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Spiritual circle of Light
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Psychic Light Guidance!

We were guided by a psychic light that illuminated our room! It all started when the president of our local Spiritualist church, where Jane and I had met during one of my public demonstrations of mediumship, had arranged for us to exorcise poltergeist activity that was causing trouble on a converted fishing boat.

It was moored on the River Hamble in Hampshire, England – close to the ancient site where King Henry VIII once built his navy from the oaks of the New Forest. We felt excited anticipation at the thought of the following night’s plan to cross the dark river and board this strange ghost ship.

What just happened!

Relaxing in bed at about 11.00 o’clock that evening our darkened room was filled with a blinding psychic light that exploded from the center of the room. “My God what’s happening,” Jane called out as the light folded in upon itself and now hovered in a luminous ball and then into a circle of light in the center of the room. The circle was about four feet across and floating at about head height.

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We both sat bolt upright like startled animals caught in a car’s headlights. My first thought was that it could be lightning –or perhaps ball lightening but this would certainly not occur indoors and it was a very clear, bright evening with no prospect of thunderstorms. Certainly, the room had an electric atmosphere and I could feel the hairs on my arms standing upright.

We see a Psychic Light!

Jane and I were dumbstruck as it hovered and shimmered for what seemed like ages, but what in truth must have been about thirty seconds. The circle reformed into a ball and then ricocheted across the room, out of the door, and toward the living room. I jumped out of bed and gave chase through the doorway and into the adjoining room.

Seconds later it disappeared leaving no absolutely trace. This was no clairvoyant vision or ‘inner knowing’ this was as real as the book you are holding now. It was a tangible light with no explanation. Jane and I were astonished, our limbs felt heavy and we both felt slightly nauseous.

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I believe that what we experienced was linked with the fact that we were at that time living in a highly charged spiritual state. Perhaps a protective angelic force was revealing itself in preparation for the work with the poltergeist the next day. I don’t know.

The fact that we felt slightly sick afterward implies that the energy had something to do with our bodies and could have been a spontaneous projection of some form of ectoplasm- an invisible substance sometimes produced by mediums and made luminous by the spirit communicators.

Psychic Light Circle Symbolism

At another level, the circle is symbolic and refers to what the psychologist Carl Jung called an archetypal image– an inherent primordial idea that is charged with emotion; a universal symbol that is common to everyone. In particular, a circle is the simplest form of a mandala (from the Sanskrit for ‘magic circle’) that represents the wholeness of the self. Being made of light it implies transcendence and divinity.


It appeared at a spiritually significant time, partly because we were in love and soon to marry but also because our mediumistic powers were beginning to work in tandem with one another. This was a time when powerful forces of transformation were working in our lives that would soon bring Jane close to death and see me give up a lucrative directorship in advertising to seek a new and uncertain career as a full-time Spiritualist medium.

Whatever the cause the circle of light for me was a marker that came at a time in my life when everything was changing. In retrospect, I believe it signposts a new direction for both of us, away from our material goals and towards a new life as a professional television medium.

In the years that followed, as well as continuing to prove to audiences, I was also encouraged by the spirit to teach mediumistic development in Spiritualist churches, workshops, psychic organizations, and through my writing.

Eventually, I formed my own circle and during these sessions, teachings and instructions were given to members and to the circle and I have included some of these in the pages that follow.

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