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Lost Pets
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Can psychics find lost cats and dogs?

Article about Psychics Locating Lost Pets by Craig Hamilton-Parker

Psychics Locating Lost Pets and animals using clairvoyance is a tough call because the animal is usually on the move. The psychic will give you some clues. Pinpointing an exact location is not easy. Again, a medium may work in a similar way to the video example on this site. A medium will use a human spirit communicator to get their information.

Some of the psychics who we advertise through this site claim that they can find lost objects and animals. I have to say from my work in this area that it is infuriating difficult. Nonetheless, some of the practitioners do claim success so we offer this service via psychic phone services. Why not initially you try an inexpensive text reading and see if it gives an insight.

Can an animal psychic give a reading for my pet?

A Pet Psychic will remotely tune into your pet in much the same way they will tune into you. Psychic powers take no notice of distance. Telepathy worked when an astronaut beamed mental pictures to psychics sat back on earth. Similarly you – or your pet – do not have to be sat with the psychic when the reading takes place. The pet/animal psychic will simply tune in as normal and make his or her spiritual insight.

Psychics Locating Lost Pets

Now our psychics do not promise miracles, and as you can imaging this is not an easy way to do clairvoyance but with their intuitive insight and special sixth sense our pet-sensitive will remotely tune in to see if they can find a solution for your pet’s problems. If you have read the articles on this website about our work with animals, you will appreciate that pets are psychic too and can respond to our thoughts and healing powers.

This has been verified by the scientist Dr Rupert Sheldrake who has identified what he calls a morphogenic field that appears to connect nature together. It is a bit like an aura that envelops animals and plants. (see also my article about Psychic Powers in Animals)

When locating a lost pet the psychic will tune in to the spirit of the animal. We use a form of human-to-animal-telepathy.

Can animals communicate through a medium?

If you are looking for proof of life after death you may want to first ask our operator for advice about which psychic medium to choose. A medium usually connects with the spirit of a family member. After this, they may give you some proof that the animal you’ve lost has survived death. So don’t expect your much-loved pet to communicate directly. We believe that animals do survive death. My own work as a medium has many examples of animals making contact. However, in every true case, I know of the animal’s details are given via a human spirit communicator. Case examples here

It is better not to mention that you want confirmation about the loss of a pet when you see a medium. The mind of psychics locating lost pets is influenced by what you tell them. It is best to wait until a spirit communicator gives us information if we are looking to find a pet that’s gone missing.

A human spirit communicator would probably mention something. In this way, you can find out more about your pet in spirit. If the medium is asked the question directly his/her own thoughts would confuse things. Animals cannot communicate in the same way a human spirit can because they do not have a language of course. Spirit animals communicate using instinct.

Telephone Services for Psychics Locating Lost Pets

We have a number of psychics locating lost pets and animals working on this site. You can call one of our psychics and get insights. They may work differently to the way I have described the way I work above but they are very focused on this subject and get good results. You can call one of our psychics locating lost pets services. Look at our list of telephone psychics for more information.  

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