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Psychism Throughout the Ages



Distant Learning ProgrammePsychism, or psychicism, is not new even though some New Age disciples behave as though it has just been discovered. The ability to link with unseen, or unknown, energies has always existed and is as normal as breathing. This ‘linking-in’ usually takes place on the intuitive, or the unconscious level, but it is possible, with training, to develop the psychic ability and to use it at will.

History records many examples of psychics, clairvoyants, oracles, augers, diviners etc., being consulted by anxious people seeking answers to life’s puzzles; by army generals wanting to know the best time to venture into battle; by the sick and suffering looking for healing and an easing of their pains. Kings and Emperors kept personal soothsayers at Court who were as much an accepted part of the royal retinue as was the Court fool.

It is difficult to understand why, in this age of enlightenment, a psychic is not fully accepted by the establishment when psychics have always been part of life itself. Medicine sprang from herbal remedies once made by the Shamans and Wise Women of the ethnic groups. It was found that some plants, or their essences, had a beneficial effect upon people; some removed pain, some brought on sleep and some actually cured the ailment. Some plants could poison while others caused hallucinations but from
tudy and experimentation, herbal remedies and then chemical compounds were marketed in man’s effort to remove pain and disease from life

Craig talks about doing your best and becoming the best psychics and mediums

The Native American tribes had Medicine Men who were doctors, teachers, visionaries and counsellors. The Medicine Men were similar to the other Shamans who were practising their skills in many lands. The shaman in tribal cultures is a person who sees into the sacred world and brings his/her sacred visions of ancient spirits and power animals out as ritual. This ritual is used to bring about healing for themselves, others, and the earth. The work of the shaman manifests reality in the outer world and is always for the benefit of others.

In ancient Rome the emphasis was on checking the signs and portents or consulting the Sibylline scripts. These were in verse, believed to have been written under inspiration and to be prophetic in nature. Ancient Greece is also famous for its Oracles and their prophetic utterances. Egypt is famous for its pyramids used as tombs for the Pharaohs who underwent elaborate preparation for their journey into the next stage of life. The Egyptians placed a lot of credence on the interpretation of dreams as recorded in the Bible, when Joseph interpreted the Pharaoh’s dreams so accurately the Pharaoh appointed him to be Governor of Egypt.

The psychic stream has never run dry and continues to flow today and while psychics and mediums are not consulted with the same openness as happened in the past, the ignorance, bias and prejudice are slowly being replaced by knowledge. This knowledge is being brought forward by the people who are prepared to prove their psychic skills in the public arena or who work with the authorities to bring criminals to justice.

Psychism - Peter Hurkos

Who was Peter Hurkos?  (1911-1988) Psychic Detective

Peter was born in Dordrecht and discovered his psychic ability after an accident which left him a coma for three days. He gained world-wide acceptance as a psychic detective; working on cases involving missing planes, persons, and murder victims. Probably his most famous cases were “The Stone of Scone” [London, England], “The Boston Strangler Multiple Murders” [Boston, Massachusetts], “The Missing Thai Silk King, Jim Thompson” [Asia/Thailand], “The Ann Arbor Co-Ed Murders” [Ann Arbor Michigan], and “The Sharon Tate Murders” [Los Angeles, California].

Dr Puharich in the United States of America tested Peter under controlled conditions for two and a half years. Hurkos’ forte was psychometry, the ability to see by touching objects. He said: ““I see pictures in my mind like a television screen. When I touch something, I can then tell what I see.”

Hurkos had been consulted by Presidents of the United States from Eisenhower to Reagan and received countless police badges from police chiefs around the world, including one from the International Police Association, and INTERPOL. Pope Pius XII also decorated Hurkos stating; “I hope you will always use your God-given Gift for the betterment of mankind. Use it as an instrument to touch the people, to help them.”

Hurkos published three books: Psychic [Bobbs-Merrill], The Psychic World of Peter Hurkos [Doubleday], and Peter Hurkos: I Have Many Lives

It can be seen from the very brief biography of Peter Hurkos that the role of the psychic is as important today as it always has been and will continue to be.

