Psychic Predictions That Came True!

Is It Really Possible to See into Time?

You may have had a tantalizing glimpse of the future yourself. Many ordinary people, who make no claim to having special powers, have written to me to say that they’ve seen the future.  “I awoke from a bad dreamed at exactly 9.03. In the dream I saw my father collapse outside the hospital in Glasgow” says Pamela from Knightswood “Exactly two months later at 9.03 a.m. my father collapsed and died at the exact spot that I had dreamed about.”

Some people believe that psychic gifts are an inherited gift passed down through families and even racial groups. When a gypsy girl called at Mrs Hollings house in County Durham she was amazed to hear how much the gypsy knew about her and her family. “She knew that my husband had bad legs and went on to predict that my son was engaged to a girl with the first M but would marry a girl with the first S. Their firstborn would be twins.”

The gypsy’s prediction came true to the letter.

Craig & Jane Predict the News


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I have premonitions of the future but they are not about what’s going to happen they’re about what’s NOT going to happen. I have known emphatically that certain events will not take place. For example I ‘knew’ on the day Charles married Diana that they would never stay together. And it happens in my life too. I remember being thrilled to bits at being asked to go to the theater in Covent Garden but something in my bones said I wouldn’t go. I didn’t.

I call these reverse premonitions my “No No’s” Joan H

Well, I’m certainly not coming to see you for a private consultation Joan. But you knew that it wasn’t going to happen didn’t you?


I had a terrible nightmare. I saw a woman being stabbed several times in a park by a stream A few days later I was horrified to learn that a woman neighbor had been stabbed to death in her own home. Her house adjoined a park and there was a stream nearby. Although this happened a few years ago, the murderer is still at large. – Douglas W

Officially the police deny using information from psychics in their search for criminals. However, I have helped to track a murderer by contacting the dead victim. If you feel that you may be able to offer a clue to the murderer’s identity, I’m sure they would like to hear from you.



I was working on an oil rig 80 miles out in the Arabian Gulf.  Because we were working 12 hour shifts most of us went to bed early.

On a Thursday night at 7-35 p.m. I was awoken by a bad dream. I was floating about 100 feet in the air above a street near my home watching a car travelling along a dual carriageway. Without stopping it drove straight across a roundabout and hit another vehicle. I sensed and not saw that the guilty driver was my father.

I told my friend about the dream.

A week later I was flown home. My father had an accident in exactly the way my dream had revealed. He told me that as he was driving he started thinking about me in Bahrain and wondering how I was getting on. Suddenly he hit a car at the roundabout. Luckily nobody was hurt. The time was 4-35 p.m. Between Bahrain and the UK there is 3 hours time difference in summertime. The accident happened at exactly the time I dreamed of it. Mr A J W

Our psychic powers increase during dreams or day dreams. A mind to mind communication (telepathy) happened between the two of you. This ESP power has been tested extensively in the laboratory and scientist le J B Rhine have found that telepathy seems to work across any distance. A fluid state of mind yields better results than intensive concentration. The conditions were right for telepathy to take place except the fact your father was driving of course.  


Tragic events, and perhaps a little intervention from the spirit world, finally brought our family together. My mother and father had separated when we were children. Dad remarried and Mum brought us up alone. But when my brother, at the age of 31, had a heart attack everyone gathered together.

During his convalescence my brother had a vision of a little boy stood by his bed. He described him as a boy of two years old with white hair and a face like an angel. My Gran, on dad’s side, showed us her family photographs. Among them was a picture of a two-year old boy. ‘That’s the child I saw by my bed!’ exclaimed my brother. Gran explained that he was our father’s brother who had died at two years old. Until that day nobody had ever talked of this terrible family tragedy.

Two weeks later, tragedy struck again and mum too had a stroke. We really thought that we would lose her and I had a disturbing dream of a big glass coach being pulled by black horses with feathers on their heads.

Mum got better but weeks later dad was diagnosed as having lung cancer. He quickly deteriorated and died in the Hospice. On the wall of the funeral directors office was a large photograph of the glass coach pulled by black horses that I had seen in my dream. – P S

You were shown omens that a death was imminent but misunderstood their meaning. Your dream of the carriage and your brother’s vision were all warnings about your father. In a subtle way you were prepared for what was to happen. Events conspired to bring the family together during your father’s last weeks on earth. It gave you the chance to express the love your have for each other.


