I ‘died’ on the operating table and woke up psychic!

Raised from the Dead
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Raised from the Dead

Article about Craig Hamilton-Parker. Do Near Death Experiences trigger Psychic Abilities?

Article clipping from Spirit & Destiny: Stephanie Spencer was an ordinary 27-year-old with a high-flying city job until she nearly died during a routine operation. She was raised from the dead! Soon afterward she began having terrifying premonitions. In her interview with Spirit & Destiny magazine, Stephanie explained how after the experience she had many premonitions of the future.

The magazine invited her for a consultation with the medium Craig Hamilton-Parker to see if he could throw any light on her story and help her understand her visions. Craig was not given any details about Stephanie’s circumstances. Could spirits give him the answers? Here’s what happened.

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Craig immediately tuned into Stephanie’s grandmother on her mother’s side, whom Stephanie felt very close to and correctly gave her name as Violet. He then got several details from her, which Stephanie was able to corroborate, including the fact that her father left the family to go to America when Stephanie was young.

‘It definitely sounds like my grandma, whom I spent a lot of happy times with as a child,’ confirmed Stephanie.

Craig continued. ‘There is a message from a spirit, who is asking if there is something very complicated and odd you want to sort out.’

We told Craig that Stephanie had had a near-death experience, but gave no other details.


‘Violet says the experience you had was uncomfortable. You didn’t see love and light, which is what people say usually happens when they have a near-death experience. You passed through a dark cloud. Your grandma saw what was happening and she says you were faced with lots of people, like a crowd who were judging you. You were told you had to do something. You felt slightly guilty as though you’d done wrong. There is something connected to children.

Raised from the dead

Stephanie was raised from the dead only to discover she was psychic

‘That near-death experience was like your soul talking to you. The message was that you feel you haven’t done enough in your life. The new phase of your life, which starts here, is the beginning of your search for a greater understanding of your spirituality.

Healing Force

‘Violet says that part of your quest is to help others. Healing is going to become part of this and may relate to work with children and women who are having problems conceiving. Your purpose in life will unravel a bit at a time. The spirit is not giving me the whole picture, other than to say that this is something you will have to discover for yourself. If it was meant to be known in full, they would have told you at the time. You will pick up bits that will lead you on your path as you progress through life. Confront your fears to make this happen.

With the reading complete, we revealed to Craig that Stephanie had experienced several premonitions after her near-death experience. We then asked him to give his professional opinion.

Near-Death Experiences

Craig said, ‘I’m not surprised to hear this. Often people who have had near-death experiences find this opens up latent psychic powers, such as premonitions. The reason the things she has foreseen have probably not been monumental or earth-shattering is simply that she has not yet developed her psychic abilities fully, and deliberately suppresses these powers because they frighten her and are uncomfortable for her to deal with.

I feel strongly that Stephanie will definitely go towards a spiritual path, as her grandma in spirit says. She’ll do healing work or maybe write about psychic or spiritual matters or even undertake similar work to me.

‘I would urge her to begin her psychic development by attending training courses and reading all she can. She’ll find great satisfaction in it and the more fulfilling life she’s been seeking. Whereas she may have felt her life was too materialistic before, the near-death experience has been the catalyst to change her life. Good luck!’


‘Hearing from Nana was very special and proved to me there is another place we go to. It has been difficult for me to express my experiences, both the premonitions and the near-death experience, as so many people don’t want to believe you. Finding out others do believe has also been positive for me.

‘The details Craig was able to give about my time in hospital bowled me over. He was right when he said that my experience left me feeling as though I was being judged and I was indeed sent back with the message that I had to find a purpose in my life. I just had no idea what it was – but I do now.

When Craig said that there were children associated with all this, he was right because I thought that if I became a mum, this would provide me with a purpose in life and I was blessed with my lovely son, Lucas. I was very, very frightened of the visions, which is why I have chosen to suppress them, terrified they’d come back. Hearing that this is all part of a psychic and spiritual awakening, a journey that is mapped out, is a revelation.

‘I’m going to embrace this and it’s given me the strength to develop my psychic side, find out all I can, and see where it takes me. My nana said not to be afraid of all this and from now on I won’t run away from it. I’m now convinced, as Craig says, all this was meant to happen. I can’t offer enough thanks to Craig and Spirit & Destiny for helping me. My new life starts here!

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