Are Some People Psychic Vampires?

Energy Vampires
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Psychic Vampires – Encounters with Real Life Vampires.

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker.

Have you ever met someone who drains you of energy? They may be well-meaning, but something about them leaves you weak and exhausted. One person I know, for example, often says, “What you need is a big hug!” If you are unfortunate enough, however, to receive the offered “comfort,” you are left feeling far worse than before! Such people can drain all your energy simply by shaking your hand or talking to you. And they are everywhere! We mediums call them “psychic vampires.”

Psychic Vampires

Psychic vampires are people who do their damage by a telepathic draining of their victim’s auric energy, affixing themselves to it like a parasite. They are usually dominant, extrovert, and highly talkative. In extreme cases, they are very intense and sometimes slightly manic. In these individuals, fear is usually present in the background of their consciousness. You must learn to protect yourself from their negative influences.

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If a psychic vampire becomes a close friend or a partner, the long-term effect can be very harmful. At first, neither of you will realize what is happening, but gradually you will become debilitated and have a lack of motivation and energy. People who are the victims of psychic draining usually have an emaciated physique, a pallid complexion, and an overall sense of weakness. They are often suggestible people and the complete opposite in many ways to those who display psychic vampirism.

Psychic vampirism is often present in people who have a degree of paranoia or repressed fear. This type of person may be stubborn and hold bigoted views. They like to win arguments. Never argue with this sort of person, as you will never win. They want an argument in order to prove to themselves that they are better than you are. It’s best to simply back away from this type of person, and even avoid eye contact. Speak to them in a soothing low voice and try to change the topic of conversation to something pleasant

Drained by a Vampire

The same draining can also happen when you met people who are overtly extrovert. Often the “life and soul of the party” is someone who drains the life from the partygoers! People who like to be the center of attention may seek to drain the energy of everyone who is watching them. We see celebrities who love the adoration of their public, they often speak of how it gives them a “high” to have all this energy directed at them.

The same can occur at political rallies, in theatres, public meetings, or even during a demonstration of mediumship in a Spiritualist Church. In these instances, the person who is the center of attention can be uplifted, but without detriment to others. In a one-to-one situation, however, an entertaining person can also be a spiritually draining.

Insecurity can also cause a person to become a psychic vampire. Something may have happened to them in their past that gives them a fear of abandonment and anxiety that the problems will reoccur. They may think that everyone drains their energy so their response is to compensate by taking the energy from others. These people may make you feel depressed or tired. They may engage in tedious conversation and come across as helpless and dependent on others.


It is advisable not to be drawn into trying to solve the perceived problems of this sort of person. They may actually enjoy thinking that they are the victim and may not necessarily be looking for a self-empowering solution to their behavior problem. If their depression is clinical, they may need medical assistance. Sometimes these individuals live in constant fear of rejection and abandonment. You may give them some words of encouragement and optimism, but do not necessarily try to solve their problems.

A great many people adopt negative mental habits that prevent them from being a self-sufficient individual. These habits can be subliminal, but they still result in their becoming emotionally dependent on others. This type of personality, again, is likely to drain the energy from your aura. They strive to involve other people in their lives and make demands on them. Living from moment to moment, they have no structure in their lives or plans for the future. This type of individual may be prone to fantasy, have a deep sense of isolation, and resent self-dependent people. This may result in a wave of muffled anger towards others which taints the energy they project. Helping this sort of person can be problematic. They will be very creative in their ability to find reasons to reject your advice.

Where Real Vampires Lurk

Psychic vampires lurk in unexpected places and are sometimes successful people. People driven by the need for personal power may draw from the energy of the people around them. These people may have high-paying jobs, a good reputation, a perfect spouse and family, and look in perfect health, but they never really draw any real satisfaction from life.

They often find it hard to engage intellectually or emotionally with other people and maintain a continual sense of urgency. Again, this type of person can quickly deplete your energy and it is best to avoid them if possible. If you are drawn to this type of person, you may find that their energy is increased at your expense.

It is best not to look at these people in the eye. Not only are the eyes an important part of human communication, but yogis believe that energy is projected through them as well. Some people believe the left eye is the passive one so, if circumstances dictate that you meet the gaze of a person displaying psychic vampirism, it is better to look only at the left eye.

Folding the arms, crossing your ankles or legs, and placing your folded arms across your solar plexus are ways to protect vulnerable areas of the aura. It is also best not to sit or stand directly facing them an energy vampire. I mentioned earlier about visualizing a mirror or a shield to deflect negative vibrations and gain protection from bad energy. Another simple technique–preferred by some–is to imagine the negative energy passing straight through your aura, without affecting it at all.

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