When I was seven years old, soon after my father had died, my mother took me on holiday to Hayling Island in Hampshire. I stood looking out to sea and had a horrific waking vision of an airship breaking in half. I saw everything in detail and still remember the look of terror on the pilot’s face as he fell through the air. The next day the papers were full of the terrible story of the R101 airship disaster.

My dreams also seem to show the future. For example I dreamed that people were shouting “Jean’s Dream has won! Jean’s Dream has won!” I was completely perplexed until I read the paper next day. I had no knowledge or interest in horse racing yet the winner of a major race had been a horse called ‘Jean’s Dream’!

Perhaps the most frightening premonition I’ve had started with a series of bad dreams about an atomic bomb and a building with just one tower. I had such a feeling of horror that for several nights I dreaded going to sleep. I would thrash around in my sleep and was heard to call out “The Russians!, the Russians!!”

The meaning of my nightmares was revealed on the television some weeks later. I saw on the News the very tower I had dreamed about A terrible nuclear disaster had happened at Chernobyl.  – Mrs M  

Your vision and dreams certainly seem to be true premonitions of the future. In every case there was no way you could have known that any of the events were about to take place. You are a very psychic woman with a remarkable gift of precognition.

Psychic Predictions that came true.Craig & Jane have made many psychic predictions that came true


You said in one of your replies to a letter about psychometry that it is not possible to tell the future by holding an object and psychically reading its vibration. 

I know a man who clairvoyantly sees pictures of the future and predicts all sorts of things by holding an object. One day we tried it on  the pools numbers and he got 6 out of 11 score draws. The other 5 were back to front such as 31 for 13 etc. Hazel B

Your friend is not reading the objects history through vibration rather he is using it as a link for his clairvoyance. Perhaps you could send me the numbers as well?



Since my accident I have got premonitions and visions. I had a vision of an arena filled with fire and two months later the Bradford football stadium fire occurred. Also in another vision of an arena I saw rows of faces in agony soon after the Hillsborough football disaster happened. A third vision showed people falling through the sky and 3 months later the Lockerbie air disaster took place. Recently I saw images that suggest that there will be a major earthquake soon. The images deeply upset me and sometimes I can’t sleep for days. – Don T

Just like you, I see a stream of images that I sometimes interpret as a future events. Sometimes the visions can be very vivid and disturbing. Consequently it is very important to learn to switch off or you can become overwhelmed by impressions. There are two psychic centers, known as chakras, that are mainly responsible for clairvoyant visions. These are located in the center of the forehead and at the top of the head. Visualize doors closing over these centers and the flow of impressions will stop. Imagine them opening and the visions will begin again. This way you gain control of your gift. –  


I was sitting near a window at my holiday home watching a dog playing near the water. Suddenly, to my surprise, it just disappeared. A few days later my beloved collie was taken ill and had to be put down. Was the scene on the beach a premonition of his death? – Mrs Hillary

Dogs have often been associated with omens of death ever since the times of the ancient Greeks when they were supposed to guide the souls of the dead to the underworld. Dogs and other loved pets and animals survive death as we do. Your collie will wait for you on the other side of life until, in many years time, it is your turn to join him.



I get flashes of insight that I find quite disturbing. As a young child I would tell my mother when people were going to die and they soon would. Sometimes lights would flash and doors open and close by themselves.  Recently I smelt the aroma of my father’s cigar smoke and rushed around to his house to check that he was all right. It was just as well that I did as he had just been attacked on his way home by a group of youths with knives.

My strangest experience happened whilst I sat in a fortune teller’s waiting room. I sat and chatted to a grey haired old woman, who was as real as you or me, but then she just disappeared. I told the fortune teller about my what had just happened and described the woman in detail and what she said. He was shocked to realize that I had accurately described his mother who had died over 10 years ago. – Shelly R

You have a natural gift and with training you could make an excellent psychic. At first clairvoyant awareness comes sporadically and when we least expect it. Next time you visit a psychic it may be worth asking if he knows of someone who can help you with your own development. You need to understand how to control your remarkable abilities. –


My friend and I tried a simple experiment with coins by letting heads stand for yes and tails for no. At first we took it as a joke asking things like “Was Marilyn Monroe killed by the Mafia” but soon we discovered that the answers it gave were very right. We want to try it again but would like some background information about this. – Josie P

The ancient Chinese developed a very interesting oracle based upon the throwing of three coins six times. By giving the coins a numerical value a hexagram ,which is a series of straight or broken lines, is worked out and looked up in a book called the I Ching. Some of the China’s greatest  philosophers contributed to this very wise book. Confucius considered it to be the most important book in Chinese history and the I Ching was one of the few publications that Mao was unable to ban in the ‘cultural revolution’.

