Pyromancy: How to Perform Fire Divination

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Fire Oracles

Pyromancy is the ancient art of divination by fire. It was first used in the ancient practice of ‘extispicy’. (The practice of using anomalies in animals’ entrails to divine future events.) The word Pyromancy  comes from the Greek word pyros, “fire”, and the word manteia, meaning “divination”. It is the art of divination by fire.

The Pyromancer and the Sacrificial Fires

By reading the flames of a sacrificial fire a prophecy was made for the future and pyromancy was used for centuries to get auguries of the future. Seeing images in random shapes is a similar method to those used in water scrying and cloud gazing.

One of the first oracles to take advantage of the mind’s ability to form pictures from random shapes was pyromancy. This is art of divination from fire. This divination technique originated from the times when burnt offerings were made to the gods. The ancient seers studied the flames as the sacrifices happened.  The images are auguries and omens. A clear flame burning without smoke or sound was a sign of good fortune. How the smoke rose, its smell and its thickness are messages from the gods. Other methods of divination at the sacrificial pyre included divination from burning leaves and divination from objects cast into the fire. The sounds made by casting salt or laurel leaves into the fire were omens for the future.

Shamans used visual projection techniques to have clairvoyance and knowledge of the future. Many of these old techniques still survive and it is still possible to use a pyromancer to foretell the future. The technique involves sitting quietly in front of a fire that has died down to a bed of glowing coals and entering a state of relaxed meditation. When the pyromancer is ready, ritual dictates that he should then scatter a handful of salt upon the glowing coals. Once the flames and crackling have died down, he gazes into the fire and contemplates the pictures he sees in the glowing shapes in the coals for between 10 to 15 minutes.

Pyromancy Magic

Pyromancy magic techniques

A number of pictures may emerge but one should stand out from the rest as being particularly significant. If there is no image, the pyromancy is stopped. A new fire is lit in the next 24 hours. If one shape stands out clearly this is important. It is an oracle for the future. It is particularly auspicious if the coals glow for this brings great good fortune.

The symbols are interpreted with a set of traditional meanings. A windmill will represent a change for the better, as will a fountain. To see flowers in the coals bodes disappointment. The true clairvoyant would see beyond these traditional meanings. He listens to the voice of his intuition to ordain the true meaning of the omen. From this he will gain a true and correct precognition.



Geomancy (from Greek geōmanteia< geo, “earth” + manteia, “divination”) Geomancy is a method of divination of the future that interprets markings on the ground, or how handfuls of sand or soil land when someone tosses them. It also applies to interpreting random markings in sand and signs and symbols seen in landscapes

The ancient Art of Geomancy

The ancient art of geomancy is experiencing a revival. This is divination by interpreting the signs and symbols from the earth. In Tibet, it was customary for the traveling monk to interpret oracles from the shapes and forms he met in the landscape. The pictures seen in the shape of rocks or in the mountain’s melting ice all augured for the future.

Simulacra are the images seen in rocks, trees or in the stains in walls of temples. In Christian countries much controversy has centered around images of Christ that have appeared in the stains on flagstones or plaster walls. Clairvoyants read the pictures and shapes in a tray of sand as a means of focusing their gift.

The powers of the mind to project visual images into clear water, the crystal ball or random patterns gives us access to the unconscious mind. On one level, these powers tell us about the processes going on in the unconscious. On another they help us to unlock the powers of extra-sensory perception. They enable us to divine the future.

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