How and Why Mediums Communicate With The Dead

The Purposes of Mediumship

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The unfoldment of mediumship within an individual is carried out by that individual’s spirit guides and helpers, usually within the safety of a development circle. The teaching of mediumship, therefore, is helping the novice medium in the practical application of his or her mediumship; making the novice aware of the many ethics, morals and legalities incumbent within mediumship. It is also very necessary that any serious student of mediumship should be aware of, and in accord with, the purposes of mediumship. Some of these purposes are:

To give evidence of survival in order to comfort the bereaved and be of service to mankind

A medium uses his/her gifts to give a description of the spirit person s/he is linked to. Details of the person’s life and personality should also be given in order that the recipient of the message is in no doubt as to the identity of the communicator. It is very important that information regarding the recipient’s life at the moment is given as this emphasises the fact that the spirit person is aware of conditions presently surrounding the recipient and has, therefore, survived bodily death and continues to do so.

To be a link between the world of matter and the world of spirit

Mediumship is the ability to link the world of matter with the world of spirit. A medium, therefore, can be likened to a telephonist who makes a call and then relays the information received to the person still living on earth. Sometimes, as with telephones, there can be interference and ‘crackling on the line’ and every communication is not always clear as the medium would wish. It must be accepted that when this happens, it is not always due to the medium’s inability to make the necessary link; conflicting conditions and negative thoughts can often be the causes of the interference.

To expound the truths of spirit contact and the teachings of spirit

Mediumship is not just linking with the world of spirit and passing on a message to the recipient of such. Mediumship is also about becoming aware of, and allowing spirit guides to draw close in order to inspire the medium with higher thoughts, with incredibly beautiful philosophy and with information regarding ‘life in the world unseen’.

It is important that every person who wishes to work as a medium, or is investigating spirit communication, has the opportunity to listen to the words of spirit, preferably through a deep trance medium.

To always be willing to continue mediumship development

Mediumship development is not only about achieving the ability to link with spirit and pass on any given message. Mediumship is an ongoing process and, if at all possible, sitting in circle should never be stopped. Clairvoyance may not be the only gift of the spirit that any medium has; some mediums will develop the ability to become a channel for the healing energies. Others may become trance mediums and become an instrument used to bring forth the teachings of the higher minds within the realms of spirit. Psychic Art may be developed as may Inspirational Writing. In some cases physical mediumship may be the next step along the medium’s spiritual pathway and if that medium has stopped his or her spiritual and psychic development once s/he was able to give messages, what amazing evidence will be  discarded because the spirit guides and circle operators were not allowed to unfold the physical mediumistic potential.

To help people discover their own inner spirit

Survival evidence can prove the reality of life after death. This earthly life is being lived by a spirit that is indwelling within the physical body and which will be released from its surrounding matter upon death.

It is a sad fact that the majority of would-be mediums want desperately to learn how to open their awareness and make a link with a spirit person before learning to link with the spirit within. It is important that people use meditation, or other exercises, and learn to move into the stillness of self and so discover their true self. When the discovery is made the next step is to learn to love that true self and cater to its spiritual needs just as the needs of the physical body are taken care of. It is easier to love another when self-love of the spiritual kind has been achieved.

People, who by their behaviour, make themselves unlovable will be difficult to love but it is possible to concentrate on the spirit within them which is of God and therefore created by the power of Divine Love.

to elevate and expand their own minds in order to achieve the ‘superior condition’ as described by Andrew Jackson Davis and many seers of old.

The superior condition enables the medium’s mind to travel into levels of spirit and have experiences and gain knowledge without having to rely on spirit – as everyone is spirit then everyone is capable of this. Once a medium has achieved such a condition he or she should be encouraging others to find such enlightenment for themselves.

purposes of mediumship

To help people realise their own God potential

Every person would like to live a life wherein they can enjoy good health, sufficient wealth to eradicate all money problems and with an abundance of true friends to support them. Some people, however, endure horrific problems in their lives; problems that it is not possible to comprehend. Some people have to live their lives physically or mentally disabled which in turn, causes mental pain and anguish to their family and friends. It falls within the medium’s remit to assuage this pain by giving evidence of survival of death which, in turn, makes the receivers of such evidence aware of their own immortality and the fact that they too will survive the change called death.

The teachings of spirit are that every person carries within them the  essence of God – an omnipotent creative gene as it were and this knowledge should be given, and stressed, to all people.

Eternity really is endless and everyone has the opportunity to grow more spiritual, more godlike because the ability to do so is already contained within the spirit of everyone.

It should also be stressed that no one person is more beloved by the God energy of all creative, all embracing, unconditional Love, or by spirit. Everyone is equal and equal opportunities will be made available to each person, if not in this world, then certainly in the next. God will not be denied.

It can be seen from the above that mediumship is a sacred office and not to be undertaken lightly. Mediumship is used to offer comfort and evidence of survival to the bereaved at a time in their lives when they are at their most vulnerable; at a time when they are grasping at straws. Mediums are not here to throw straws to the drowning; they have to be able to throw out more secure lifelines to sustain these people during their greatest need.

Mediums should, therefore, always ensure that any information they give to the bereaved can be substantiated by facts; that they can give sensible answers to questions regarding the after life and that any spirit contact contains evidence that the person making the link is who s/he says s/he is.

It is important, therefore, that a course of study is undertaken while mediumship is being unfolded. People often ask questions regarding the mechanics of mediumship, the history of spirit communication and also need clarification regarding some of the strange things they have seen and/or read about spirit communication. Quite often friends have filled their heads with such nonsense that mediums can spend the biggest part of a sitting explaining the accuracy or inaccuracy of such information gleaned from well-meaning friends and the media.

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