We asked the I Ching for you about Marilyn Monroe’s death and it said: “When tempers flare up in the family, too great severity brings remorse.”- Maybe this implies that there was a bitter argument in the Kennedy family that resulted in Monroe’s death? 


 A couple of months ago, my husband woke up and told me that an old red Indian told him that ESHA NESS meant the “eye of the storm”. My husband guessed that Esha Ness was a race horse so we scanned the papers for days to see if it was running. We’d almost forgotten about the dream, when we discovered Esha Ness was running in the Grand National-so naturally we backed it. We stood to win almost £5,000 but that was the year that the Grand National was abandoned because of a false starting signal. Some of the horses ran unaware of the mix up and even though Esha Ness won we lost out.

My husband firmly believes that because he backed the horse, things happened the way they did. Can a person control fate in this way or is this just a bizarre coincidence? – J M -Dundee

Many psychic people have spirit guides from the North American Indian tradition. Your husband’s guide was proving his reality by giving him the winner of the Grand National! However it is said that they will not give us information that we can abuse or financially profit by. Think of this experience as a valuable lesson in both the reality and integrity of the spirit world.



 On the night of 12 March 96 I had a vivid dream of a lady dressed in a beautiful blue dress. She turned her kind face to me and said “Don’t worry, we shall be looking after the children.” I was puzzled by the dream until I heard the dreadful news on the TV about the massacre of the children. I’m sure that I was given this message from the angels to bring comfort to others. – Diane J

Remarkably, other readers have written in to say similar things to yourself. Many foresaw the terrible events at Dunblain and some dreamed of angelic beings who gave messages of reassurance. Although the massacre of the innocents was horrific it’s comforting to remember that every little soul who died has a special place waiting for them in the afterlife. 


A gypsy girl called at my door and told me that someone lived in my house who had a bad leg. She was referring to my crippled husband. She said that my sister would also have a bad leg and have to go to hospital but that she’d be all right. (The next week my sister was taken into hospital to have her varicose veins removed.) She went on to say that my son was engaged to a girl with the initial M but would marry a girl with the initial S and they would have twins.

The Gypsy girl’s prediction came true to the letter including the twins. Now tell me, how could this girl have possibly known of these things? – Anthea H

The word ‘Gypsy’ is derived from ‘Egyptian’ and some people believe that these people are the custodians of the secret paranormal knowledge from the times of the pharaohs. It is more likely that the gypsies migrated from India and brought with them some of the psychic knowledge of the yogis. Fact and fantasy often merge but clearly some gypsies truly are psychic.


I had a vision that I felt was a prophesy so I wrote it down, sealed it in an envelope, dated it 18.5.93 and  asked to my doctor to keep it for me as proof. I had described a mid air crash with one plane taking off in cloudy conditions and one in sunny conditions. My prophesy happened in Germany on 23.6.93 exactly as I had described. My doctor was amazed when he saw the letter. – D T

If other readers have an interesting prophesy send it to this column.


When I was eighteen a gypsy insisted on reading my palm. She said that because I had bright green eyes it would be unlucky for us both if she didn’t- there was no charge. She said I wouldn’t marry my boyfriend J J  but would marry a man with the initials R M G. Also, I would have a baby but I wouldn’t bring it up. Instead I would adopt another child. It all happened. My husband’s initials are R M G , my baby was still born and we have adopted a little girl. – Joan G

Remarkable! The Romanies, who originated in Northern India, are said to have secret divination knowledge passed down from the Ancient Egyptians. For centuries they were the custodians of the tarot cards.


I dreamed one night of the house being full of people. A minister was also there . I looked around in panic because I knew someone was missing but I didn’t know who. A white coffin was then brought into the room. A week later my brother died suddenly. We gathered for the wake and to my horror his coffin was white-just like in my dream. – Linda C

Most dreams of death are symbolic of being unable to cope with life’s problems. You however had a  true precognition of your brother’s death: His passing was soon after the dream and white coffins are unusual.


In 1952 I dreamed that King George VI had died. The vision remains with me to this day. I can remember how I saw the funeral train pull into the station surrounded by the royal family in their funeral garb. I told my husband of the dream in the morning and later in the day heard the news that the king had died. Funnily enough though, Diana’s death took me completely by surprise.

