Making Psychic Connections | How Psychics Connect to Spirits

Making Psychic Connections

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“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and along these fibers as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back as effects.” –HERMAN MELVILLE

Some mystics have taught that thought is a physical thing. They claim that every particle of matter has a particle of mind energy connected to it, and by picturing in the mind a particular object a thought form is created in the shape of the object perceived. In this way, a material object can be materialized by focusing on the mental image and thereby gathering together thought forms connected to individual particles of matter. This technique, which I have witnessed, requires a degree of spiritual power that ordinary people do not possess but which some mystics master after many lifetimes of arduous practice. Similarly, the reverse is true, in that matter can be infused with mental energy. An idol, for example, may take on special powers because of the thoughts projected into it by worshipers: consider a statue or image of the Hindu god Ganesh drinking milk, or a Catholic’s Madonna crying.

psychics connectPsychics can connect with telepathic energy

Psychics Connect to Thoughts

The American psychic Edgar Cayce believed that thought is tangible. He spoke about how thought was a finer form of matter and how thoughts have different densities. This also corresponds to many of the ideas within Spiritualism, in that the rate of thought vibration dictates spiritual advancement. Fast vibrating thoughts are associated with love and compassion and naturally rise to the paradise planes of the next world. Selfish and hateful thoughts are slow vibrating. They are sluggish and “heavy,” and so sink towards the lower spirit worlds.

After death we are drawn to the level of existence that corresponds with our overall rate of vibration. Heaven and Hell are varying levels of vibration that correspond to our own positive or negative thought. Compensation or retribution are therefore determined by our own inner state which, fortunately, can be changed through the power of our own free will. From a Spiritualist’s perspective, the cosmic plan is not to punish humanity but to encourage the continuous evolution of the soul through free will. Similarly, in our earthly world, the higher vibrations of love and compassion will protect us from the negative vibrations of hate, jealousy, and so on.

Psychics Connect to Spirit

I have spoken already about how thought can extend from us and sometimes even form separate entities. My own spiritual mentors, who speak through me in trance, have also spoken of this. They have given many discourses to explain that all thought is inter-connected, forming a whole. Every thought we have connects to everything else and thereby influences the whole.

My spirit guides have spoken about what they call the mycelium of consciousness. It works the same way the roots of a group of mushrooms connect over a large area. We may also compare it to the Internet, where many separate computers link together. When I work as a psychic medium, I become aware of this interconnectedness. To access the “network,” I only have to look within, to my own thoughts, and check for “incoming messages.” I may sense thoughts being given to me by the spirit world or notice that my perceptions can extend to remote view distant places. Just as I can connect with the whole world with an Internet-linked computer, so too I can access the collective web of consciousness when I link my thoughts to the spiritual mycelium. Once connected to the inner web, it is possible to communicate with the spirit world: see remote locations, access the past, and view future possibilities. In fact, I believe there is no limit to the information it is possible to access using these clairvoyant skills. Psychic mediums are the pioneers of a great adventure that will eventually become the spiritual domain of everyone. With proper training and motivation, I believe that, in the future, many people will learn how to access these other levels of reality.

Creativity as a way to Connect Psychically

Creative people are often aware of this extended consciousness when ideas simply “come to them.” Often, there is a feeling that an idea has come from out of nowhere, landing complete on their lap. Could it be that some ideas–particularly the great ones–are independent thought forms given to us via the spiritual mycelium? There are certainly many instances of inventions and discoveries made within moments of one another. It’s as if a thought form has been created and, on its own accord, it will now seek to become a reality. I believe that important ideas often are given to us by something outside of ourselves: the collective unconscious, spirit influences, or maybe part of the mind of God. Many great inventions have come independently to a several people at the same time even though there is no way they could have known about each others intentions. For example, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and filed patent number I74 465 on February 14, 1876. Only 3 hours later Elisha Gray, a different inventor working completely independently, filed another pattern related to the telephone. Within two years, there were 600 lawsuits against the patent, coming from people claiming that they had invented it first.

