Reincarnation: Were We Lovers from a Past Life?

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Cases of Past Life Recall

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This is an extract from my book The Psychic Casebook about reincarnation evidence from people who have recalled their former lives through hypnosis, memory, dreams and through psychic readings.


“We met in a past life.”

‘The other woman’ in Richard King’s marriage is out of this world. In fact, she’s never been born in the 20th century for Richard from Havant in Hampshire believes that he and his friends are in communication with his soulmate Lorelei with whom he lived many past lives. And according to Richard, his wife doesn’t mind. “At first she was upset that I gave my attention to someone else but gradually she’s coming around. After all, Lorelei is not here in the physical sense and I’ve obviously chosen to live this life with my wife Jo.”

For 6 years Richard has been writing a ‘Spiritual CV’ about his past lives at the astonishing rate of 80,000 words a year. Most of this concerns the lives he’s shared with his soul mate Lorelei. “My interest started in 1991 when I took part in healing workshop at the Healing Arts Festival in London,” says Richard

“We did some relaxation exercises and were then asked to visualize our spirit guides. At first, I saw nothing, then suddenly, I saw a woman’s face in full color and vivid detail. I felt that I knew her and that we had been deeply, physically, in love many times. It was an intense, all-pervading love of such quality, depth, beauty and sheer power- beautiful beyond words and utterly devastating. It left me shattered and in tears.”

Psychic Friend

It was a psychic friend, Leigh, who first referred to his new friend as Richard’s soulmate. “Over the following months, I came to understand the term better and realized that there was vastly more to it than the usual concept of soulmates. One Sunday evening as I sat thinking about the emotional side of my nature I heard a voice say ‘That’s connected with a previous life.

Lorelei has already told you that.’ Over the next few days an extraordinary series of coincidences, involving myself, friends and family, reinforced the connection between my soulmate and the name Lorelei.

“One evening after attending a healing session, Leigh and I were in a coffee shop. Leigh said she was seeing mountains connected with me and asked if I had been to Italy or Austria. I said that a healer had just made a similar connection.

“Then Leigh said of my soulmate Lorelei, ‘She’s not just anyone, she’s the one to do with the legend.’ Leigh asked if there was a connection somewhere with the Black Forest in Germany and the Rhine. He saw us together playing on rocks and swimming in a large river.”

The Mythical Woman

When Richard and Leigh searched their history books they discovered that there was a mythical woman called Lorelei. The French poet Apollinaire had written about her as the goddess ‘Who made all men perish from love’. According to the legends she lived near the Black Forest at the famous crag that overhangs the Rhine downstream from Bacharach in Germany.

For Richard King, Lorelei is a real personage with whom he has shared past lives. “During development circles and at other times, I began to see parts of other lives, my own and, occasionally other people’s. Lives I had spent with Lorelei included one during the English Civil War. In those days she was known as Marjorie. I was called Jeremy and our children Ann-Marie and Toby.”

“Some people joke that having Lorelei around is like being haunted by the ghost of an ex-wife. It is not like that. Lorelei is a powerful healing spirit. In mediumistic communications, she calls my wife Jo her ‘Celestial Sister’. This was proved to Jo and me when she had to have a hysterectomy. I sat in meditation asking Lorelei to send healing to her as the operation took place. I saw Jo and Lorelei surrounded in a pink cloud of healing light. The doctors were amazed at Jo’s remarkable recovery and she was home within just a few days of the operation.”

Video: Signs of a Past Life Relationship


Rosemary Barry (46) from Chandlers Ford, in Eastleigh, Hampshire started having waking dreams at the age of 13 and which kept recurring for 6 years. “It was like dreaming while you’re wide awake” explains Rosemary “All of a sudden I would be transported back in time to Victorian times. I am standing by a bandstand and notice the distinctive circular patterns of the ironwork.

Wearing a long dress with a small floral pattern, I have gloves on and a bonnet. At my side is a man in a military uniform. He has a sword and his tunic reminds me of the uniforms from the times of the Crimean War.”