The most remarkable ‘psychic’ experience I’ve ever saw happened in 1978 when my baby grandson was very ill. When I stayed at my son’s  house, to help with the baby, improvements were being made to the building. Consequently the window to my room was boarded up.

One night the baby was staying in my dark room when I awoke in to see my whole room ablaze with brilliant light. It was coming from my grandson’s cot! I sat up in bed and looked at it with complete astonishment. “Could this be an angel of light come to heal the sick child?” I thought. I could see the room clearly. Suddenly the light was gone and the room was once again plunged into pitch darkness. From that point on the baby made a rapid recovery and is now a very healthy 18 year old man. – Joy S.

It would be hard to dismiss the lights you saw as car headlights etc. as your room was boarded up. Also, as you saw the room clearly it is unlikely to be an optical effect caused by the random firing of the rods and cones at the back of the retina. You saw something and the baby got better. Perhaps it really was a healing angel of light?


I’ve consulted many psychics in my time. They’ve used a number of techniques: Tarot cards, tea leaves, runes, crystal ball, and one even read the patterns made in sand. Some readings were correct but others were completely off the mark. I believe that there is a lot to be gained by visiting psychics but would like to know which style of fortune telling proves to be the most accurate. Alan D

The paraphernalia used is only as good as the clairvoyance  of the psychic. Really talented psychics and mediums need no props at all. For example, in 1990 Russia’s President, Mikhail Gorbachev wanted advice about his future.He asked the blind Bulgarian  clairvoyant Vanga for advice. Vanga is 79 year old and famous for her forecasts in the former Soviet Union. She advised Gorby to put two sugar cubes under his pillow and leave them two days before she visited him. Vanga claims that she can predict a persons future by touching the cubes.

A Kremlin spokesman said that Gorbachev grew up in Southern Russia “where people are guided by omens and premonitions” They added “However intelligent and educated a man is, old traditions die hard”

Wouldn’t it have been great to have been a fly on the wall. Were her predictions  sweet or sour?


When I was 25 and worked on the railway as a fireman I had a terrible accident in which my pelvis was badly crushed by an engine. During my long convalescence I often reflected on a dream I had had six months before the event. I had dreamed of the accident before it happened I don’t know why because nothing I could have done would have prevented it happening as it did.

I’ve dreamed of car accidents and then saw them next morning. My most frightening premonition happened late at night. I dreamed that I was being strangled. I awoke screaming and unable to get my breath. To me it seemed that temperature in the bedroom had dropped to near freezing but my wife assured me that the room was quite normal. I looked at my watch it was 6.30 in the morning.

Next morning at 9 a.m. my cousin telephoned to say that my aunt had died a few hours ago at exactly 6. 30 am. It is obvious I have premonitions but for what reason do they happen when there’s nothing in the world I can do to prevent them? – B T- Canton, Cardiff

I’ve just finished filming a new programme about predictions, for London Weekend Television, that will be screened later this year. They asked my wife Jane and myself to predict the world events that will happen over the coming months. There is nothing that we can do to alter the destiny of the people whose future we’ve seen. But sometimes a premonition can prevent an accident you need only read the many examples people send to this column. Of course the conundrum is that if someone does change their plans because of a dream then the events never take place and there’s no way of knowing that the dream was a premonition



My friends call me ‘Psychic Pat’ because I see the future and always seem to get it right. But my gift frightens me because it’s so spontaneous. For example, I have predicted the right sex of babies every single time I’ve been asked. Someone tells me that they are pregnant and I just blurt out the sex. But inside I’m saying to myself “What if I’m wrong?”

I would prefer to keep quiet but I just can’t keep my big mouth shut. When a friend recently told me that her daughter was expecting I said without thinking “She’ll have twin girls” Even though there was no history of twins in the family sure enough twin girls was what she had.

It’s not only babies but I see jobs, exams things people are going to say… It’s as if my predictive ability grips hold of me and won’t let go. What should can do to control it? – Pat B .

Clairvoyance works best if you are spontaneous and try not to censor the thoughts that enter your mind. As soon as you try to control psychic powers the more elusive they become. Psychic powers are best controlled by learning to open and close the psychic centers called chakras. My book The Psychic Handbook or a good book on yoga will explain how the chakras work.


When I worked at the Royal Marsden Hospital I had a dream of being at work. I saw two odd looking fellows walk along the corridor and towards the room where we would collect our wages. “I bet they’ve come to rob the place” I said to my friend who was stood next to me.

