How to use the Psychic Intuition in Daily Life

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. If you can learn to trust your psychic intuition and follow your gut feeling about a situation you are taking the first step towards using ESP in everyday life. So, if you feel you have a gift why not start using it? Here I explain how you can use psychic intuition development in everyday life.

A few simple ways to develop your psychic intuition

INTERVIEWS: You’ve applied for a new job and receive a letter confirming an interview. Close your eyes as you hold the letter and see what pictures pop into your head. What feelings do you get about the sender? Is it a happy workplace? Is it somewhere you’d feel at home? Psychics call this technique psychometry and you may find that your clairvoyant impressions may well prove correct. Again it’s a matter of trusting your intuition.

If your asked a difficult question at the interview itself don’t jump in with an obvious answer. Pause if you can and take a slow breath. Slow breathing quieted yet energizes the mind. At the same time, close your eyes for a few brief seconds and focus your attention on the center of your forehead Psychics call this area the third eye through which we receive telepathic impressions. Go with your gut feelings and answer based on your inner impressions even if they may slightly contradict what you previously planned to say. Your psychic powers and ability to give psychic readings will respond to the thoughts projected by the interviewer and your answer may be exactly what they want to hear.

Psychioc Intuitives Craig & JanePsychic Intuition is with us in everyday situations

RELATIONSHIPS: ESP works best if you like the people you’re working with. And if you love them the powers become even more enhanced. You will know that your partner loves you as much as you love them if you find yourself finishing each other’s sentences or have exactly the same thoughts. Try comparing your dreams you may have exactly the same dreams and be resolving problems together.

Conversely if you’re going through a bad patch you may want to try a little psychic self-defense. Psychic people are usually very sensitive people and can quickly become drained when in the company of aggressive or depressing people. Next time you row, imagine that you’re wrapping a heavy, black, hooded cloak around your body. This visualization technique will pull in your aura and block the debilitating telepathic attack of your aggressor.

HEALTH: Psychic powers can be used to heal sick or troubled people. And you don’t even need to be with them to make it work. If you know of someone with problems think of them as you go to sleep. Imagine that they are well and happy. Then send them your telepathically transmitted healing thoughts. Imagine this as a healing ray of light that bathes the target person. It washes away their illness or problem and replaces it with powerful living light. The rule is: Where thought goes healing energy follows.

DECISIONS: Why not try our dowsing technique (See experiments pages) to make a decision. Here’s a typical scenario: You are undecided about in which country to take your holiday, Greece, Hong Kong or England? Cut out the pictures from the holiday brochure and put each one in a separate, identical envelop. Now dowse the envelopes and ask “Should I go to this country?” Note the swing of the pendulum and which envelope gives you a ‘yes’ answer. Then book it.

Of course the pendulum can sometimes make mistakes as your own hopes and fears can affect its answer so I suggest that you keep your questions fairly light.

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  • Craig Hamilton-Parker Jan 3, 2013, 5:46 pm

    Some psychological and philosophical studies equate intuition with our beliefs. At Stanford University they have some interesting info about the latest psychological and philosophical studies of the nature of intuition.

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