Although Peter Hurkos is possibly the most well-known of the psychics who actively aid the Police, he is certainly not unique. There are many psychics and mediums, world-wide, who lend their psychic talents to the solving of missing people cases, solving criminal cases etc. The more horrific the crime, as with the Yorkshire Ripper, the more psychics it attracts who wish to help the Police in order that the perpetrator of the crimes can be caught and the slaughter stopped. It must be said that Police Forces, although some of their individual members may not be convinced of a person’s psychic abilities, will, on the whole, listen to every person who receives information which may help them and they are not too concerned where that information comes from.

Some questions answered

Q. Who is psychic?

A.      Everyone. All people have what can only be classified as a Sixth Sense, an intuitive sense. In some people it is more pronounced than  in others where it is so vestigial it is hardly worthwhile the period of time it would take to develop it into something that could be worked with. It must also be pointed out that people who do not wish to “be psychic”, or “have anything to do with the occult” will submerge their psychic energies to such a level they barely resonate in their lives.

Q. Can being a psychic hurt me?

Only if it is your normal habit to hurt yourself. These energies are part of every individual’s psychic make-up and are under the individual’s control. The biggest problem any developing psychic experiences is the inability to ‘switch off’. The usual cause for this is the fact that what is happening is so exciting and novel, the psychic subconsciously does not wish to switch off.

Q. Why is it necessary to switch off psychic powers?

A.      The simple answer is because everyone has to live the majority of their lives in the physical world; to live in the world of the mind or in an altered state of awareness at the same time will only cause confusion. It is necessary, even imperative, that opening up to psychic energies and awareness takes place in controlled conditions until the psychic learns to control the energies.

Q. How do I switch off my psychic abilities?

A       See section 2 – The Development of Self Awareness.

Q. Can psychic ability be strengthened?

A.      Of course. As with any gift, capability or strength, practice makes perfect. The more the ability is used the stronger it will become. It will also be easier to recognise when it is manifesting as the psychic will recognise the change in his/her own auric energies when working with psychic energies.

Q. Are there any exercises which will help strengthen psychic ability?

A.      Yes, see section 3 – The Development of Psychic Awareness.

Q.      Who is a clairvoyant – a psychic or a medium?

A.      Both mediums and psychics can be clairvoyant which is a method of receiving information when attuned to either a person living on earth or a person living in the spirit world. A psychic, however, is not a medium while a medium must be psychic in order to extend the awareness and attune to the spiritual levels of existence.

Q.      Are there any tests that can be used to check just how psychic a person is?

A.      Yes. There are many that have been devised. Tests, however, are not really needed. When an understanding of how psychic awareness manifests, the extent of his/her psychic ability will be realised by the individual.

Are you Psychic?  –  A Test of Awareness

The following questions should be answered truthfully in order that the degree of psychic sensitivity can be established.

1.         Have you ever had a dream which later occurred?

2.         Have you ever thought of a friend that you had not seen or heard from for many years, only to have them contact you?

3.         Have you ever had a feeling of foreboding before something has happened, either globally, nationally or at a personal level?

4.         Do you sometimes know who is ringing you?

5.         Have you ever been aware of another person’s thoughts?

6.         Have you ever held a closed box, or package, and known what was inside?

7.         Have you ever made the same statement at the same time as a partner or a close friend?

8.         Have you walked into a room and sensed from the atmosphere that an argument had taken place?

9.         Have you ever entered the nursery to find your baby needed you and there had been no indication of such need?

10.       Have you ever felt the presence of a person behind you before you were aware anyone was there?

11.       Have you ever been humming the same song as your partner or close friend?

12.       Have you ever picked up emotions and pains from others?

13.       Have your ever turned up for a meeting with a friend wearing the same colours on more than one occasion?

14.     Have you ever exchanged identical Christmas cards with a friend?

15.     Have you ever known the sex of a friend’s unborn baby?

16.     Have you ever achieved ‘over the odds’ marks in an ESP Test?

These are just a few of the instances when ‘coincidences’ happen but when the coincidences begin to mount up the question must be asked ‘Is it coincidence?’ or is it the psychic faculty operating. Once it is accepted that the psychic faculty can bring about such occurrences, the awareness begins to expand and this is the time, if the individual so wishes, to start on an exploration of self and this faculty. Where this exploration may take an individual is different for every person and yet, in some ways, similar. Everyone is unique and the expansion of psychic awareness, as with mediumship, is different for each individual. The exercises and training, however, are the same.

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