The next morning when I came to work the hospital was swarming with police. A robbery had taken place and a porter had been hurt. I told the police about my dream. To their amazement everything I had dreamed was exactly as had taken place except there were four robbers and not two as I has seen. – Mrs E P-

Your dream was not a premonition because you saw events as they were taking place. You have remarkable clairvoyant skills. Telepathy may be at the root of these powers as, later in your letter, you tell me you always seem to know who’s at the other end of the phone when it rings. You may have ‘picked up’ the thoughts of the porter.


 In February I had a dream about my husband who had died 15 years ago. He looked sad and was urgently trying to tell me something but I couldn’t make out the words. I told him that I didn’t understand so he crossed his arms over his chest.

On the afternoon of the same day my brother had a heart attack and was rushed to hospital. When I arrived he had been unconscious for some time. I stood by the side of the bed and spoke. To everyone’s surprise he awoke. A tear trickled from the side of his eye as he whispered my husband’s name and died.  – Jean I- Hednesford, Staffs.

Your husband crossed his arms in the same way as you would lay someone in a coffin. He knew what was about to happen and was there later that afternoon to help your brother make his transition.

psychic readings A psychic phone reading can help you know the way forward. Using their precognition and gifts the psychic telephone readers will gain clairvoyant insight into your situation during their phone readings with you. Although they do not claim to know the future they can help you to see the way forward. Psychic Readings are a fulfilling way to discuss your feelings about your fate, destiny and way forward.

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The above stories are from my series of books:

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  • Victoria Feb 2, 2019, 12:57 am

    Hi. I’m Victoria and since I was a little girl I’ve been able to see the future in my dreams. I never really paid attention to them growing up, because I didn’t know what exactly was happening. But recently I had a very unnerving experience. I saw my 11-year-old sister’s death. In my dream, I saw her getting hit by a car. Two days later my sister and I were in the same spot of where she would’ve gotten hit. And it was like a deja vu moment. It was like reliving my dream. If you’re wondering yes my sister is ok. If had other experiences but not as big as this one.

  • Susan Aug 31, 2016, 2:30 am

    When I was 25, in 1992, I had two psychic experiences in a row. In the first one, I kept seeing myself falling down stairs, like a quick flash of it, while I was awake. It kept happening, so I was so afraid of falling down stairs that when I took the NYC subway trains, I would hold onto the stairway railing with 2nd hand. One day, at my parents house, my mother asked me to go down the basement for something. I opened the door, turned the light on, and quickly slid down the entire stairs on my butt. I was okay, but my butt really hurt! After that, the premonitions stopped. But, at about the same time after that, I was depressed because I really wanted a boyfriend. I even thought of jumping in front of a train, I was so depressed. Then, one day, this great feeling of calm came over me and I felt like something good was going to happen soon, I even knew I was going to find a boyfriend soon. Soon after, I went to my sister’s for a barbecue. While there, a man I had never met came over and introduced himself. My first thought was “this must be him!” and it was. We were boyfriend and girlfriend and I was very happy for a while, and even got married.But, I wish that premonition did not come true, because he ended up being awful.

  • Simon Dawson Jan 19, 2016, 3:32 pm

    I had a vision while waiting in a traffic jam on route to Wales back to work, about a plane hitting the jam packed motorway in front of me, but I saw the plane coming towards us, so I jumped out of my car and ran telling people to get out of the way on my way to safety. Two days later there was an air show in Brighton South England where a jet came down and hit the A27 motorway. Freaked me out a little bit.

  • Kalten Jul 25, 2015, 2:12 am

    I just had a strange vision whilst going to bed. I had a vision of someone being mugged and shot in America. The victim wore glasses and had light fair hair almost white in appearence. I also got a random name too… out of curiosity I face booked this name and scrolled down the list surprisingly to find the guy living in Kentucky. In this vision, I got the location name Ohio. Due to being British and having no geographical knowledge of America as such. I Googled Kentucky and then Googled Ohio. Turns out both places are in Texas. I am genuinely freaked out by this. This is the second strongest vision I have ever had which holds some truth to it. What is this vision? And why am I having it?

  • Jessica Mar 3, 2015, 1:36 pm

    Well I guess so much to say but a little time so this start with this today I am 30 and I was born with a special prediction gift I could see the future. I could tell was someone that they need my help and also spirits can contact me if they need me to help someone they love I could feel certain peoples emotions when they passed by me and also I could feel was something bad is going to happen.

