Psychic Predictions for Russia

Russian Winter
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Psychic Predictions for Russia


Psychic Predictions for Russia by Craig Hamilton-ParkerThese are my psychic predictions for Russia. During February and March 2018, I was asked to make psychic predictions for Russia on a number of Russian Television Channels. I cannot speak Russian so don’t know what they are saying in the video shown here in a moment. I have some of the footage but do not speak Russian so do not know how they reported the interview. I’m going to try and get hold of the rest of the footage. After the short Russian TV clip, I will run through the main points about what I said.

I made many psychic predictions for Russia on these Channels but only part of what I said was included. I sent emails about my psychic predictions for Russia and have them as proof of making the predictions on the dates stated. These predictions were made on 23rd November 2017, 1st December 2017 and 29th March 2018. This YouTube has been uploaded on 12th April 2018.

As with all predictions, I get some things right and some things wrong. I do not claim to be infallible. At times, I make very specific and correct predictions that cannot be explained by chance alone. Pundits cannot guess these things.  You can see what predictions I have got right on my website or on the national newspaper websites.

I spoke about world events on the television programs but what I want to highlight here are the specific psychic predictions for Russia that I made on the TV shows. This forecast is not just for the times ahead but also for much further ahead as well. Other psychic predictions for Russia can be cross-referenced in some of my other videos about other countries.


These are my Psychic Predictions for Russia:

There were three television interviews with different channels but these were the main points I said:


I was asked: “Many people say that the relations between the countries of NATO and Russia will worsen. Do you think that the conflict can grow into a large-scale military action? And in whose territory will this happen?”

I replied with these summarized points:

  • I see the conflict with Britain over the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal turning into a major diplomatic nightmare. Russia will claim that a third party did this – ISIS or a CIA plot. My feeling is that Russia was at fault but Putin did not directly make the order for an assassination. In fact, he was angry as it will detract from his election Victory.
  • As a result of the diplomatic problems, there will be a conflict between Russia and America. America will strike Syria and Russians will die in the conflict. My feeling is that many will fear that this will strike fear around the world but it will not lead to a full-blown nuclear conflict.
  • From the NATO point of view, the big loss is that Russia will grow closer to China. They will trade more and Russia will sell missiles to China.
  • In my earlier predictions for 2018, I saw an American ship being sunk over the North Korea crisis. I wonder now if this could be connected to the Russian conflict.


They asked me: “How will Turkey behave and what will happen to the Russian-British relations? And what about the region of Serbia and Kosovo?

Their question was: “What Global catastrophes will occur?”

I replied as follows:

  • Volcanic activity will be great during 2018. Some has already happened but I feel Vesuvius will be a serious problem.
  • I also see shipping being disrupted because of a gigantic break in the ice shelf.
  • Turkey will be drawn into the Syrian conflict. They will try and take lands from the Kurds. After the conflict, a Kurdish state will be created against Turkey’s wishes. Some Turkish land will be part of this. This will not happen in 2018 but some years ahead.
  • Serbia and Kosovo will lean towards Russia. There will be an internal conflict in these places. Russia will want to intervene but will be stopped by international political pressure.


The interviewer asked: “Some say that if the ravens leave the Tower of London then Britain will fall. Will this happen? And what about the rise of the Red Star in Russia as a symbol? What are your insights on this?”

These were my points:

  • Although some of the Ravens in the Tower are now being allowed to fly free I do not believe that this superstition will come to pass. Someone may try to kill or poison the Ravens but this would not be the fulfillment of the prophecy.
  • The Red Star is a symbol of Russian Nationalism and many claims it is on the rise. However, I feel people should look to it as a star of hope, not of nationalism. As I have said in my other interviews, there will be a spiritual revival in Russia that will give hope to the world. This is not a religious upsurge but more of a return to personal spirituality. Many will return to the old spiritual and mystical paths from Russia’s distant past.

Further thoughts

At the time of posting this video, there are news reports of a possible strike by American missiles in Syria. My initial thoughts on this conflict when I spoke to Russian television were that this will happen in 2019. Seeing events unfolding so soon I feel I need to make this video.

The most important worry I feel is the prediction I made that a ship will be sunk in the conflict. This could be an American Battleship though my earlier predictions were unclear. (I thought it related to North Korea you may remember)

Naturally, there will be a lot of fear of upcoming events. My feelings were however that although these will be a major clash, this is not World War 3. A peaceful resolution will be made.

  • An American Ship will be sunk.
  • Trump will do a deal with Russia and both will take credit for personally stopping the war.

Some Additional Psychic Predictions for the Russia Conflict


  • I feel that the Iranian and Israeli military will stay out of the conflict.
  • Israel agents will be caught in Syria. Mossad will try to assassinate Assad.
  • Assad will eventually be assassinated. It will be claimed to be by a missile but he is poisoned.
  • I have said in other predictions for the Middle East that Syria will be partitioned in the years to come.
  • Russia will retain influence in the region and have its own a permanent base in Damascus after the conflict.

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