Psychic Mediums Working in the Theatre

Psychic Mediums Working in the Theatre
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Starting out on Psychic Tours

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about psychic mediums working in the theater. Here is a short extract about what it’s like as psychic mediums working in the theatre. 

This is an extract from my book Psychic School that can be purchased from our psychic shop. Here I explain about Psychic Tours and working with an audience and at the theater. Working within Spiritualism is for many mediums the first step to taking psychic tours of the theaters.

Starting to Demonstrate Mediumship

When the members of a circle are ready to begin demonstrating, the medium leading the circle will usually plan a “fledgling demonstration.” If the medium comes from a Spiritualist background, then these psychic tours are normally arranged at a Spiritualist center. The audience already will know how mediumship works and be sympathetic and less critical than a paying general audience.

Watch the psychic mediums working together in the theatre

Craig & Jane: psychic mediums working in the theatre


The first time I set foot in a Spiritualist church was as a fledgling medium. Peter Close, our circle leader, prepared us in the weeks leading up to the event. He worked with us to refine our gifts in readiness for the specific tasks each of us was to perform. One of us would do the opening prayer, another would give a short inspired address, some would demonstrate psychometry. A few would demonstrate mediumship.

Shaking like leaves, we stood in front of the sea of eyes and took turns demonstrating our gifts. To our astonishment, it worked. We could do it! In fact, afterward members of the audience approached us to say that our mediumship was better than they had seen from mediums who had been working most of their lives—and they were not just being nice, then meant it.

Psychic Tours within Spiritualism

Working in Spiritualist churches is easy for both fledgling and more advanced mediums because the energy is usually high and the congregation is normally open-minded and used to watching mediums work. Spiritualists will still demand evidence but will be more tolerant than the general public and understanding when things go awry.

When working with large public audiences on large-scale psychic tours the medium usually needs to be more dynamic and a bit of a showman.

The methods I am about to discuss will help you to deliver your messages with energy and make your work interesting to watch should you eventually be able to do psychic tours and demonstrate at larger venues. Much of what follows also will apply when working one-on-one, and I advise trainees about these same criteria when they demonstrate their skills in my online psychic chat rooms.

Establishing an Empathy with the Audience

People who have paid to watch your psychic tours in a theater are expecting to be entertained. Of course, mediums are not entertainers, we are doing an important spiritual task, but if we are to reach the general public we need to go out into the world and present ourselves to them.

A television producer once advised me to be myself when I go on air but be a slightly magnified version of myself. In other words, you have to consciously project your personality but at the same time do not ham it up or make yourself look false or silly.

Understanding The Live Audience

In the case of a live audience, you have to get them on your side. This can be done by talking with sincerity and compassion and also instilling a little humor. This can happen right from the start, but it works best when injected into the mediumship part of the demonstration. I may say things such as “I want to come to the man with the blue aura with yellow spots,” or “I want to come to the lady with the ghastly pink cardigan,” or I may point in some vague direction and say, “I want to come to the lady on this side, the lady with the strong features.”

I will not actually identify whom I am talking about. Playing with the audience like this can sometimes lift the energy. You have to be careful not to overstep the mark. Some people may not see the joke or take you literally. Your tongue in cheek remarks may be taken as insults!

Having Fun

Most mediums have a few silly comments up their sleeve reserved for the psychic tours that they throw in when the energy needs a lift. It’s one of the things that makes mediumship fun to do and fun to watch. Although we are dealing with some very sensitive issues and tragedies, a little humor will help to lift the grief and allow the energy to flow. Laughter can sometimes be an expression of love.

The first links that you make are also very important because from these you establish your ability and get the audience’s trust and, with it, their support and energy. If the first link goes wrong it may take some time to get the energy flowing again. You need to have the audience’s belief and confidence, which creates a sort of energy that will work in your favor. Actors and actresses know that an audience has its own energy, which can lift or floor the performer.

The First Link at your Psychic Tour Appearance

Mediums are often asked, “How do you know who to go to on a psychic tour when giving a link to an audience?” The truth is that most of the time we have absolutely no idea until we start speaking. In my own case, I find the first link of the evening is given to me as I stand up from my chair or step onto the stage. Spirit usually gives me a name, but only at the last minute and just before I am to speak. It can be nerve-wracking. I never know if I am tuned in or linked to spirit at all until I actually start working.

This is where advance clairvoyance comes in handy. Sometimes a communicator may link to the medium the day before the show. This information can be explained to the audience just before you work. I remember watching the great medium Doris Stokes work. She started her session by saying that a name had come to her while being driven to the show. It was impressive when she added a long list of details and someone in the audience affirmed all of it. Advance clairvoyance can be arresting to people who have never witnessed it. This cannot be explained away by cold reading, fishing for information, watching facial expressions, telepathy, or listening to voice tones.

Getting the Names Right

Sometimes a name and other details will come to me prior to giving a demonstration. Normally I do not get the link until the moment I am about to speak. Other times there is a name on my mind but it is completely overwritten when it comes to the actual demonstration. The truth is that every medium works in a different way, and no one way is better than another.

Some may give wonderful factual evidence, such as names and dates, but may miss some of the intimate and heartfelt information. For others, the reverse may apply. What matters is that the recipient and the audience understand that a spirit person has made a connection and added a little more to the evidence suggesting life after death.

Moving with the Flow

When you stand in front of an audience during your psychic tours you will be aware of their energy and will be drawn to certain areas of the auditorium or to individual people.

Most of the time you will not be able to resist the pull of this energy. You may find yourself giving messages to people all over the place. This may include people waiting in the wings, in the bar, or in the entrance area. In these instances, you’ll have to send someone out to get them!

Getting the Message Across

This is a sign of the spirit’s determination to get a message through to specific people. As a medium, you have a lot more control than you may at first think. While doing a demonstration you can simultaneously have an inward conversation with your spirit helpers. Ask them for their help. If, for example, you notice the energy in the is dropping you can suggest that they bring a cheerful link through.

As a communicator who will lift the energy by making people laugh. Who comes through is usually outside of your control. The guides will pay attention and help you with links that will enable things to move smoothly.

While the guides are lining up the communicators, it is you who are standing in front of an audience and it is your judgment that counts. So if you feel you need help, ask the spirit guides. They will help only if you ask them.

A Good Audience

If the audience at psychic tours is vibrant and receptive, the energy will be like a liquid light flowing from place to place. When the energy is really high you may see it as a lake of light that moves around the auditorium. If you cannot place a link you are describing, submit to the energy and let it guide you.

You may be drawn to a specific area or to a particular seat and, in some instances, you may see a bright light around the person who is to have the message. Invariably when cross-examined he or she will turn out to be the recipient, or, if it is not that person, then it is someone sitting very near.

It may be that the potential receiver is shy or hesitates to come forward. Perhaps the receiver could place some of the information but needs additional details before acknowledging it all.

Lining up Links

As the one in control of the demonstration, it is possible for you to work with the spirit communicators to line up the next link while you are finishing the first one. When doing this, make sure you move around the audience. If you give messages only to one section of the audience you will lose the attention of the rest—and with it goes their energy and the power that drives you.

So if you have a link at the front of the hall, make the next link at the back or up in the balcony. In this way, the audience will need to turn around to see to whom you are speaking, which makes the experience more active and interesting.

It also keeps everyone alert, as no one knows to whom you are going to go next. It could be anyone, and so they remain expectant and excited if they do eventually get connected.

This is an extract from my book psychic school in which I teach mediums from scratch to working in the theatre. 

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