How to Develop Psychic Powers

Psychic Powers
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How to Get Psychic Powers

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about how to develop psychic powers and clairvoyance. This is an extract from my advanced book Psychic School that shows you how to develop psychic powers as part of a group or on your own.

Beginners may also enjoy my very easy to understand the psychic book for absolute beginners. There is no short cut to getting psychic powers. It’s a long process. Start with this first article and I will take you step-by-step through the process over a number of pages.

Spontaneous Psychic Powers

Psychic powers occur spontaneously in millions of people but from this multitude, only a handful will develop their psychic gift and fewer still will progress to develop mediumistic powers. They say that one person in a hundred may become a psychic but only one in a million may become a medium.

You do not choose to be a medium. It just happens. And when it does, coincidences occur. You may have bought this book out of curiosity or you may have a sense of something ‘bigger’ is driving you. Our ‘meeting’ through these pages may be no coincidence.

Psychic Powers - Craig being tested for ESP on the BBC

Many people develop their psychic powers in the context of a Spiritualist Circle.
Craig’s psychic powers being tested on the BBC

How to Get Psychic Powers

People who have set foot along the path to mediumistic development and psychic powers claim that events conspire to lead them to the people, methods, and philosophies that are needed. Usually, a teacher crosses their path. Perhaps you have been drawn to a medium that is prepared to give instruction or your path leads you to an organization that is a custodian of the knowledge you seek. Very often an upsetting experience opens the doors for you. Many are set upon the path because of bereavement, illness or an impossible to deal with the situation. Adversity is often the catalyst that ignites the spiritual quest.

I am hoping that it is more than idle curiosity that has led you to this book. It’s got to be more than simply wanting to get psychic powers to impress your friends or feel self-important.  I am hoping that your heart has heard the call from your soul. I am hoping that my words will help you to discover for yourself the wonderful spiritual inheritance that can be accessed through mediumship. And I am hoping that you will use these psychic powers in the service of others so that light may be pure and shine far into the darkness cast by this materialistic age. Mediumship is a divine calling that requires you to examine your heart before you can proceed. It is a holy office.

Resisting the Call from Spirit

In my own case, I did not particularly want to be a psychic medium but as soon as I sat in a circle I realized that this was something that is supposed to happen in my life. There were times when I rejected the gift of getting psychic powers and in anger cursed the fact that I was a medium. It was making me too sensitive and also had turned my material life upside down. But even when I felt despondent or wished I had not started out on the path something would always happen to remind me of the importance of the work.

This would often come in the form of a ‘chance’ meeting with someone I had helped and who would tell me how my mediumship had changed his or her life and sometimes even saved it. I would be reminded about how much good this work can do for others and the joy it can bring into this world. These serendipity reminders can also help you to see the bigger picture. Today there is nothing I enjoy more than a vibrant public meeting to demonstrate my mediumship and see the suffering of bereavement lifted when we know the joy of living never ends.

Psychic Powers and the Responsibilities it Entails

Becoming a medium brings with it responsibility. Have you asked yourself what is really driving you and why it is that you hope to become a medium? Many people start the process of development but also a great many fail in their efforts or give up when they discover the level of dedication required. If you ask your inner voice to give you guidance it will always oblige. Put a question to your soul and it will reply. Remain in an expectant yet calm mood and just await the reply. The answer will definitely come.  Ask yourself this simple question “Why do I want to be a medium?”

Remain inwardly silent for a while until an answer is given to you. It will come to you via your intuition- perhaps as an inner voice or maybe in the form of a symbolic picture or a sense of knowing. Now spend a little time contemplating what your intuition has given you. The first message you get from your inner voice is the right one as secondary messages may have been influenced and changed by your own hopes, expectations, preconceptions, fears and so on.


Asking your intuition for guidance, and them acting upon it is an easy way to begin accessing your hidden powers. It is a numbingly simple technique but it is surprising how few people listen to their inner voice.

If you want to become a clairvoyant or a medium you will need to listen to and trust this inner voice for from this all the other powers spring. Indeed I would argue that the inner voice – and particularly the part we call the conscience- is our link not only with our unconscious and the spirit world but also is a direct line to God. We all have this- not just mediums.

Personal Gain and Ambition

I hope that the reply you received to your question had something to do with compassion and helping others rather than for personal power or material gain. Today mysticism is an industry and there are many who want to develop these powers for the wrong reasons. Are you perhaps motivated by curiosity, power, egotism or ambition for fame? Will you be helping the bereaved to lift the clouds of pain and bring succor to those in need? What sacrifices are you prepared to make? What if your development of psychic powers takes many years, do you have the stamina and perseverance needed to complete the work?

I am reminded of a newcomer who took me aside and said, “Craig, I have been sitting now for six weeks and I am still not getting anything correct. It is my intention to do this for a living so how much longer is it going to be before I can start charging people?” Clearly the man’s motive for development was completely wrong and his psychic powers never did open while he sat with me. Others in the same group, whose motivation was to help others, found their mediumship blossomed quickly.

Conclusion: How to Get Psychic Powers Activated

We have looked at the moral responsibility as the first step to getting psychic powers now you will need to start working with your latent skills and start your actual development.

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