Psychic Meditation in 5 Steps: Watching the thoughts unfold.

Psychic Meditation Techniques

SUMMARY: Psychic Meditation Techniques to help you develop your mediumship and psychic readings skills. Easy to follow mindfulness technique to help you with the first stages of psychic meditation.

Modern psychology recognizes that people think in different ways and that their thinking is related to one or more of the five senses. Similarly, there are many meditation methods available that will suit different personality types, so do not be concerned if your own inner experience does not exactly match what I am about to describe.

Go with the flow and allow yourself to become naturally immersed in the meditation in the way that suits you best. The meditation will help you to let go of tension, anxiety, and depression and you will move toward feelings of peace, optimism, and self-worth. Energy, stability, and tranquility are carried forward into your life. So enjoy the experience and not worry unduly about technique.

At first, you may fidget and find that your mind won’t relax, but over the weeks there will be a gradual disciplining of the body and mind and you will be able to sit for longer periods. You will be alert, focused, concentrated, and very relaxed, but do not allow yourself to fall asleep. Although no harm will come to you it will, however, be to the detriment of the others, as this will disrupt the flow of energy in the circle—besides, your snoring will be distracting. (I am tempted to keep a water pistol by my side for such occasions!)

Craig’s Psychic Meditation Video to Open the Spirit


During meditation, you will remain attentive but not immersed in the clatter of daily thinking and the endless loop of internal dialogue. When people first sit for meditation they think that their thoughts are speeding up, but what is really happening is that they are becoming aware of how hectic their normal thinking is. Most people have no control over their thinking and even less over their emotions.

During meditation, we gain inner peace and self-control by stepping back from our daily thoughts. Instead of being drawn by every whim rattling around our head, our consciousness becomes relaxed yet powerfully focused. To achieve this extraordinary inner state, all we need to do is watch the thoughts.

Aura Technique

The aura technique has prepared the ground for your meditation. Now by separating yourself from your thinking you transcend the everyday mind and attune yourself with what Western mystics call the “overself”—the higher you that extends into the afterlife and beyond. It is centered in the eternal now. You may experience being the watcher of the watcher and come closer to realizing the true nature of the self.

Psychic Meditation

5 Step Psychic Meditation – Awareness

Step 1

Watch your thoughts like film images flashing on the screen of your attention. Observe them but do not follow them. If you find that you have slipped back into a stream of thought, bring your attention back and continue to observe. You do not need to suppress thoughts or the feelings that come to you. Simply see them and let them go.

Step 2

If emotions well up, note them and let them go. Remind yourself of the fact that these issues can be dealt with later. For now, you are focused on more important things.

Step 3

Sometimes your thoughts will express themselves as visions. Just as in dreams some may be pleasant and others ugly. Detach from these too—observe them and let them go. Even if these visions contain interesting prophecies or clairvoyance, let them go. Focus on being the unattached watcher.

Step 4

If there are sounds in the vicinity, such as a ticking clock in the hall, let these distractions be part of your observation. Observe them and let them go.

Step 5

Eventually, you will be free from distractions and will enter a peaceful yet alert state of consciousness. Meditation is like sleep, it cannot be taught. It is something that comes by itself and only afterward do you realize you have been meditating.


With practice, meditation will become an established habit and you will quickly be able to enter it every time you sit in a circle. It is a state you can carry forward into everyday life and brings with it the benefits of inner peace, emotional stability, and intellectual sharpness.

I am reminded of the words of the controversial guru Sai Baba, who asks his devotees to use their wristwatch as a spiritual trigger: “When you watch the watch, remember the five letters of the word watch,” says Sai Baba. “Each is giving you a fine lesson of life: W tells you to ‘watch your words’; A warns you to ‘watch your actions’; T indicates to ‘watch your thoughts’; C advises, ‘watch your character’; and H declares ‘watch your heart.’ When you are consulting your watch, imbibe this lesson that the watch is imparting.”

Inner Peace

The peaceful inner states that you enter during meditation are beneficial to your body, mind, and spirit. Time spent in meditation is for you so do not worry unduly that you are not always in communication with your spirit guides or experiencing meaningful visions. Meditation is a simple process with many powerful benefits. It is your time for your own personal development and to recharge your spirit.

Most of the time, particularly when you work alone, you will use meditation for personal spiritual growth. However, there are also a number of purposeful inner techniques that can be incorporated into your group meditation. Eastern traditions use specific meditation techniques to evoke special powers such a bi-location, astral projection, lucid dreaming, awareness of subliminal sound, control of the autonomic nervous system, and many other miraculous abilities.

The technique you have learned to open the aura increases your sensitivity and enables you to become attuned to the influences of your spirit guides and loved ones. At the appropriate time, that is, when you are ready, the spirit may draw close to you and give you guidance. But do not expect a blinding-light-on-the-road-to-Damascus type of experience. The spirit will come gently, like a quiet, almost imperceptible, voice that whispers words of hope across the great silence of your meditation.

The Psychic Circle

At my circle I now divide the meditation into two sections—a method you may wish to try sometimes. The first part of the meditation is dedicated entirely to oneself. We go into the meditative state and simply enjoy the experience. I then ask my students to return to normal awareness and quickly ask them to return to meditation but now “sit for the spirit.” During this second stage of our attunement, we open our minds to the spirit world and communicate with our guides.

Messages are given to us for others sitting in the room, and which are discussed later. If we have a guest present, we ask of spirit that the information we are given is specifically for them.


Occasionally the students are permitted to make short notes in their spiritual diaries. For example, they may “hear” the name of a spirit communicator or receive information or imagery. A short note or keyword is put in the notebook to help recall.

It is fascinating when more than one person writes down the same information, such as a name or an image that is then confirmed to be significant by the guest. These instances show that telepathy and/or spirit communication is taking place.

How to become a psychic or medium:

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