How to Develop as a Medium – Plus Meditation

How to Develop as a Medium
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The Medium Development Group

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This article gives you guidance about how to develop as a medium and set up a psychic development group.

Getting started developing as a medium requires you to have a group working together – called a circle. The article ‘how to develop as a medium’ shows how to set this up and there is a detailed explanation in my book at the bottom called Psychic School. In the book, I show you how to run your own home circle for mediumistic development.

If you are working alone then you may enjoy following our online circle that is published every week. This follows similar lines to what I describe in the book. It will inspire you to form your own homegroup.

You will learn how to develop as a medium as well as find out how to awaken your higher consciousness. Spiritual healing is also included in these classes.

Craig’s Live Online Video Course to Develop as a Medium


Who’s in Charge of the medium development group?

If the circle group includes an established medium then he or she will run the proceedings and their methods may differ from what is presented here. If you do not have a medium, then you can take turns chairing the proceedings.

You may decide to have a permanent leader or alternate the role among all or a few of you. Establish a structure at the onset so that everyone knows who does what and what to expect.

Taking Turns at running the Circle

Get everyone involved if possible—one person may do an opening prayer or meditation, others may lead the absent healing, organize the subscriptions, plan the guest speakers, or run the teaching sessions. Swap roles so that everyone feels included in this exciting journey toward spiritual insight.

In addition to your regular sitters it is of benefit to invite guest speakers, healers, psychics, and mediums to your group. If you meet a good practitioner at a special event, such as a psychic fair or spiritualist demonstration, ask them if they will address or demonstrate at your circle. Most mediums are pleased to help others to progress although they may not be able to schedule a regular session. Make sure you agree on their expenses and costs in advance and pay them discreetly soon after they arrive at your venue.

Visiting Mediums

When they visit give them the option of having complete control of the evening’s proceedings and allow them to teach in their own way. A trance medium may require different conditions than those described here, and individual mediums differ in their personal needs, lighting requirements, and seating arrangements. A guest medium or speaker will help you to expand your ideas and can advise on your progress.

Psychic Development Group Seating

Psychic Development Group Seating Arrangements

You need to be comfortable but not so comfortable that everyone will fall asleep during meditation. A standard high-back chair is best, as it keeps the spine, with its spiritual energy centres, straight. Remind everyone that they should use the bathroom before taking their seats, as the circle must not be interrupted once under way.

The chairs are usually arranged in a circle with the medium in a dominant position, if possible, facing the door and with a wall behind him or her. To balance the energy the medium will place a person with a powerful energy directly opposite him or her. Every circle has a number of people who generate spiritual energy and may eventually become the healers of the group. Their energy will support the others. It will become apparent who they are once the group members are able to sense auras and the balance of the energy in the room.

The medium will also sit people of high energy and/or experience on either side of him or her. This is particularly important for trance mediums, as the energy from these anchor people (including the person seated directly opposite the medium) provide the considerable energy needed during trance or materialization. With experienced people in front and on either side, the medium has a sense of protection and support

How to Develop as a Medium working in a Group

Couples should be sat apart from one another and it is usual for members of the opposite sex to sit next to one another. This is not essential though, as not all circles have an equal number of males and females. The medium will use his or her sensitivity to the energy of the circle to make the seating decisions. These normally remain the same for each session of the psychic development group.

A low table can be placed in the center of the group on which can be arranged pens, paper, candles, this book, and any items needed for the experiments. There should be an ample supply of water to drink between psychic links. Water provides spiritual energy (known as chi or prana) and cleanses the practitioners vibrations of any conditions, such as memories of the spirit’s terminal illness, that are sensed during the spirit communications.

Sitting for Spirit

So long as it is comfortable for you, it is best to sit upright but relaxed. If the spine is straight then the spiritual energies that we use in mediation and mediumship can travel freely up and down the spinal column. If you slump, you will not be fully alert and may even fall to sleep, which will be very annoying to the serious students.

Yoga meditation encourages students to sit on the front edge of the seat without leaning against the chair back. The hands are then rested on your knees, palm down. The ideal chair-sitting posture has the ear, shoulder, and hip in alignment as viewed from the side.

How to develop as a medium by ‘Sitting for Spirit’

Sit how you feel most comfortable, either with your hands in the yoga position described above or with your back against the chair and your hands on your lap. Some people like to put their hands in a symbolic hand position called a mudra.

The most commonly known one is the O shape, symbolizing the unity of all things. You sit with your palms facing up and forefingers touching thumbs, creating the circle of life. Keep your feet flat on the ground. Some mediums believe that crossing your legs and arms blocks the flow of your spiritual energy.

Developing Medium Powers on Your Own

Most of the experiments and psychic reading techniques I am going to show you require participants in a psychic development group, so I will explain the techniques with the circle setting as the default. However, it is certainly possible to practice many of these experiments with open-minded friends and family, and I hope you will practice both within a group and on your own.

You will be able to adapt these techniques easily to suit your needs. Nonetheless, few mediums develop their gifts completely outside of a circle setting as the collective energy provides the conditions necessary for accelerating the development of the spiritual powers. It is therefore advisable to join or form a circle if you can.

How to become a psychic or medium:

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