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Article about Craig Hamilton-Parker. [ref]Article from The Sunday Express by Jane Clinton.[/ref]

This is a reading I did with the Daily Express about how a psychic can use an object to clairvoyantly ‘see’ a person’s life.

THE ROOM falls eerily silent. As the man closes his eyes, he wraps his hands around a tiny object.

From this, he will be able to tell me things I have never shared with anyone and reveal to me aspects of myself that only those closest to me would recognize. The man is Craig Hamilton-Parker and he is a psychic medium. The object is my ring, made from tagua nut, a gift from a dear friend who brought it back from his travels in Colombia. (Craig, however, does not know this and I have kept any detail to an absolute minimum).

“I am just clearing my head,” says Craig in his West Country-tinged accent.

“I am now going to do some psychometry. I am feeling for vibrations. When I am doing this I am thinking like you.” A form of psychic reading, psychometry is where an individual claims to pick up details about another through touching their possessions.
At this point, the skeptics in the room may want to bow out. While I too have a healthy skepticism about such things there is a part of me that would like to believe. This is partly because in recent years scenes in my dreams have subsequently played out in real life.

As Craig holds my ring and begins to talk I feel like I’ve met him before. (Perhaps it is because he bears more than a passing resemblance to the comedian Arthur Smith, albeit with blond hair, and because he has carved out a successful television career as a psychic).

“You are very self-questioning,” he says.

“I feel you doubt yourself and that you get pipped at the post a lot and this applies to quite a few parts to your life.” I am not convinced.

The Psychic Touch

Craig with the psychic touch of psychometry

HE SAYS: “I feel that if someone says no to you, you will come like a ferocious animal to prove them wrong. You cannot stand anybody trying to put you down. That is your driving force: ‘I’ll show ’em’ is your motto for life.”

So far, so general. Such conclusions could apply to any number of people I think to myself as he continues. “I’m getting something,” he says, his eyes still closed.

“You made a decision that would change the course of your life. You wanted to continue with music and make a career of it but you changed tack.”

I shudder and feel nausea rising up. It is true, 100 per cent true. Aged 16 I was intent on a career teaching music only for it to be dashed by a very persuasive English teacher. It was a moment I have thought back to often and have vowed one day I would return to take a music degree. There is no way he could have known this as I cannot even be sure my closest friends are aware of it.

I feel distinctly unsettled. Craig then turns to Mark, our photographer. This time he just closes his eyes and has no objects. “Did you study typography?” he asks. Mark jolts with surprise.

“No one knows about that,” he says laughing nervously. As the colour slowly returns to our faces, Craig admits he is well aware of the effect such revelations can have on people. He is, he says, hugely conscious of the responsibility he has and he despairs at the number of charlatans at work, like those featured in the recent film Red Lights starring Robert De Niro.

“I get really frustrated by the frauds,” he says.

“I try to empower people and help them make the decisions they kind of knew they wanted to make in their hearts.

“Was your grandmother into this type of thing because I get a feeling that somebody on the spirit side works with you and it is on your mother’s side?” asks Craig.

“I sense that you are a person who is in touch with their unconscious mind and your dreams because I feel that you get eerie premonitions.

“This comes with you right from when you were young. Was there a fire somewhere when we look back?” There was no fire that I know of but he is absolutely spot-on about the dreams.
Now it is my turn to see if I have any psychic talents. I hold a ring of a person I have not met. It is silver with a clear, heart-shaped stone.

“Don’t censor what you say,” insists Craig.

“Say what comes into your head no matter how odd it might seem. It is often the silly little things that you should not ignore. So I begin.

Craig explains how he became a psychic medium

“She is fierce, she is ambitious, she is blonde,” I suggest. I am not sure if it is the look of the ring that has led me to these conclusions or the vibrations I am desperately trying to feel. Some of what I say seems to be correct but it is all too general for it to be any indication of a “gift” and I accept that my attempts at psychometry need fine-tuning.

“Next time you receive a letter and you do not recognize the handwriting hold it and try to feel who it is from,” says Craig.

Just stop and try to feel the vibrations.”

Later I am at a work get-together in a pub when a magician appears and introduces himself. “My name is Michael Vadini,” he says with a flourish.

He asks our names and then begins to entertain us with a handkerchief and coin disappearing tricks.

VADANI turns to me and holds my gaze. Jane, are you telepathic?” he asks. The assembled group start to laugh as I have already regaled them with the day’s events. “Give me your ring,” he adds. There is yet another, slightly louder hoot of laughter as Michael begins to perform some mysterious tricks with it.

So this ring, all the way from the Colombian rainforest, has yet another spooky experience.

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