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Psychic Help and Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve brought together some of our most important FAQs about psychic help to this page. It will give you advice about some of the main issues that people ask about the psychic world.  You can also book psychic readings here with either the phone psychics or Craig & Jane.

Please feel free to ask questions in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Are Psychic Powers and Spirituality Related?

Unfortunately, all types of people can be psychic. Rasputin had the power to hypnotize people from a distance yet was a man of evil intent, the Fox sisters were Spiritualism’s most important mediums yet they were unintelligent country girls and Helen Duncan was an incredible materialization medium yet her way was coarse and sometimes vulgar.

Psychic powers may spontaneously occur in people who have attained a high degree of spiritual advancement but powers are not necessarily proof of good character. For example, if someone has a beautiful voice that can move people to tears it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a beautiful person.

These questions were originally asked me by a newspaper but they serve as a good summary of the basics of psychic help that mediums and clairvoyants can give.

Is Everyone Psychic?

Up to a point. You get a certain feeling about them. It’s difficult to explain how you know this, but certain people you feel are open. You certainly meet people whom you know are never going to become psychics in a million years because they’re completely closed to it, but I think everybody has the potential. It’s a natural gift and would be useful. Knowing who’s good and who’s bad would be very good when it comes to bonding and sex, wouldn’t it?

With Jane, was it a telepathic thing or did you just fancy her?

I was giving a demonstration at Spiritualist church and she was at the back. I was describing her grandmother who was dead and I blurted out: “I’m being told by your grandmother Ethel that you’re a really good medium as well. Perhaps you could give me a sitting sometime.” I wasn’t chatting her up.  I was wondering what made me say it in front of an audience. I expected them all to go (teasingly): ‘Ooh.’ I went for the sitting and it was love at first sight. I’d been through a hard time before in a previous marriage, and so had Jane. I’d brought a child up for nine years on my own from a baby and she’d had a similarly difficult time. So there were lots of things, as well as the psychic connection, that created empathy.

How do Tarot cards work?

You don’t have to have a special psychic gift to read the Tarot Cards. It is a common misconception that tarot readers are clairvoyants. Tarot Card reading, like palmistry, is an interpretative skill that is learned from books. With so many people jumping on the New Age bandwagon the sitter must beware. Today finding someone who can interpret the cards and who also has a psychic gift is very much due to luck.

So how do you tell the future with Tarot Cards? The psychologist Carl Jung gave us the scientific theory of Synchronicity that states that “Anything done at a particular moment in time has the qualities of that moment in time”. In other words, the fall of the cards is decided by past, present, and future events.

Every Tarot card has a specific meaning represented by the symbolism of the card’s pictures. The imagery is a mixture of good and bad auguries.

Tarot Pack

The 78 Tarot card pack is divided into two sections: the major and minor arcana. The 22 major Tarot cards show dominant forces in the person’s life and the 56 minor cards fill in the detail. The minor Tarot cards are subdivided into four suits representing different qualities: Cups-emotions, Swords troubles, coins money, wands enterprises. (Our modern playing cards evolved out of the Tarot. Cups became hearts, swords spades, coins diamonds, and wands became clubs.)

Depending on which place the Tarot cards fall, and taking into account the surrounding cards, the Tarot reader can interpret the symbolism to find out the past, present, and future events. But remember, no matter what the cards or ‘clairvoyants’ say, fortune-telling only tells us the potential future. What we make of it is in our own hands.

What is a medium?

A MEDIUM provides evidence of the survival of the human personality beyond the physical state we call death. S/he is the link between the two worlds communicating with people who have died through mind-to-mind contact. The psychic help a medium provides is to give proof of life after death.

Mediumship is the ability to communicate with people you know in the afterlife. Its aim is to prove the survival of the human personality after death and to help the bereaved come to terms with their loss. Mediumistic sittings are not for fortune-telling but are experimental sessions to give evidence of survival. Any attempt to communicate with Spirit is, by its very nature, purely experimental and therefore, results can never be guaranteed.

Mediumship takes two forms:

Physical Mediumship: Physical phenomena are of such a nature that it is usually demonstrated only at private séances. Any person sitting with the medium can hear or see what is happening. By means of raps, audible voices or materialized figures the spirit people convey intimate information about themselves, their recollection of their earthly lives, and details of their lives in the spirit world.

Mental Mediumship: Mental phenomena are demonstrated through the mind of a medium. Mediums use three forms of mental mediumship:

1. CLAIRVOYANCE the medium sees the spirit
2. CLAIRAUDIENCE the medium hears the spirit
3. CLAIRSENTIENCE the medium senses the presence and the thoughts of the spirit.

What is a Psychic?

A psychic is someone who has extra-sensory abilities. These may include clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, and psychokinesis. The word psychic is sometimes used as an all-inclusive umbrella term to include mediumship (spirit communication) and fortune-telling. The type of psychic help a psychic gives may relate to solving life problems.

Psychic practitioners tend to give readings that deal with issues in a person’s life such as their romantic situation, career opportunities, etc. Their reading may include predictions of the future.

A mediumistic Reading is less concerned with predicting the future and life issues but has the primary purpose of proving to the sitter that there is life after death

How long after passing can a spirit person make contact?

The short answer is: immediately. There is nothing stopping us from contacting our loved ones the minute we leave our physical bodies. Having said that, however, people who have no knowledge of the continuation of life may take a little longer to adjust to their new surroundings. They meet with family and friends and when they realize they can contact their families left on earth, they will seek the necessary help to do so. A medium, or someone who has extensive knowledge of spirit communication, will know what has happened at death. They will adjust very quickly to their new life and can make contact as soon as they wish.

It must be remembered that not everyone has developed their psychic faculties to the extent that they can link with the people in the spirit world. To communicate with the spirit a medium is required. It is a sad fact that many people who have just lost someone they dearly love sit, waiting and watching for some form of contact from that person. That soul could be there trying to make direct contact but unless the required energies are available, as with mediumship, then it is not, and cannot happen.

Visiting a Spiritualist Church

However, there is nothing stopping you, or anyone else for that matter, from finding a reputable and/or recommended medium at any time after the passing of a loved one, and making it possible for them to communicate, should they so wish. A visit to your local Spiritualist Church is another avenue worth investigating.  There are also a number of spiritual sites on the Internet in which readings take place and could be another opening for contact to occur.

How quickly contact can take place depends

(a) on the awareness of the spirit person and

(b) a need on his/her part to make contact.

Who are the spirit guides?

It is possible that the spirit guides may be aspects of our own psychology that have become disassociated from the personality and taken on a life of their own. They could also be what the Tibetans call Tulpas which are genie-like beings created by the concentrated power of thought.

However, my conclusion is that the spirit guides are real beings that come to help us. I come to this verdict because my spirit guides have supplied me with evidence of their reality via the mouthpiece of other mediums. All of us have a spirit guide which some call the guardian angel.

Will I meet the people I dislike such as my ex-marital partner in the next world?

Like attracts like. In the spirit world, you will come together with those you love most and who you are bound to by a higher ‘Over-Self’. The people who have troubled you in life will go their own way. However when the purpose of your life is revealed to you then you may see that the negative people were sent to test you for a specific reason.

Despite the pain they’ve caused, you may understand that they are not evildoers but sent so that you may spiritually flower. God gives his hardest tests to his most advanced pupils.

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