If an idea for a book comes to me, I know that I must act quickly before someone else comes up with the same idea. An interesting example happened yesterday. I was writing a proposal for a new psychic television show that I intended to present to an independent production company. As I typed the last full stop, the telephone rang. It was a television company asking if I would be interested in working on a new psychic Television show. I explained that I had that moment finished a draft and would put it in the post immediately. Today the astonished researcher called to say that we had independently come up with remarkably similar ideas. This one, they said, “is meant to be!”

Mind Fields: Psychic Connections

“When we try to pick out something by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe” — JOHN MUIR

Every thought you have influences the cosmos. Your brain will remember your thoughts, feelings, and sensations, of course, but your thoughts also leave an impression on the cosmic mycelium. Persistent thoughts and desires will generate energies that will influence the course of your life. If you have a sustained desire to become an artist, for example, the energy created will eventually bring you opportunities to pursue this goal. Your own mental energies draw these opportunities to you and it is then up to you to act upon them or not. Carefully focused thought, as found in prayer, meditation, mantras, and affirmations, act upon the cosmic mycelium in a sustained way and hastens the process. In my own life, I have found that once a vision of what I hope for is set in my mind, the cosmos acts upon my desire to bring these things to me. In particular, I believe that wishes for spiritual things come more quickly than material desires because the soul has a long-sighted and hidden agenda for our true happiness.

Mind Fields: Psychic Connections between Groups

The same also applies when groups of people work together for a common purpose. The collective hopes build a mental energy that brings fulfillment of the desire. Again, I believe that collective desire for spiritual blessings come more quickly than material gain. So why are we not living in a utopia? The fact is that most people’s hopes and desires are not for spiritual things. Their desires are greedy and bring with them blessings, but also problems. If the hearts of people were to change, I believe that we would soon have a Golden Age. Unfortunately, it is not easy to change people’s hearts.

I call these collective group energies a “mind field.” You no doubt noted the pun on the word “minefield.” Indeed, these group energies are often unstable, or may be problematic for us. These mind fields work within crowds, businesses, institutions, and countries, as well as in intimate relationships, friendships, and families. Small and large groups of people generate their own mind field that will influence their collective destiny.

Mind Fields: Spiritual Psychic Connections

I have already mentioned how true spiritual motivation can create a particularly powerful mind field. A spiritual mind field also creates powerful protective energies that trigger spiritual advancement or the development of psychic, healing, or mediumistic powers. The energy in some of the early Spiritualist circles was so powerful that materializations and aports were commonplace. In particular, these powerful mind fields enabled the pioneer mediums to manifest a substance called ectoplasm that would mould into the recognizable features of spirits communicating from the afterlife.

I have been running my own mediumistic development circle for over ten years. Many of my original trainees have now progressed to become professional mediums, psychics, and healers. I have seen many changes in the group field, as my fledgling mediums leave the nest and new pupils join me. It is particularly interesting to see how the energy of our very powerful mind field changes and adapts over the years.

Sitting in a dark room and communicating with the spirit world may sound a bit frightening to anyone who has never attended a séance. I remember, for example, how the congregation shook with fear outside their Spiritualist Church at our wedding. I’m sure many of them thought that we would take our oaths over a ouija board! But once a person experiences the uplifting vibrations of a Spiritualist service or a private séance, they soon understand that these things are far from frightening. The energy is soothing, inspiring, and has a healing quality that brings us close to the divine.

