Past Life Experiences: Spiritualist Circle Opens the Door to Past Lives

Spirit Message Proves Past Life Memories

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about past life experiences revealed through his spiritualist seances. This is an extract from my book Psychic School. Follow the ‘next’ button at the bottom of the page for more intriguing past life experiences and spirit messages.

Souls on the same path

I now run a closed psychic circle, which anyone can join – and particularly like to train young mediums. I am intrigued by the strange coincidences and past life experiences that often accompany a sincere persons decision to seek out a circle. I am sure spirit takes a hand but also it seems that events conspire to bring people together. Daren Stephens, for example, joined me after a private consultation with my wife Jane who identified his latent powers when she gave him a reading in which she connected to his grandmother in spirit. “The reading with Jane completely blew me away,” says Daren. It went on for three hours and within the reading, Jane said I was going to be in a circle and work in front of an audience.

“I had no intention of becoming a medium but I joined Craig’s psychic circle anyway and learned psychometry and mediumship. I am now amazed that I can stand in front of an audience and give accurate proof of life after death! Perhaps the spirit had it all planned out for me!” Accompanying Darren is his partner Sue Brooks who has is also developing mediumship and has an uncanny ability to get the difficult names right.

Some Circle Experiences

Steinar Lund also joined my circle. He has been illustrating my books for some years and is now developing his skills as a psychic artist.  Joining him is Christine and her sister Haley. “I was always aware of something other than our world, but through fear of the unknown I use to ignore it,” says Christine. “I had a reading with a very good medium and she insisted that I should get myself into a circle. She handed me a copy of the Psychic News and told me to look through it. I looked in it saw Craig’s circle advertised but couldn’t convince any of my friends to go with me.

”I remember watching a demonstration on a TV program called This Morning featuring three mediums being tested on air. This gave me the additional push I needed and decided to go to the circle by myself that evening. When I arrived I realized that it was actually Craig who I had watched on telly earlier that day. I felt that something was drawing me to join. Could I also be connected with the group through my past life experiences?

“Sitting in the circle for the first time I was told that I was Pregnant, which I did not expect in the slightest. A test the following day confirmed this. Then after seeing one of Craig and Jane’s publicity photos I realized that Craig’s book was the very first psychic book (The Psychic Work Book) that I had purchased a couple of years earlier.”

Shared Reincarnation Experiences

Pretty well everyone who has sat in my circles have felt a similar tug from spirit. People of like mind but with very different backgrounds are drawn together when a circle is formed. It may be that we have all shared past life experiences or have brought forward similar karma from previous incarnations. Could it be that some of us have reincarnated together before?

One of the most interesting stories comes from my circle member Phillipou Cornick who is an ex-boxer called the ‘Wild man of Borneo’. He has influenced many members of the circle to improve their health- including teaching Steinar and me how to box!

Phill’s Past Life Experiences Verified

Phill’s life was turned on its head when his wife Kaye died after a long fight with cancer and leaving him to bring up the two children on his own. “I woke up this one morning about three months after her passing and felt absolutely at a loss, empty and everything was black. It was as if my will to live had left me. I felt that I did not really want to be here, it just all seemed so pointless. The other part of me – that gave me so much reason to live and so much joy, purpose, and happiness – was now gone from my life. Kaye was everything to me. It was only because of my daughters that I did not take my life to join my beloved.”

Soon after this low point, Phill began his search to see if he could contact Kaye’s spirit. Phill visited a number of Spiritualist churches but was never given evidence that convinced him. He was however interested in learning about his own spiritual insights and his feeling about having had past life experiences that were influencing his life now.

“That morning by chance I had opened a book in the library by the Eastern mystical teacher Gurdjieff and the few lines I read hugely inspired me to continue my search for the truth,” says Phill. “Gurdjieff ‘s words leaped out the page with a bolt that was so powerful that I felt it was awakening memories from a past life. I had an overwhelmingly strong feeling that today I would get the proof I needed from Kaye. I mentioned the fact to my daughter as I left for Gosport Spiritualist Church to watch the medium Craig Hamilton-Parker.

Who was I in a past life?

“Before his demonstration Craig gave a talk about philosophy and his psychic circle experiences and to my amazement within the discourse spoke about Gurdjieff and said things that corresponded word for word from the teachings I had read earlier that day in the library. During Craig’s demonstration he did come to me as I had anticipated. He told me various things about the relationship between Kaye and myself which were all accurate. In fact I would say that the information he gave me was almost 100% correct except for two errors. He said that my oldest daughter Clare had bleach blonde hair, her hair was not bleached blonde she was a natural blonde, and my other daughter Christalou had been having problems at school. This was also completely wrong. I had only ask Christalou a couple of nights before if everything was ok at school and she emphatically told me that she was doing fine.

“When I got home I told my daughters about the psychic reading messages Craig had given from their mum. I told them what he’d got right and also mentioned the two things he had wrong. Crystal, my youngest daughter, burst into tears saying, ‘Dad I secretly helped Clare to bleach he hair a few days ago. And about school: I have been finding it difficult because of mum.’ She said she just could not do it anymore and had been very upset only the day before in class. This pierced my heart and I got hold of her and held her in my arms while she sobbed.

Psychic Circle Experiences - Phillipo Cornik and Craig Hamilton-ParkerSince first meeting at Spiritualist Church Craig and Phill have become good friends

Was this proof of past life experiences?

“Craig had given me the proof I needed. He could not of been picking up messages telepathically from me because I did not know this information until after the demonstration when I spoke to my daughter about it. He could only have picked up the information from some other source outside of himself and outside of me. It must have come from Kaye!

“Finding this out made my heart jumped for joy and from then on my life took on a new meaning and vigor. I explained to Christal that mum wants you to do well at school because the fact that she gave this information through Craig proves that she is watching over you. It made her feel better and after this talk her attitude at school changed back to what it was when Kaye was still with us. Christal could cope again.

“Soon after this, I found out that Craig was setting up a psychic circle. I felt that I too wanted to learn and maybe I could also enrich people’s lives one day. I joined his circle and have not looked back since. Of course, I still think of Kaye and sometimes I still miss her but now the grief has turned into a warm and loving memory. Five years later, I just call her from my heart and I will either see her in my dreams or in the stillness of my mind. I know that she is with me.”


The objective of Spiritualist circles is to give proof of life after death and the continuation of life after death. Many spiritualists do not believe in past life experiences yet sometimes evidence for reincarnation comes through mediumship, the Ouija board, and mediumship. Many of the people from my circle went on to do extensive research into the evidence for reincarnation. In my own case, I was drawn to India and through ancient texts and the clairvoyance of sadhus and holy men I was given irrefutable proof of my past life experiences. You can read more about the circle and how to develop your own psychic gifts in my book below. I have also written two books on reincarnation and past life experiences called MESSAGES FROM THE UNIVERSE and MYSTIC JOURNEY TO INDIA. (Now made into a three part television documentary)

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