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Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker
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Psychic Consultations

Article about Jane and Craig Hamilton-Parker. This first consultation was made by a journalist from Best Magazine and published on 27/4/2004. Skeptical Journalist Andrea Kon visits a number of psychic mediums to see what they can tell her. She was scathing about some of the psychics and fortune-tellers she saw but had a very positive consultation with Jane Hamilton-Parker.

Best Magazine Interview

Andrea Kon is a writer whose mother died when she was three. Her father remarried, but he died in 1985. Her adoptive mother passed away three years later, just 12 hours before the death of Andrea’s first husband aged 52. Andrea remarried in 1999. Skeptical about psychics, she always believed you shouldn’t disturb the dead and had never visited one – until now. Would she receive a genuine message from any of her family if she tried to contact them? Andrea put three to the test…

Jane Hamilton-Parker Celebrity psychic and medium who featured on Me Big Breakfast and has made numerous Television appearances world-wide with husband Craig

JHP I’m getting someone very close to you, drawing towards the end of their life, out of breath. She says you are very much a perfectionist. I am getting documents… lots of legal papers. She says you have to be careful what you are signing. She’s holding a handbag shut, saying you’re not financially needy, but you mustn’t give anyone anything.

AK I have no idea what the legal papers might be, or who wants my money.

JHP Would you know about a lady in the spirit world with cancer? She keeps showing me pictures of you with longer hair. The lady is saying, “Three things, they’re coming. Don’t miss them.” [The message of `three things coming’ and the warning not to miss them are repeated several times. I’m intrigued.] The lady directed to you is like a mother link. She’s very strong around you at the moment. You must have been thinking about this lady.

She is protecting you

AK My birth mother died in the Forties, aged 33. She had breast cancer and I’d been thinking about her because this reading is around the anniversary of her death.

JHP The feeling I get is that she is protecting you. She is trying to make things up to you. There has been a lot of sadness in the past. Is there a picture of the lady in a nice silver frame? A black and white photograph with her hair parted slightly on the side in a wave?

AK I forgot about a photo of her with my father in a small silver frame. I saw it as soon as I walked through my front door-and shuddered: her hair is slightly waved and parted to one side, just as Jane had described.

JHP Has there been someone who has had problems with the prostate, please? Who is it? Don’t write him off yet.

AK My husband has just had surgery for prostate cancer.

JHP Would there be a lady who had an arthritic condition, please? I’m getting a lady who is saying, “Look at my hands. My hands are perfect. They weren’t in this world, but they are now.” She’s showing me a shop-front. Is there a piece of jewelry associated with this lady that has been left to you?

AK I have a photograph of my adoptive mother Jean as a child in front of her father’s shoe shop. She had severe rheumatoid arthritis. Her hands were curled back on themselves and horribly disfigured. I said `no’ to the jewelry but later remembered a little gold brooch in the shape of a coach and horses which she left me.

JHP Does the name Oliver mean anything to you? Who is Oliver? Who is James?

AK My grandson’s name is Jamie Oliver.

Psychic Proofs

JHP Don’t worry. Nothing is going to happen to this child. This lady is looking down at him. Who is Sarah?

AK My late mother-in-law. It was also the name of my second husband’s late mother.

JHP Is there anything to do with Polish connections? What does that mean to you?’

AK My paternal grandfather was born in Poland.

JHP Have you worn two wedding rings? Do you get frightened of the future? You are frightened of being on your own. You will never be alone.

AK Yes, I have and yes, I do.

JHP I see a gentleman who’d had difficulty breathing, pointing to his heart. I don’t know what is wrong with his eyes – he is also pointing to his eyes – very blue eyes. He looks younger. I don’t know if it’s a medal or badge he is showing me. He has just held it up to prove it’s him. He is laughing at it.

AK My late father had startling blue eyes. He suffered from diabetes, which affected his eyes towards the end of his life. He died from a heart attack. As a 17-year-old, he was a champion runner. His medal is now in my brother’s possession.

VERDICT Amazing. Jane did suggest a number of things that made no sense, but I came out of the reading shaking because so much was accurate. Jane was anxious throughout that I didn’t try to make anything `fit’. She gave me a rose quartz stone for my husband to wear in his pocket for healing, and a little plastic angel with a red heart to put next to my mother’s photo.

