive thought forms of your own.

4. Be Spiritual

Following a spiritual path will naturally strengthen your aura and protect you from negative influences. This need not necessarily involve religious practice, for no religion has the monopoly on truth. A sincere search for God or a humanitarian attitude will create the right mental energy to automatically protect you from negative vibrations.

5. Have faith in yourself

I have argued that one of the most important things we can do is to take personal responsibility for our own spiritual progress. If you accept that most of the troubles you have are of your own making, you empower yourself to eventually solve them. This discipline can create an invincible energy.

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  • Extract from my book: “Protecting the Soul” by Craig Hamilton-Parker Sterling Publishing ISBN 0-8069-8719-7 Available from the Psychic Book Shop

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