In 1970 at the age of 19, Rosemary courted a young man who we will call Michael. “Whilst in London Michael suggested that we take a walk in Richmond Park. I was overcome by an eerie feeling of deja vu as we walked down the paths. Although I’d never been there before I realized that I knew every detail of the place. To his astonishment was able to show him around the park.

I could tell him where the paths led and what we’d see when we turned each bend. It was like living in two worlds at the same time.

Eerie Feelings

“Then the eerie feeling got worse. My head was in a spin and I felt as if I was falling through space into an empty void. This was the place of my dreams, but now it was real. For a few moments, I was standing in another time. I could see my floral dress, feel my bonnet and could see Michael beside me in full military uniform. We walked on and turned a corner. There in front of us was the bandstand with the same distinctive wrought iron work!”

Rosemary explained to Michael why she had been behaving so strangely and began to tell him of her vision. “Michael wouldn’t let me finish” continues Rosemary “He confessed that he too had persistent dreams of what he believed was of a past life. He had been a soldier who had died at the ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ during the Crimean War!”

Although it appears that Rosemary and Michael had shared a past life together their relationship in this life was to end. “I believe that we had to come together to resolve unfinished business,” says Rosemary “We parted in sorrow at that bandstand all those years ago but were given a second chance to resolve our relationship.”

Recalling Past Lives

The experience of recalling a past life inspired Rosemary to become a past life therapist and she now helps others recall their incarnations. She teaches people to get into a state of light revelry similar to the waking dreams she described earlier. One of her subjects is her daughter Victoria (17).

“I was quite a tomboy at the age of 13 when mum offered to take me back to my past life” explains Victoria “It was more than a phase, I loved war films and had a thing about helicopters.

“When mum guided me back I became aware that I was in Vietnam. I was an American soldier aged 21. I was a man but I was still me, it felt quite natural being male. Five of us were parachuted into the jungle but one of us was captured and we saw him executed by the Vietcong.

“We became angry and started shooting at the enemy even though we were greatly outnumbered. Then there was a frantic chase through the jungle as we dashed to catch the helicopters that had been sent in to pick us up. To my horror, I saw one of the helicopters hit and explode. In desperation, I rushed towards the second helicopter but was shot in the back and died before I could reach it.”

Is it a fantasy?

Mum says how during her recall Victoria was crying out in anger and pain. She wept as she described events as if they were happening here and now. “There are people who may say that past life recall is a fantasy,” says Rosemary. “But the subject is doing much more than storytelling. They live the events and express an intensity of emotion that is totally unfamiliar to them. These impressions and feelings have to come from somewhere. I believe it is from past lives.”


Ian Cugley from Deeside in Flincher was apprehensive when he decided in October last year to be hypnotized by Diane Egby-Edwards in Bournemouth. Ian is a down-to-earth man who spent much of his working life managing the staff of British Steel’s stores.

“I’d always felt that it’s mainly sad old people looking for comfort who want to know what lies before and after this life. But I put aside my skepticism and decided to give hypnotic regression a go. To my utter surprise, it answered many questions about why things are the way they are in my life.”

Hypnotic Regression

Using hypnotism Diane was able to take Ian back to his previous life. “Although I’ve never traveled and I’ve never read history I have an uncanny ability to recall America’s early history. I’ve never been taught it but I just know it.” says Ian “It was this era that I found myself in when Diana took me back.

“I found myself stood looking across a very broad valley with red rock mountains in the distance. It was hot and I was being harassed by flies and I was very very thirsty. Wearing cavalry trousers with buckskin knee boots, I saw three ladies carrying parasols and looking at me with great suspicion.

