Psychic Artists: Some are rubbish and some are plain deluded!

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What makes for Great Spiritual Portraiture?

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker.

Some mediums who are competent artists in their own right are able to sketch the faces of communicating spirits to give proof of the survival of death. My wife, Jane, and I were fortunate to have a number of consultations with one of the United Kingdom’s most famous psychic artists, Coral Polge, who has produced some astonishing drawings of spirit communicators. When compared to photographs of the deceased it is clear that her drawings show details that are very specific to the communicating spirit. In addition to a striking likeness, Coral’s drawings would include details such as moles, broken noses, and scars, and often is an exact replication of an existing photo. One of Jane’s most treasured pictures was  a drawing Coral made of John Stokes, the husband of the medium Doris Stokes, and who has now passed into spirit. John gave Jane away at our wedding.

When working in a public forum, psychic artists often like to work with another medium who will tune in to the spirit communicator and give proof while the psychic artist gets on with drawing the portrait. The combined information from both mediums can provide wonderful evidence of survival as well a lovely drawing for the sitter to take home as a memento. Sometimes psychic artists work in trance and the spirit controls their arms as the drawings are produced.

Some Psychic Artists are a Joke!

If there is a particularly gifted artist in my circle I encourage him or her to draw as he or she links to spirit.  It is important, however, to also provide lots of mediumistic evidence to accompany the drawings to ensure that recipients are not just making the face fit. A good artist needs to give quality mental mediumship as he draws the portraits, so it is easy to immediately recognize the person.

I have seen quite the opposite in demonstrations by some psychic artists whose work borders on the hilarious. For example, Jane and I, together with our young daughter, Danielle (about 6 years old at the time), watched what we considered to be a very funny demonstration of psychic art. The medium clearly could not draw and produced monstrous portraits of “loved ones” that to us resembled characters from horror movies. It was embarrassing holding back the giggles, but to our utter astonishment someone in the audience actually accepted one as their grandfather. “Her granddad looks like Freddie Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street,” piped up Danielle.

My Attempts

I was accepted into St Martin’s College in London but was unable to attend because of grant problems. However I set up my own studio and exhibited at Southampton Municipal Art Gallery, some London Galleries and Harrods.

I called my work ‘Eidetic Art’ because it was inspired by the flow of vivid imagery that can be seen during Hypnagogic Dreaming and Antar Mouna meditation. Sculpture and oil painting were an expression of my inner exploration and experiments with the perceptions. I believe that sometimes I was influenced by the spirit world that would guide the brush. For me art offered a way to discover my latent mediumship.


Craig Talks in Detail About Psychic Art on his Video Blog

Art Inspired by Spirit

As a young artist in my 20’s I would sometimes slip into an absorbed, entranced, state of mind and at these times sense someone draw close. At the time, I believed that this was my own unconscious – my ‘creative self’ that had disassociated itself from my rational consciousness and was guiding me with my artistic pursuits. I rationalized that it was what artists had called ‘the muse’ but surprisingly, if I asked the muse a question, he/she would sometimes talk back as if the muse was real and had a consciousness of its own.

My mediumistic work today has absolutely proved to me that the spirit people can talk to us through clairaudience. I realise now that what I was experiencing as a young man was not an aspect of myself as I had thought but a real independent spirit voice. The spirit people were helping me to simultaneously develop my artistic ability and my latent mediumistic gift.

The Artist and The Medium

When people ask me how mediumship works I will often explain it in artistic terms. When we get a creative idea that comes ‘out of the blue’ we have no idea where it came from and may marvel at its complexity and detail. So too with mediumship: the information comes to us by way of inspiration – a gift that is complete in every detail.

To be an inspired artist, musician or writer we need to access the flow of inspiration that comes from within us; to be a good medium we have to access the flow that comes to us from spirit: two very similar mental states.

MORE: Surveys have shown that people with a psychic ability very often come from artistic or creative backgrounds. See our Psychic IQ Test in the Psychic Tests section for more details about this.

Here are some example of my early paintings that I feel were influenced by spirit

Primordial Dream 1975 oil on Canvas Painting by Craig Hamilton-Parker

Lucid States 1975 oil on Canvas Painting by Craig Hamilton-Parker

 Cosmic Opening 1975 oil on Canvas Painting by Craig Hamilton-Parker

Army of the Dead (After J R R Tolkien) 1975 oil on Canvas Painting by Craig Hamilton-Parker


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