Psychic Medium Abilities: Demonstration and How to Develop Them

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Watch Craig & Jane demonstrate psychic medium abilities on their early television show called ‘Something Strange’. Below the video we show you how you can also develop psychic medium abilities. 

Video Showing Psychic Medium Abilities


How to Develop Psychic Medium Abilities

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This is an extract from my book Psychic School in which I show you how to develop psychic medium abilities. You can purchase the book via Amazon at my Psychic Shop – more details here. You can also train with me online at my Online Psychic Circle and also at our Online Psychic School. If you feel that you have the beginnings of psychic medium abilities or feel you would like to learn how to give psychic readings then look into our extensive online training programs on this site.


The truth is that few can develop mediumistic skills. And of those that have it, I have seen many give up for a variety of personal reasons. Even more frustrating are the fledglings who fly from the nest before they are ready or able to give quality links. They may get a few things right in circle and then immediately rush out and give private readings and demonstrations long before they are ready. There are no favors here, for their mediumship may stay at a substandard level for the rest of their lives. If they do this they will never know their true capabilities or what they could have achieved with patience. Just as dental students would not undertake deep root canal fillings until they are fully trained, so too mediums should not begin full practice until they have accomplished skills.

Learning to become a Psychic Medium

My own teacher, Peter Close, was a taskmaster who pushed us to greater and greater accuracy. We developed our mediumship with the same determination that a body builder develops his physique. I pushed myself to give a little more than my best every time I worked. This is one of the reasons I now am able to give such detailed proof and can take on TV challenges. For example, as well as giving the Christian name and surname of the spirit communicator. I can often relate information that cannot be claimed as guesswork or researched from records.

In a recent consultation I named the sitter’s sister in spirit and explained how she died in a road accident. I told of how she was buried in her wedding dress and was laid out clutching a china doll that held a distinctive blue rose. I was also able to quote the exact words of a letter placed in the coffin. The contents were known only to the writer and now passed on to her dead sister.

Do you Have Psychic Medium Abilities

Clairvoyance Eye and psychic medium abilities

I want new mediums developing psychic medium abilities to be inspired to give this level of proof. When I die this next generation of mediums will be the people I will have to use to get a message to my loved ones.

When I started out on the path, I never dreamed I’d be doing mediumship as a career. I did not know that I would be able to meet such a high degree of accuracy. It has happened because my teacher encouraged me. Right from the start, I was taught to be tenacious about my mediumship. This is what I want to pass on to you.

Never sit on your laurels. Continue to push yourselves to greater and greater accuracy. Never give a vague message. Be the one that proves beyond all doubt that mediums really can do what they say they can.


It is hard to describe exactly how mediumship works. You can be practicing for years and not get much, then suddenly it’s there. It is just like riding a bike or surfing: Once you’ve cracked it and got the knack, it becomes automatic and easy. When the spirit communicator’s thoughts resonate with the medium’s subconscious mind an unobstructed flow of verifiable information comes through. To allow this to happen you have to discard that part of your mentality that wants analyse, rationalize, and shove everything into ordered boxes. Embrace the holistic mind  In short, you “go with the flow.”

Mental Mediumship

Mental mediumship is the blending of a number of spiritual perceptions that work together to give the medium information about the spiritual communicator. (Note that we are talking here about mental mediumship, as opposed to physical mediumship, which builds the actual physical form of the spirit communicator.) If the medium is a clear channel then the spirit will be able to use a number of methods of inner communication to help prove life after death.

These are the following:


Clairvoyance. Literally “clear seeing,” the ability to see spirit images. The medium’s use of the word clairvoyance differs from the definition established by Joseph Banks Rhine, the father of parapsychology. A parapsychologist describes clairvoyance as the power to see things that aren’t available by the known senses. It is the ability to know things which aren’t known by anyone else. A good example of this is “remote viewing.”

For a medium, the word clairvoyance has a slightly different meaning. Clairvoyance describes the visual information received from the spirit communicators. Working through the medium’s aura, the spirit communicator will attempt to impress his presence on the medium’s mind. This could be described as a mental blending reminiscent of telepathy. When the medium receives these impressions his or her brain converts them into forms he or she can understand. In this case the information is “seen” in picture form.