“I walked across a street and went into a bar. As I came out I realized that I was still so very thirsty. Diana then asked me to move forward in time and I found myself on a horse traveling over some very arid land and came to some trees where there was some cavalry camped. As I approached I could sense the bad feelings coming from them. In the distance, I could hear Diane’s voice asking me if I’m a deserter? ‘No I’m not’ I replied ‘I don’t know what I am but they don’t like me’

Past Life Recall

“I spoke to the officer in charge and complained about my thirst. I’m then brought forward by Diana and find myself walking across a plain looking for a wagon that’s overdue. It’s desperate that we find them. I then see that it’s being chased by Indians. I say ‘What am I to do?’ At this point, Diana tells me to look at my hands. ‘Ohh’ I exclaim ‘I’m brown! I’m an Indian!’

“It was such a shock to me at the time and perhaps explained why nobody had given me water. I then chased after the wagon, hoping that they would realize that I wasn’t hostile but I got trapped beneath it when it rolled over. Pinned beneath the wagon I experience the horror of seeing the Indians fire flaming arrows and I am burnt to death.

“The experience was so vivid, so real, that I now believe it to be memories of a past life. It also explains a lot about my own life. As a child, I would be the only one in the cinema who would cheer on the Indians. Many years ago I started collecting plates portraying Indians, dream catchers, and Indian mandalas and I’d always felt that the Indians are misrepresented by history. This all started way before it became fashionable to talk about Indians.

“Discovering my past life was a strange but wonderful experience. I am no longer a skeptic. ”


Jannet Stone from Birmingham added the unusual extra ‘n’ to her Christian name soon after her divorce. “I don’t know why but I felt absolutely compelled to do it.” she says “At the time I thought it was something to do with finding a new identity but I was soon to discover that the reason for my action is to be found far in the past.”

Jannet, like many people after a divorce, started a spiritual search to find her real self. She met hypnotherapist Rosemary Barry from Chandler’s Ford in Hampshire who helped her explore her past lives by means of ‘regression psychometry’. This is a psychic technique that does not involve hypnotism or trance.

The psychometrist intuitively senses their clients’ past lives by holding an object that the person has owned for a long time and reading the ‘recordings’ left on it.

“I was fascinated to hear about my past lives,” says Jannet “I was being told about how I  once lived in Delft in Holland during the latter part of the 17th century. We were a merchant family and lived under a cloud of religious intolerance. A man was important who sailed the barges. He had given me a ring.

The Evidence

“Of course there was no way we could know for sure that Rosemary was getting it right. Then she looked at me and said ‘I see something very important that you will be able to confirm one day. The ring has a coat of arms on it. I think it’s a puffin bird, no it’s a helmet seen from the side.’ She then drew the picture that she was seeing. ‘You’ll find this in Delft, there’s flowing feathers and there’s a funny cross man or something above it’.”

At this time Jannet was a mature student studying the history of art. “Only weeks after the consultation I was given the opportunity to go to Holland to study the paintings of Vermeer. Of course, as soon as I had some free time I shot down to Delft to visit the local church and see if I could find my coat of arms.”

Jannet visited St Hypolitus, Delft’s old 16th-century church, but was disappointed to discover that the graves had been vandalized by French invaders in 1789. All the crests and coats of arms had been hacked off. But as she turned to leave something caught her eye. “I noticed one grave by the door that had a coat of arms. My hair felt like it was curling as I saw the helmet shaped like a puffin’s head, the flowing feathers and even the strange cross figure that Rosemary had tried to describe. Then I looked at the inscription and nearly fell backward. The name of one of the grave’s occupants spelled her name the same way as me- Jannetgen.”

My Pagan Love Affair

Amanda McCallum (32) from Gosport in Hampshire had always wanted to try hypnotic regression. When she saw hypnotist Kevin Taylor’s (37) advertisement in her local newsagent’s shop window she decided to give it a try. But what she uncovered was to amaze her and change her life:

“During our first session, I saw myself as a male sailor in the 18th century. It was an incredible experience. I felt like a man and cursed like a man and could see scenes of 18th century Portsmouth unfolding before my eyes. I was shocked by the incredible sharpness and vividness of the experience. This was not a dream or suggestion. It was as if I was really there.