I was a skeptic, but I’ve done as she suggested. Jane told best Obviously things come through’ that have no immediate meaning. There is no sense of time in the spirit world. However, I’m obviously delighted that the reading was so pertinent.


I was surprised that my first husband didn’t try to contact me but, much to my amazement, I felt strangely comforted by what Jane Hamilton-Parker had to say. I would go and see her again. But I wouldn’t go back to any of the others I saw. What made Jane better than the rest? Maybe you really do get what you pay for…


Psychic Consultation: ‘I know Rich hasn’t left me’

This psychic consultation with Jane Hamilton-Parker was published in Woman’s Own.

Widow Karen Goble, 24, went to Jane for help after the death of her 29-year-old husband Richard.

“I was very low and looking for direction in my life,” says Karen from Southampton. “Rich and I had married only 17 months earlier and his death from cancer had been very sudden.

“I didn’t tell Jane what had happened, but she said she had someone with her called Richard who preferred to be called Rich. I couldn’t believe it- my husband always insisted on being called Rich.

“She described Rich exactly and how he died, and she even played with her hair the same way he used to.

“What convinced me, though, was when she told me he was holding some photographs and a rose and talking about February 14. On Valentine’s Day- just before he was buried- I’d had his casket opened and asked my mother-in-law to put a red rose and some photos inside.”

Karen is convinced her sittings and psychic readings with Jane helped her get over her grief.

“I don’t know how I’d have got through it without Jane,” she says, “she became a friend and I can contact Rich through her. It’s comforting to know I can talk to him whenever I want.


Psychic Consultation: Life beyond the Grave – a message from the Other Side

This next article about psychic consultations is from Company Magazine and is about a psychic consultation with Craig Hamilton-Parker

When a couple is devoted to each other, it seems even death cannot part them. And there are many who claim to have proof that love knows no boundaries…

Jacky Wolf, 46, of Gosport Hampshire, met her husband Mick at 14 and married him at 17. “Ours was a childhood love and very strong,” she says.

At the age of 34, Jacky was widowed when her husband had a heart attack while playing football. He was only 37.

Jacky was shattered. But a strange thing happened the night he died. “I stayed at my sister’s and one of the bedroom lights kept going on and off all through the night,” recalls Jacky. “It seemed my husband was saying he was still around.

“Often in the weeks after his death, I got a whiff of his aftershave and sometimes I just felt Mick’s presence, especially when I had a problem.”

Jackie was comforted by her husband’s ‘presence’. Now happily married, she is convinced love survives death.

Recently she saw a medium, Craig Hamilton-Parker, who told her Mick didn’t mind her marrying again. And, says Jacky, “Craig told me that my husband could communicate by switching the light on. As soon as he finished speaking the light went on and off in the front room- just like it did on the night Mick Died.

Skeptics tend to dismiss these experiences. They are symptoms, they say, of intense grief and an inability to accept the loss. It can even be damaging- by interfering with the grief and mourning people must undergo before being able to live fully again.

However, Professor Walter Furneaux, a psychologist at Brunel University, believes there is more to it. “There is simply no way of finding out, but one explanation could be some form of telepathic contact with a dead person.


Psychic Consultations: ‘Grandma warned I was ill’

Another short interview about readers Psychic Consultations from the same article.

When Rosalie Alexander and her daughter Amanda consulted Craig out of curiosity, the last thing Rosalie expected was a health warning from her dead grandmother.

“Craig made contact with my grandmother Julia and he described her exactly, even using her turns of phrase and mannerisms,” recalls Rosalie, 58, from Havant, Hampshire.

“I was quite surprised when she said, ‘Look after yourself, you’re working too hard.’ I’d been overdoing things and had a pain in one of my legs.

“When I heard Nan saying how concerned she was, I decided to go to the doctor.”

Her grandmother’s advice proved right when a tumor was discovered in Rosalie’s leg. “They removed the tumor and, luckily, I’m fine- but I don’t know what would have happened if Nan hadn’t contacted me through Craig…


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