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sensing spiritual vibrations
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Spiritual and Psychic Vibrations

Article about sensing psychic vibrations using psychometry by Craig Hamilton-Parker.

This is an extract from my book Psychic School about Sensing Psychic Vibrations. It will also teach you the basics of giving psychic readings and mediumship. This article shows you how you can use psychometry as a stepping stone to mediumship. You will sense psychic vibrations in places to enhance your skills.

Bad Psychic Vibrations

The birds never sing at the former Nazi extermination camps of Belsen, Dachau, and Auschwitz. God’s creatures know that these places “smell of death”. They are filled with the dark vibrations of the past.

Intuitively knowing that a place is dangerous has survival value. This instinct was passed on to us by our archaic ancestors. We sense fear from bad places. We are aware of benign and helpful vibrations.

When we enter a place of worship there is a feeling of holiness from the centuries of worship that is imprinted into the structure of the building. Similarly, the vibrations at an amusement park will buzz with excitement. A theatre is infused with the emotional energy left behind by audiences. The impressions we get are more than what our senses tell us. There is something “in the air.”

Craig’s Video about the Ghosts of Auschwitz


This feeling of the psychic vibrations of a place, which we commonly refer to as having good or bad “psychic vibrations”, becomes particularly sharp when we buy property. We don’t just choose a place because of price, room sizes, and location. It has to “feel right.” It has to “feel like home.” You will have noticed that some places have a bad atmosphere and others feel welcome.

One of my daughters works in real estate and says that many house purchasers will ask if any of the previous occupants were divorced. They will ask if anyone has died in the house. A great many people are concerned by the vibrations that are left by former occupants. They ask whether there is a history of violence, murder, or crime connected to the property. Houses with a bad vibe or a dark history just don’t sell.

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Psychic Vibrations

Vibrations of Places

Mediums and psychics believe that thought travels outside of our body. It is absorbed into the environment. This would account for why some places have a definite atmosphere. A psychically sensitive person will become aware of these vibrations. They respond to the memories that are imprinted onto the area’s energy field. If a terrible event, such as a murder happened, then they may “see” that event in their mind’s eye. If they are very sensitive they may see the event with their physical eyes as well.

Ghost sightings are a result of a psychically sensitive person responding to the vibrations “recorded” in the environment, which they see as an apparition. This differs from the self-aware spirit of someone who is living a new life and makes themselves known to us.

Residual Energy

Places also retain the residue energy of historic events because they absorb the thoughts and feeling of people who once lived there. I get many letters and emails through my newspaper columns from people who have had very powerful experiences. They momentarily have been transported back in time and “seen” events from history happening around them. I have posted some of these extraordinary accounts on my website. (We also now offer personal psychic readings by phone from our site)

These people have experienced the historic recordings I have written about. Some have encountered a brief time slip and directly experienced past events. If our consciousness is not subject to the constraints of time, then it follows that these people are seeing directly into history. Skeptics argue that it is just fantasy, but in many instances, the person is able to recall facts that were completely unknown to them at the time.

Archaeology and  Vibrations

Many of the leading archaeologists, such as Heinrich Schliemann and Arthur Evans, have been attuned to the idea that places and relics retain memories of the past. Major historic discoveries are have been found, not through systematic excavation, but because of a hunch. Something leads the seeker to dig in a particular place to find great treasures. Bligh Bond recounts in his book, The Gate of Remembrance, how the Edgar Chapel in the abbey of Glastonbury in Somerset, England, was discovered using clairvoyance.

A number of archaeologists use psychics in their digs with considerable success. Dr. Norman Emerson of the University of Toronto reported being assisted in his digs by a businessman named George McMullen. He had a sharp talent for locating ruins and reconstructing their associated history.

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