“Kevin, the hypnotist, was also amazed at how easily I entered a deep trance. I was such a good subject that he asked me if I would mind coming back and doing some research to see just how much we could uncover. Normally I’m so shy that I’d have said no but I liked Kevin and felt I could trust him. I agreed to help.

“Kevin and I seemed to get on with each other from the moment we met. It’s quite unlike me to trust someone so implicitly but with Kevin, it was as if I’d known him all my life. We continued the sessions and I remembered a number of past lives. We got on so very well that finally, Kevin asked me the big question. Next time he hypnotized me could he ask me to recall if we had ever shared a past life together?

“Kevin fired the question at the next hypnotic session. I became this young woman of 18 who spoke with tremendous self-confidence and assertiveness that was nothing like my real personality. ‘I am Melissa’ I heard my voice boom ‘And why are you asking me such foolish questions that you know already?’

Speaking Old English

“Melissa spoke in an Old English dialect and used words such as ‘hexed’ which I wouldn’t use in ordinary speech. When my mum listened to the tape she said that it certainly was my voice but definitely not my personality.

“Melissa told Kevin that we were in Cornwall, it was the 16th century and that she is a witch. She called Kevin, David and said that he was one of her companions. There were other companions such as a man called Simeon but he David was her favorite. David would help Melissa to gather herbs, bless babies and conduct healing rituals. I saw my past life unfold.

“I saw us dancing naked in water under the moonlight, riding bareback horses along the beach and saw how David had helped me raise a child in the same way my mother had raised me to be a witch. At the age of 47, I died. I described it as ‘a ripe old age to die’ But what amazed me most was just how different a person I was. I was cocky, authoritarian and sometimes downright vulgar.

Dancing in the Moonlight

“When I came around and woke to my normal self my cheeks flushed with embarrassment. I had only known Kevin for a month and here I was talking about dancing naked with him in the moonlight. You don’t normally tell a stranger this type of thing.

“I believe that the hypnotic sessions have rekindled a romance from long ago. I’m nothing like Melissa in this life, I’m just an ordinary, down to earth mother of two. If someone had told me this same story a year ago I’d have thought them completely mad. But Kevin and I really do now believe that we lived together once before hundreds of years ago.

“We’ve talked about visiting another hypnotist to have Kevin hypnotized. I can’t wait to hear what David really thought about his mentor Melissa.”

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Josephine Sellers (51) from Milborne Port near Yeovil in Dorset recalls the day she met her future husband Brian.. “We were meant for each other and we knew it the moment our eyes met.

“It was as if an electric charge shot through my body when I spotted Brian stood towering over the group of men with him. I married him at 19 and we’ve been together ever since.

“I believe that it was no coincidence that we met and fell in love Our coming together was predetermined because 400 years ago we had been together before. As a child, I used to have memories of living in a big house and riding in a carriage.

“I would ask my mother where all the people were that I once knew, the ‘yesterday people’ as I called them. ‘And who’s the vicar’ I would say to my friends. Of course, mother told me that this was all nonsense and in time I became as skeptical as to her and about the existence of past lives. But in time my mother changed her mind.


“In the early years of our marriage we lived in London and I had a busy life working as a legal assistant. Life was so hectic that there was hardly time to think but when I stopped work and started a family something strange started to happen to me. Some mornings I would wake up and find myself in the wrong time.

“I’d sit up in bed and realize that I was in a luxurious Elizabethan room. I was watching events that took place hundreds of years ago. It was like watching a film except you could feel and smell everything as well. These visions would end as abruptly as they began.

“My visions triggered my interest in the paranormal and I started to meet many people who were psychic. So many of them said the same thing to me: That I’d be living in a cottage that will have a very special significance for me. This was a very odd thing to say to someone living in the London suburbs.

Memories of Dorset

“One year we went to Dorset for our holidays and I just didn’t want to go back home to London. I became very upset and started crying and Brian felt the same. We decided there and then that we’d close our business in London and move as soon as we could. The pull of Dorset was like a magnet.

“We finally moved and settled in a small cottage in Wimborne. The psychics’ prophesies had come true.

