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Lord Lucan
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Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Where is Lord Lucan? The Psychics Investigate.

Our Psychic Search for Lord Lucan

This is an article and interview I did with a Crime Magazine – a psychic detectives job looking for the whereabouts of Lord Lucan. If you feel you are a bit of a psychic detective, please add your thoughts at the bottom of the page. It would be interesting for psychics to compare notes. 


Mediumistic Private Eye Craig Hamilton-Parker investigates Lord Lucan. And discovers the notorious nobleman wants to say sorry for his crimes…

Lord Lucan

In one of Britain’s most famous mysteries Richard John Bingham Seventh Earl of Lucan, vanished in November 1974 after his children’s nanny Sandra Rivett was found murdered in the Lucan family home. His estranged wife, Lady Veronica Lucan, had also been assassinated.

At the time, the Lucans were separated. Lord Lucan a prolific gambler, had built up huge amounts of debt and Lady Lucan, who had a history of depression, had recently won custody of their children.

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The next day, Lord Lucan wrote letters claiming he was innocent but had been the victim of a terrible coincidence, but he was never seen again. Two days after the crime, his car was discovered at Newhaven in Sussex. At the 1975 inquest into Sandra Rivett’s death, the verdict was Murder By Lord Lucan.

There have been hundreds of rumors about what happened to Lord Lucan and he has been ‘spotted’ everywhere from Africa to South America! However, he was officially declared dead in 1992.

We enlisted medium Craig Hamilton-Parker to discover what happened after that fateful night…


A flat in this building was Lord Lucan’s home at the time of the murders. The family home, where the murder took place, is a short stroll through London’s posh Belgravia. Lord Lucan is believed to have left the flat at 7.45 pm on the night of the murder, and then never returned…


After escaping her attacker, Lady Lucan ran along the road to the safety of the Plumbers Arms. “I’ve just escaped from being murdered. He’s in the house. He’s murdered the nanny!” she managed to tell onlookers who then called the police.


In the basement of this house, police discovered Sandra Rivett’s body. At 8.40 pm, Lady Lucan had been attacked as she made her way to the basement to investigate what had happened to Sandra. The police later found the Lucan children upstairs in the house, safe and unharmed.


Craig tells us: “There’s no point in me telling people things they already know. But what I’m hoping to do is discover whether Lucan really is dead or alive and how he might have met his fate. Since Crime Confidential asked me to do this reading, a number of things have happened to help me…

After our tour of the murder locations, Craig studied photos of Lord Lucan before telling us about the messages he had picked up from the spirit side.

“Visiting the locations brought me closer to the people involved, ” he explains.

He went on to describe what he thought may have happened on that fateful night.

“I have no doubt Lord Lucan was the killer and I get a feeling of panic or desperation,” he says.

I think there was drink involved and perhaps sleeping pills of some kind. I know Lady Lucan has been having some form of treatment, but I think Lord Lucan had been taking something. He was clearly desperate – in debt, losing his children and worrying that everything was about to come crashing down. For someone with his background, losing your status would be a terrible thing.

“I am also certain he is dead. I think he was drunk, and he fell into water – it could have been by his own hand, but considering the circumstances, it may have been an accident.”

It’s been suggested Lucan either caught a cross-channel ferry from Newhaven or borrowed a boat to make his escape, so Craig could be right


Craig says: “I attempted to contact former Countess Lucan to see if she would be interested in me doing a reading. As I suspected, she wasn’t keen. But I actually do a lot of email readings and as I typed a reply, I felt Lucan come to me. I am certain he is on the spirit side. I sense very strongly that he wanted to apologize. I told Lady Lucan this and she said it didn’t sound very like him. But when someone is in spirit, they do often look back at their life in a different way.”

What do YOU think happened to Lord Lucan? Add your comments below:

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