Should Psychics Predict the Future?

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Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker.

I agree with those that say that it is inappropriate for predictions to be included in mediumistic readings. Mediumship is done to give proof to the grieving that we survive death. It is perhaps wrong to hijack this spiritual gift for banal worldly concerns.

This doesn’t mean to say that mediums cannot see the future, or be told it by their spirit communicators but the primary purpose of their work is to give comforting proof of the survival of the personality after physical death. But should psychics predict the future – It remains a big question within Spiritualism. 

Craig Talks about the Naadi Predictions

I believe that we can predict the future and there is empirical evidence to substantiate this. For example, Zener card experiments by Joseph Banks Rhine seemed to suggest that we can unconsciously know what’s going to happen and a lot of excellent psychical research has been done with precognitive dreams.

However whether we can predict the future with absolute certainty is another issue – for example in An Experiment with Time Dunne cites the case where he dreams of being killed by a bull then the next day is chased by a bull. The dream saw the bull but it was wrong about his death.

Contrary to this some of the things that Doris Stokes and other mediums told me when things were dark in my life has actually happened to the letter and bang on time which sometimes gives me the eerie feeling that an unseen hand guides my fate whether I like it or not! And so too things I’ve predicted to other people have sometimes come true absolutely to the letter without and attempt on the sitter’s part to bring about a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Spiritualism and Prediction

Many argue that psychics should predict the future as this is what people are seeking to know. But then there is the problem of free will. From a spiritualist standpoint, it is stated in the seven principals that we must take ‘Personal responsibility’ which implies that we have free will. It also could be argued that this negates the Christian idea and the First Principle of Spiritualism ‘Fatherhood of God’ i.e. that God is the guide in our life and that man’s free will is therefore second to the will of God.

In the East they believe that we have total responsibility for our lives as it is determined in advance by the karma we have accumulated in previous lives and our future is determined by past karma and our current thoughts and actions.

The power of thought is maybe so absolute that it may act upon our future in a similar way that a placebo will bring about a cure. Could it be that the placebo effect actually changes the fates? If we are told by a psychic with absolute certainty that something will happen our resulting belief and conviction may make it happen, either by encouraging the recipient to change the way they behave or perhaps also by having a magical influence just as a prayer or a curse can trigger all sorts of unusual turns to events some of which can be explained and others that can’t.

Do We Have Free Will?

I don’t actually believe that we have complete free will. We have partial free will because all of what happens to us is the result of our past karma which either has to be played out in our lives or negated by positive spiritual work on ourselves. (This is the yogi in me speaking now) All we have is the choice to choose a spiritual life or not.

The spirit people believe they have free will because the astral worlds are very similar in many ways to this world and subject to karma. When we transcend the astral worlds into the Causal World, free will is completely surrendered as in this state we are at one with God.

So can a psychic see a person’s future? Yes, they can, but that future may be altered by our actions. 

What is the purpose of a psychic reading?

Perhaps we shouldn’t worry too much about giving or /getting predictions about the future. What we really need is information that will help us to make a better life and become better people. The meaning of the word psychic is ‘of the soul’ and perhaps this offers us a clue to what we should be doing.

Psychic readings can help people with their earthly problems, can give them guidance for the future, but most importantly should reveal to them the spiritual reasons for their life on earth.

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