“I felt that something had happened there in the past that I now wanted to put right. In particular, I was drawn to an area called Witchampton and would go there at every opportunity.”

“Brian and I started to take an interest in psychic things and after 10 years of experimentation, we eventually meet a trance medium named Evelyn who took no fee for her work. Spirit voices would talk directly through her. Then one day to my utter astonishment a vicar started to talk through her. ‘My name is Reverend William Thomas’ he said ‘And I am here to tell you a remarkable tale of reincarnation.’

“Over a number of sessions, he told us that he was the man I had seen in my childhood. He also told me how he’d had many legal battles with the crown over tenure rights. But most intriguing of all was that he said that we knew each other. I had been a woman called Catherine and had known him 400 years ago during the Elizabethan times.


“I immediately realized that I was being told things that I somehow already knew. I recorded each session and to make sure everything was authenticated correctly asked a skeptical ex-army major and ex-schoolmaster Mr. John Lloyd to help research any information I was given.

“We continued our sessions with the medium and spoke again to the Rev William Thomas. We also made tape recordings and locked the tapes away in a bank vault. Later I met a hypnotist Diane Egby-Edwards from Bournemouth who offered to hypnotize me and take me back to my past life to see if we could retrieve any more information. An finally, I also kept careful notes of any memories that would come to me spontaneously.

“At first, I really couldn’t believe what was happening. But the combined information given us from my hypnosis session, from the medium, and from my own spontaneous memories gave us enough information to search the records to see if it was all true.

“I was told that I was named Catherine. She was the middle daughter of five from a family of 13 children. One of my brother’s names was Edmund. The vicar Rev also gave us detailed information about his legal battles with the crown.

We shared a Past Life

“But there was more to come. In the trance sessions, the vicar told us that we had all shared this past life together. The researcher Lloyd had been the father Sir Henry who incidentally the vicar despised,  and my husband had been my brother Sir Edmund. According to the vicar we had all been together in this past life 400 years ago.

“We went to the Dorset Records Office and looked to see if we could find any reverends with the name William Thomas. To our utter astonishment, there was a vicar with this name for the small parish church of Chritchel later named Witchampton- the place that had obsessed me so much since we’d moved. Also, we found that he was connected with a landed family called Uvedale.

The Proof

“The father was Sir Henry Uvedale, the mother Isabell and there were thirteen children including a Catherine and Edmund. Clearly, this was the family that the vicar had talked about. Also, we discovered that the vicar had, as he had told us, been my tutor and involved in a long legal dispute with the crown. Everything we had been told was true.

“We also discovered that the estate still existed although the original house had burned down. It was now owned by the Right Honourable Mary Martin who is a cousin to the present Queen. We contacted her ladyship, told her our strange story and asked if we could take a look around the grounds to see if it revealed any more memories. She gave us permission and invited us for tea.

Reincarnation Memories

“I had remembered the big house but couldn’t remember living in it. With our group was a dowser, Bob Seeton, who said he would dowse the grounds to see if there were any other buildings below the ground. He found something and suddenly the memories came flooding back. Brian and I, when we were Catherine and Edmund, hadn’t lived in the big house at all.

“The thirteen children were such a handful that Sir Henry had to build a separate nursery a quarter of a mile away from the house where we had been born. Together with the dowser, we found the site.

“Afterwards we asked the Right Honourable Mary Martin if she knew if another building had stood in the grounds. Her Ladyship said that her family had the original records and she believed that this was true.

“I believe that these strange events prove that Brian and I have shared a past life before. But according to the spirit of Rev William Thomas, this is not our first life together. He says we also lived in the same area in 3,000 BC when I was a pagan seer who carried a jeweled wand and worshipped at the ancient standing stones.

“The evidence for our Elizabethan life together is so overwhelming that I’m prepared to take the vicar on his word.”

Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation

Are these cases that you’ve read suggestive of reincarnation? Either the soul goes to the afterlife or else it takes a new human birth. Which is it? Please post your ideas below.

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