  • Shona Nov 29, 2014, 1:12 am

    About a week before my father’s death, my late mum came to me in a dream and told me my father was dying. To my knowledge my dad wasn’t ill but a week later he had passed away.

  • leanne marie Aug 30, 2014, 7:34 pm

    A few year ago I dreamt I had seen my dad laid in his coffin, covered up to the neck in peach satin this was on the Saturday night, and less than 48 hours later he died and in his coffin was peach satin.

  • kitz Feb 22, 2013, 10:39 am

    Can you predict football match ahead of time?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Feb 22, 2013, 2:39 pm

      During the World Cup I was employed every week by the Daily Mail to be the psychic tipster. More fun than real clairvoyance though as I hate football! I’ll post the articles sometime.

  • Joseph priory Jan 22, 2013, 12:16 pm

    My wife’s aunt read my tealeaves may years ago and we wrote down all that she told us. One thing was that I was to watch out for an orange car and a bridge, sometime later when I was road testing an orange Ford Cortina mark 3 that I had been working on and took a road up the side of Kincardine bridge a little boy shot out of nowhere on his bike and I knocked him down, luckily I was going slowly and he was uninjured, since then any scepticism of this type of thing has long gone from my mind.

  • Zinziswa Dec 8, 2012, 10:43 am

    I would like to know if you can predict if I am pregnant or not.

  • andy c teats Sep 11, 2012, 2:48 am

    Lately I have been having these psychic dreams that have been coming true and no matter what I do it never changes. I had this dream of a relative that I never knew about – she is deceased and in the dream I was in her house. She had three dogs and she was playing the piano so peacefully until this lady came in then she disappeared. She stopped playing and than the lady closed her eyes and my relative started playing the piano again but this time the piano sounded really aggressive and evil. When I woke up I found this card from her funeral and it was the lady from my dream. Her name was Dorthy and so I ask my mom about her. All the info from my dream was true. I wonder what could she of been trying to tell me?

  • Rita Sep 5, 2012, 9:17 am

    I’ve had psychic prediction dreams that came true my whole life which show me certain people in my family who have died or will in the future. I mean we all will leave this place someday, but I watch it like a movie but I can feel all the grief too. I had a bad dream about my older brother a couple of years back and in the dream my sister in law was walking somewhere and crying, so I asked her where my brother was and she looked and said, “you know he had a heart attack and died” and I woke up crying because it felt so real! I immediately got up and called my older sister and told her to call my brother because he needed to go to the doctor immediately, or he would pass soon. She called him and told him what I said and when he went to the doctor that next day the doctor admitted him because his blood pressure was very high. We were all relieved that he ended up OK after all. I think our dreams are not only for our bodies to re energize, but for messages from a higher realm to come through which we can’t receive when awake. Sometimes though, it’s too overwhelming since I don’t like feeling grief.

  • Robert Park Aug 18, 2012, 3:45 pm

    I have predicted the future on many occasions and I doubt today if I could recollect all. I dreamt of the Lynmouth flood disaster (was it 1952) and of the Lockerbie PAM-AM 103 disaster of 1988 well in advance of this latter one occurring. I knew that my first wife would pre-decease me. I have also predicted the winners of horse races including the first 4 winners of both the Derby and the Oaks on a few occasions, indeed, my track record of predicting winners in horse racing is high yet, paradoxically, I am not pecuniary motivated nor do I know how to bet on horse racing other than placing an ‘each way’ bet. I once placed a bet on a 500-1 outsider and it came in 2nd. Sometimes, when dreaming I get glimpses of future events but not often. Mostly I get a ‘knowing sense’ of something that is about to occur and often long before its occurrence. After the event the ‘knowing sense’ no longer exists. I am never privy to the details of those events.

    Here is an incident of one of my daughters when she was five years old. We were a mobile family and on one occasion (1966) took residence in a house and in an area in which we were unhappy. It was here that this daughter commenced her schooling. Five month later she returned from school bearing a letter from her teacher. In the letter the teacher expressed her interest and fondest for our daughter adding that she would miss her when we moved house on Thursday (this was on the Monday prior). My wife mildly chastised her for telling this tale to the teacher when such an occurrence was not about to happen. The following morning, Tuesday, my wife went to the school and apologised to the teacher. The next morning, Wednesday, we received a letter through the post from a housing association informing us that a house was available for us in a rather nice area and that the keys were ready for collection on Thursday!

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