Subjective Clairvoyance

Subjective clairvoyance is experienced in the mind. For example, the medium may have a mental picture of the communicator that he or she can “see” and describe. The details the medium may relay from this may give a good visual description of the communicating spirit. The medium may also be shown other pictorial information and see images and movie. These are impressions of scenes relevant to the communicator or the recipient. A personal memory and imagined images do not have the same clarity and detail as those received via clairvoyance. A clairvoyant vision of a communicating spirit person may show every wrinkle in excruciating detail, which adds to the evidence of survival. A description of a tattoo, birthmark, eye color, manicured fingernails, and so on can often provide more concrete proof to the recipient than the spirit person’s name.

Some mediums experience objective clairvoyance. This is seeing the communicating spirits as though they are live in the physical world. In this instance, the spirit people are communicating through the medium’s mind in the same way they do with subjective clairvoyance. The mental impressions seem to the medium to be part of his or her surroundings.


Clairaudience. Literally “clear hearing,” is the ability to receive spirit impressions in the form of sound. The spirit people do not speak to us in the usual sense. They transmit thoughts in the form of words through the aura to the subconscious of the medium. The medium’s mind then builds this telepathically received information into words and sentences that are repeated to the sitter. The clairaudient medium has been compared to a person on the telephone who relays information to other people.

To give yourself insight into how clairaudience works try mentally reciting a verse or quotation. In your mind repeat each word as you think it. This is similar to inner experience of clairaudience. The “voice” may appear distant or can be “heard” with clarity. With proper training the inner voice becomes extremely clear. All the medium need do is repeat exactly what is being said.

This is done without embellishment, to the sitter. I have repeated a few sentences given from the spirit in the Urdu and Croatian languages, which I do not understand but to my utter astonishment I had spoken to my sitters (a phenomena known as xenoglossy). In most instances, if a foreign-language-speaking spirit communicates, I hear it in my native tongue of English. Telepathically projected thoughts from the spirit communicator are being made sense of by my subconscious. I hear it as my language.

Subjective Clairaudience

With subjective clairaudience there is a mental blending of the medium’s thoughts with the spirit communicator. It is experienced as an inner voice. Using clairaudience the medium is able to give information such as the Christian name and surname of the spirit. Sometimes they hear the house number and street the spirit person used to live. They may hear his or her birth date and passing date. In fact, there is unlimited information, facts, and advice that can be given in this way..

Sometimes a medium may experience objective clairaudience. This is when the medium hears the voice. It sounds like it is being whispered in his or her ear or spoken in the room. In this form of mental communication the voice is heard only by the medium. That is why you sometimes see mediums talking as if they are in direct conversation with the spirit. This can look very impressive but the medium understands that, in reality, it is an objectified inner conversation that is taking place.


Clairsentience. Literally “clear sensing,” is the ability to sense spirit presence. The medium will be able to sense the bodily conditions, emotions, personality, and character of the communicator. I believe this is the easiest form of mediumship but also the most important, for clairsentience is usually always present during a communication. It is the string that threads together the pearls of clairaudience and clairvoyance.

Using clairsentience, the medium will be able establish a great deal about the communicator. He or she will be able to sense if the communicator is a man, woman, or child. The medium can prove what physical ailments the communicating spirit had. This may include the cause of the bodily death, which is foremost in the memory of the recipient. In addition, clairsentience can give information about the character, traits, and usual disposition of the spirit person. You may become aware if they were a stubborn person, a cheerful person, an intellectual person, and so on. This is vital information needed to show a clear profile of the communicating spirit.

Objective Clairsentience

Objective clairsentience occurs when the mental impressions are superimposed on the medium’s body. If the communicating spirit passed with a lung condition, I may feel a slight pressure on my chest. Sometimes these impressions can be very powerful. I recall having a sore throat for some time after describing the spirit of a young man who was beheaded by glass during a car accident. Objective clairsentience may cause the medium to unconsciously mimic the gestures, mannerisms, and facial expressions of the spirit. I have found myself limping across the platform or speaking with a lisp when describing spirit people who had these conditions.

Clairsentience is an important part of mediumship. It gives an exact character profile. It can sometimes say far more than the facts about the deceased, such as names. Messages of love, feelings, and emotions are communicated through clairsentience.

How to become a psychic or medium:

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