Psychic Attunement

The first part of my weekly séances includes a period of meditation. I play a CD of my voice, with appropriate musical accompaniment, that leads people into a relaxed state and encourages them to open up their spiritual energy centres, called the chakras (explained in detail in chapter 6.) We then sit in silence. As we sit in the candlelit room with our eyes closed, we begin to feel the atmosphere in the room change. We feel ourselves enveloped in a warm, gentle energy that restores our vitality. We sense our auras joining to form a protective circle of light. During this time, we feel the spirit guides and helpers draw close, giving reassuring messages and guidance about our personal spiritual progress. Working as a medium can be extremely exhausting work but these sessions allow me and my group time to become quiet within and to recharge. It also allows us a little time to be alone with God.

Strangers to these proceedings may think that a séance is a dangerous place, one where you are exposed to weird entities and spirits. However, if the sessions are held with the right motivation and objectives, the opposite is true. A properly conducted séance is a place of spiritual safety. Not only are you protected from any negative paranormal influences, but you are also protected from the day-to-day negativity of ordinary life. If someone thinks ill of you, their winged thoughts may affect you. However, in a séance setting, you are protected by the circle of light I described earlier and, more importantly, by the thoughts of love that the sitters, and their loved ones in spirit, share.

Even though the members of my sitting circles have changed over the years, an energy has been created that persists even though original members have left. Every time we sit to meditate, we awaken the shared energy that has been growing with my groups over the years. It is an energy that is available to us every time we start to work and it will presumably continue until the group stops meeting for a prolonged period of time. It is a self-sustaining mind field.

Connecting with and Moving Energy

Sometimes we experiment by moving this energy around the room in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. We may focus it on one person or use it to generate energy spirals. Moving energy in this way helps us to let the energy flow in our auras. This is good for our health, as it allows the healing energy to flow through our auras. Many therapists, such as acupuncturists, believe that illness is caused when the flow of the life force is blocked in some way. Allowing prana to flow in this way helps to loosen the energy blocks and promotes better health. It is a fascinating experiment to try and we have even used the power to move objects– such as a small strip of paper floating in a bowl of water.

A similar energy has developed around my website community. We have built a password-protected chat-room area where people meet to develop their spiritual powers. Here we hold online workshops and run small mediumistic circles where people can connect and learn to link with the spirit world. Remarkably, we have discovered that now there is energy connecting us that appears to take no notice of the fact that we are logging in from all around the world. We have tried moving this spiritual energy between ourselves and may become aware of one another’s vibrations or state of mind. We have used this energy to practice telepathy and mediumship.

Absent healing is possible when we link together in this way. For example, if one of our members is feeling ill we concentrate on sending them positive healing thoughts. We may do this by using a guided meditation in which we visualize the person enjoying a beautiful setting and surrounded by healing light. We send our thoughts, and healing energy follows that thought to the recipient. Similarly, we have sent protective energy to those who feel that they have been under a psychic attack or who may feel vulnerable because of their problems. Our collective thoughts of compassion and healing can act as a catalyst for change, enabling the person to pick themselves up and carry on. Of course, when you yourself feel the need for protective healing, you may imagine an emerald green, electric blue, or white healing light enveloping you and filling your body with sparkling energy. Negative energy and illness is banished from your body, mind, and soul.

Once, the group tried sending me energy when I had the flu. I became aware of how my energies immediately lifted from their healing rays. It is a remarkable feeling to sense this highly charged mind field of loving energy. Many people on the site have sensed it and felt it as a positive influence. When a group of healers concentrate upon you–even over a great distance–there is a marked feeling as the healing energy restores you. It is a real sensation and not a trick of the imagination or a psychosomatic effect. The energy makes you feel better. The same technique works when we send energy to ill people who are completely unaware that we are focusing on them. They make surprisingly quick recoveries.

The mind fields between people who are spiritually linked are very powerful, yet similar energies also exist between individuals, within business organizations, in a church, or even encompassing a nation. In later chapters, we will show how these mind fields can protect and nurture us, and how best to deal with energies detrimental to our well-being.

Extract from my book: “Protecting the Soul” by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Sterling Publishing ISBN 0-8069-8719-7 Available from the Psychic Book Shop

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