Psychics in Lockdown – Funny Stories from the 2020 Pandemic

Psychics in Lockdown
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Article and Videos by Craig Hamilton-Parker

With the rapid worldwide spread of the coronavirus, the UK began a policy of social distancing and then a full lockdown on March 23rd, 2020. Suddenly we were all faced with a surreal situation in which we had either limited access to the outside world. We were suddenly Psychics in Lockdown.

In these ‘psychics in lockdown’ YouTube videos you can follow our story starting with some amusing tapes about social distancing. Sometimes they are silly and sometimes we have serious messages to impart.

These are ordinary every day happening but with some strange twists. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we have remained optimistic and cheerful and have enjoyed sharing a positive message with the world.

Videos of the Psychics in Lockdown


More Lockdown Videos in this Series

Did we see it coming?

Since 2017 I have been predicting that a pandemic will spread from China and infect the world. In my YouTube prediction videos I have made predictions about an upcoming pandemic. I said that the virus would escape from a lab and that there may be terrorist connections with the release.

The Sun Newspaper and other British National newspapers published some of my predictions. I also made further predictions that I was able to access from the Naadi palm leaf oracles of India.

The Coronavirus Pandemic

Yet when the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown happened it took everyone by surprise. I had anticipated that it would strike in 2019 and had assumed that I had made a wrong prediction. Nonetheless, it happened and I was shocked and horrified as everyone else at the scale and devastation of covid19. We had many friends who fought for their lives in hospital.

Despite the magnitude of the crisis we were determined to remain cheerful – as indeed many others did during this dark era. I hope you enjoy these videos and do please watch out for my new book about my Indian guru and prophecies for the future of the world. It’s called: ‘Be Happy’

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